Tuesday, July 11, 2023


 In an effort to use what I've got, I'm finding cross-stitch patterns that fit frames I have on hand.
* * *
A recent finish is this Palestinian embroidery design from Gaza that symbolizes palm trees.
The pattern can be found in the digital library of Tirazain.
Palm tree photos taken on recent walks.
Have a terrific Tuesday!

Monday, July 10, 2023

Hello Again!

 Three months since my last post.
Certainly not intended, but when days and weeks and months slip by, not being here becomes a habit that seems hard to break.  However, last month, a couple of blog friends dropped by to check in and that was the nudge I needed to get back on here.

In my last post on April 13th, I shared my progress on the 27-week stitch-along I was taking part in -- we were at 15 weeks then -- and as of last week, the SAL was complete and I'm happy to say I finished it right on time.
Today the hosts for the SAL, Tangled Threads and Things, provided 5 border options from the very simple to a little more detailed -- but I'm thinking I'm done.  I like the simple one they shared, but if I get it framed, then there will be a mat around the design and there's already a lot of pattern -- so I think I'm gonna leave it as it is.  Does it really need a border?  

Lately I've been making a lot of doilies.
The stacked shell mini-doily to be exact.
A pattern that is easy to remember so can be worked on at craft meet-ups, while waiting, or while traveling.
Lots of people travel during the summer so our meet-up this past Saturday was quite small.

And finally for today, let me introduce you to Rosie.
She showed up in our stairwell around the very end of May or beginning of June.  Since Jingles died in July of 2020, my husband has insisted we do not need another cat but, he's actually the one who started letting her inside and she seems to have won him over with her sweetness because she is now officially a part of the family and is a very good girl.

See you again soon.
Take care!
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