Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Pie, Coffee and Paying Attention

 Hello Friends!
Long time no blog (again).
My last post was September 27th.  Whoops!
(Letters cut from a portion of a cardboard box I found on the ground.)

I hope you enjoyed a nice, long weekend of thanks-giving.
It's very hard for me to believe that today is actually the first day of December.

My breakfast this morning was (vegan) butternut squash pie topped with coconut cream and cinnamon.  Since I couldn't find pumpkin at the grocery store, I decided to use leftover roasted squash from Thursday and it tastes just as yummy.
Walks are becoming more frequent since the weather is much better at this time of year (70's during the day and 50's at night).

I'm still PLALKING (picking up litter while walking) and today there was a really lucky find.
I saw purple from a distance and thought it was a chip bag but turned out to be 5-KD which is the equivalent of about $15.00.
I'd say it definitely pays to pay attention.  :)

Hope this finds you all well.
Happy December!

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