Sunday, April 4, 2021

Seven on Sunday

 I haven't walked for several days due to dusty weather (and because of that dark cloud that just keeps hanging over my head).  But today's weather was absolutely gorgeous and not to be wasted so I headed out early for a neighborhood walk.
It makes me very happy to come across these colorful, cheerful hollyhocks every year.

The beautiful spring came; and when Nature resumes her loveliness, the human soul is apt to revive also.

Harriet Ann Jacobs

Sending love and blessings your way.
Happy Easter.

Friday, April 2, 2021

One Man's Trash

Do you see what I see?
On one of my walks, I was looking at this clump of weeds growing across the sidewalk, thinking to myself how nature always finds a way ... then noticed something shiny amongst the leaves.
All that glitters is not gold but to me these are much more useful and can easily be upcycled, so I tossed them in my totebag and rinsed them off when I got home.
First some crochet and then I just need to make some little stitchings to fit in them.
A quick, fun little project that doesn't take much time at all.

Have a tea-riffic Friday!

Thursday, April 1, 2021

Hello April

A new month is upon us, again. 
Where does the time go when there's a whole lot of nothing going on?My feelings regarding the current state of the world and things happening around me continue to be all over the place.  Some days I'm energized and productive; some days I'm a couch potato and only do what's necessary.  Creativity also comes and goes depending on the mood of the day.
There's been a lot of down days lately.
My friend, Aruna, left Saturday to India and won't be returning.  She was born in Kuwait and raised her family here but her husband's company enforced a mandatory retirement age of 60 which means they had to return to their "home" country even though this has always been home.
The country implemented a new law concerning expats over the age of 60 which means my husband, although also born in this country, now has to provide certain documentation in order to renew his residency.  It's proving to be a lengthy process since everything has to be managed long distance at a time when nothing and no one is working at 100%.
I'm pretty much fed up and frustrated with a whole lot of stuff.  Then I feel guilty because I know I should be grateful for so much but, on the other hand, I also don't think it's wise to deny how I'm feeling.
Make sense?
Some days I really just want to unplug and retreat from everything.  
All pictures in my post were taken on my long walk yesterday.
Found this funny little smiley face when I was crossing the road.
I need lots of reminders to smile.

Have a good Thursday.
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