Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Rampant: Good and Bad

Rampant:  everywhere, excessive, unchecked, unrestrained, flourishing, growing.

This pandemic we find ourselves in is not only a growing health crisis, it's had huge economic impact, and unfortunately an environmental one, too.

Everywhere I go on my walks, I find discarded face masks (and plastic gloves), both of which will remain a detriment long after the virus is over (or under control or eradicated, whatever happens).  We've become such a disposable society that no one seems to think twice about their use and it's obvious that too many people could care less about even properly disposing of them.

Every single day I find myself asking;

"What is wrong with people?"


Found a lost little guy on the walking path today so propped him up in one of the fairy light trees that line the walkway.

I posted it on Instagram and a friend said that her kids have one.  Apparently it was a free gift that Emirates Airlines gave out to children.

Rain brings out a lot of surprises in the pots on my balconies.  
I did not plant one single thing here except a cactus pad that you can't even see now.  
There's so many different plants in there and they all seem to be flourishing.  I have absolutely no idea how a tomato plant sprung up right in the middle but there it is.
No flowers just yet but I can see they are starting to form.

When Aruna was here last week, this cute magnet of tomatoes was one of the gifts she gave me.
There's just one little problem.
Where shall I put it on my fridge?  :)

Have a terrific Tuesday!


Michelle said...

I haven't been finding discarded masks, but yikes....that is pretty gross and germy. Stay safe!!!!!!

Betsy said...

I love magnets too and collect them on our travels. I try to get one from each place we visit. I have them all packed away in storage right now as there is no place in the RV for them.
I agree with the trash issue. I see them laying in parking lots when I do venture out, which is rarely. There are trash cans all over the place for goodness sakes. I also find myself asking Dennis, "what is wrong with people?"
Nice surprises in your pots. A tomato? Somehow seeds got in there. Maybe birds?
Have a wonderful day Tammy.

Teresa Kasner said...

I detest litterbugs. Oregon is known for being pretty clean. I saw little tomato buds on the plant.. sweet! My tree arrived.. I will share it tomorrow!! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Lorrie said...

The world seems crazy - people believe such ridiculous things about so much. It's as if common sense has flown out the window. I have 5 homemade masks, one for each day of school. I wash and iron them every week and avoid using disposable masks, although I keep a couple in the car in case of emergencies.
Those little tomatoes almost had me fooled!

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Tammy,
Oh dear, we both are saying the very same, every bike ride, walk or even car trip, we notice more and more trash being disposed FROM CARS.
People are no longer taught manners and responsibility!
Someone is making good money off the mandatory mask wearing; but the aftermath is pure horror!
In husband Pieter's books he's often used the saying: 'Everything is everywhere, only the environment selects.' Be it seeds, insects or whatever, it shows up when there is soil, water or food for them to live on... Nature is full of tiny miracles if we keep our eyes open.
It is obvious that you have been collecting magnets and now ran out of 'parking' space for them.

Dee said...

I have thought a lot about the cost of this pandemic.

Yes, there are the personal losses, the health that will never be restored completely to Covid survivors, the lack of trust in our leaders, etc...

But, the environmental costs are staggering. We are using so much more plastic than we have, with takeout boxes, things extra wrapped for safety, etc... I wonder how long it will take for the planet to recover or even if it ever will. :-(

Angie said...

Tammy - like you, I pick up trash when I am out and about. But I have had to draw the line at masks ...

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