Friday, September 22, 2023

Creative Inspiration

As the title suggests, crafty inspiration is definitely what I need right about now since the most I've managed this past week is weaving in the ends on this granny square blanket.
My craft group is still meeting every other Saturday which is the only social activity I'm involved in these days.  September 12th was International Crochet Day so some of the crocheters of the group had a special meet-up for that.

We had a very nice view of the sunset from the coffee shop where we sat.
I made 19 colorful doilies to take along with me as gifts for everyone who showed up.
One craft friend secretly took two and later showed me that she had single crocheted them together and added a handle to store her prayer beads in.  A great idea -- but if I had done that, I would have had to create double the doilies.  I'm definitely keeping it in mind for future doily making.
As the weekend is approaching, Rosie wishes you a restful one.
Take care.

Thursday, September 21, 2023

Throwback Thursday: Seeds and Snow

 I always take lots of pictures when we travel and yet rarely do I share or post them properly.  Today when someone on Instagram posted a nature art spiral made from seed heads that had floated to the ground, I was reminded of our trip to Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan at the end of April/beginning of May 2022.  Spring was a fine time for our visit there as the weather was really pleasant for sitting outdoors and the city is very walkable for sightseeing.
At the oldest park in Bishkek, there were seed heads floating all around us on the first day of May, 2022. They were literally piling up just like snow drifts.

And, as you can see, I scooped up a handful just as I did with the snow on a day hike we took in the Ala Archa National Park.
And speaking of snow, I found this little guy on a walk in my neighborhood. 
One of the nursery schools tossed a lot of supplies at the end of the school year and now that kids are back to school they seem to still be cleaning and clearing things out. 

Hope September is treating you well.
Take care.

Tuesday, August 1, 2023

Bird Watching and Stitching

 How is it August already?  All last week I was confused on what day of the week it was and woke up this morning thinking it was the last day of July.

Over the weekend, I did some simple little bird stitches that are found in the digital library of, documenting Palestinian Embroidery.
The backgrounds are cut out from a local museum calendar that showcased a collection of vintage rugs and prayer mats.
Birdwatching is something Miss Rosie and I have in common.  She often falls asleep on the table by the window when she is watching them which is exactly what she did when we came back from the vet yesterday.
Unfortunately, have been going there every day with her since Sunday.  Not sure what happened, but I noticed on Saturday that she had swelling on her right leg -- like a small ball on the side.  Vet says it could be some sort of strain from jumping.  I hope it wasn't caused by me because she has a very bad habit of sneaking up behind me and laying at my feet when I'm in the kitchen and then I nearly fall when I stumble over her.  The vet had pricked the swollen area with a needle to see what was inside and unfortunately, the next morning, Rosie decided to gnaw on it causing yet another problem and more medications required.  
She looks so pitiful but is doing okay and still playful and is happy as long as she is getting packet food and treats.  I just hope the wound heals soon.

Happy new month.

Tuesday, July 11, 2023


 In an effort to use what I've got, I'm finding cross-stitch patterns that fit frames I have on hand.
* * *
A recent finish is this Palestinian embroidery design from Gaza that symbolizes palm trees.
The pattern can be found in the digital library of Tirazain.
Palm tree photos taken on recent walks.
Have a terrific Tuesday!

Monday, July 10, 2023

Hello Again!

 Three months since my last post.
Certainly not intended, but when days and weeks and months slip by, not being here becomes a habit that seems hard to break.  However, last month, a couple of blog friends dropped by to check in and that was the nudge I needed to get back on here.

In my last post on April 13th, I shared my progress on the 27-week stitch-along I was taking part in -- we were at 15 weeks then -- and as of last week, the SAL was complete and I'm happy to say I finished it right on time.
Today the hosts for the SAL, Tangled Threads and Things, provided 5 border options from the very simple to a little more detailed -- but I'm thinking I'm done.  I like the simple one they shared, but if I get it framed, then there will be a mat around the design and there's already a lot of pattern -- so I think I'm gonna leave it as it is.  Does it really need a border?  

Lately I've been making a lot of doilies.
The stacked shell mini-doily to be exact.
A pattern that is easy to remember so can be worked on at craft meet-ups, while waiting, or while traveling.
Lots of people travel during the summer so our meet-up this past Saturday was quite small.

And finally for today, let me introduce you to Rosie.
She showed up in our stairwell around the very end of May or beginning of June.  Since Jingles died in July of 2020, my husband has insisted we do not need another cat but, he's actually the one who started letting her inside and she seems to have won him over with her sweetness because she is now officially a part of the family and is a very good girl.

See you again soon.
Take care!

Thursday, April 13, 2023

Life in Stitches

April's full moon was visible Thursday night even as dark clouds floated by. 

On Friday I completed the 5-week Ramadan stitch-along I was doing with The Tirazain Initiative.
And I've been keeping up with the 27-week long blackwork stitch-along hosted by Tangled Threads & Things.
Weeks 1-15 are done.
12 more weeks to go.
Patterns released every Monday.
When I walk, I see designs that resemble what I'm stitching.

Hope this finds you well.
Happy Thursday.

Tuesday, April 4, 2023

A Meandering Morning

Only from the heart you can touch the sky.
A nice morning walk through one of my favorite neighborhoods that's just a short drive away.  I don't think I've been there since our nephew was here at the end of October last year.  In fact, when I posted about his visit back then, I said I would share highlights of my favorite spots that I took him to, but never did -- so this is one of them.  The walking path goes nearly all the way around the neighborhood and there's lots of covered workout spots with exercise equipment that anyone can use.  Lots of nice houses, too, with gardens and flowers that I always enjoy seeing.

I didn't take many pictures when he and I walked that day, but I can tell you he was very glad to see a different side of Kuwait since he spent most of his time going to work with my husband and visiting customers.  
There's also a spot along the walking path where you can see all sorts of feathered friends.  I didn't go by there today but will check next time to see who is in residence.

Wishing you a terrific Tuesday.

Sunday, April 2, 2023

All the Blues

 Pay attention; see with the eyes of love.
(Magdala Marie Gilbert) 
I found this dead dragonfly as I crossed a pedestrian bridge the other day. Carried it to a group of flowers on the other side so that nature could do it’s thing rather than it blowing around on the concrete.
Had a beautiful walk along the corniche this morning.And instantly had someone twirling around my feet when I stopped to take my first photo.
This area by the sea has a colony of cats, many that have been TNR'd -- and unfortunately, when selfish, irresponsible people see an area where cats are being fed, they dump more and more house cats. 
Sadly, my walking meditation ended in a rather distressing way as I watched a guy run over a black cat.  Realizing what he'd done, he hesitated only a split second before driving off. He was a father whom I’d seen walking with his young daughter, but while I checked around my car for stray kitties (there was a black and white one sleeping under my car) he just didn’t consider his surroundings.  I couldn’t leave the poor thing in the middle of the street so moved it to a sandy spot along the fence line.
Today there is a memorial for my cousin who died in her sleep on March 22nd after a brief illness. She was 63 years old.  She was an animal lover who had taken in many stray cats and dogs over the years. She also crocheted and, in fact, it was her sister who taught me to crochet nearly 40 years ago. In lieu of flowers, the family has asked that donations be made to an animal shelter so I will be doing that in remembrance of her.
Sunday blessings.

Saturday, April 1, 2023

Hello April

Yesterday I added the fourth section of cross-stitch to my Ramadan stitch-along with Tirazain.
The fifth and final part of the design will be to fill in the star -- and that comes out April 7th.

Sometimes I feel like when I concentrate on a certain thing -- I start seeing or finding them all around me.  Sometimes it's hearts, but lately it's been stars.
A couple of stickers, a pin ... 

and today found another one.
We had some wild wind last night but today turned out to be a nice day with a cool breeze especially this evening.  April here can be a very unpredictable month weather-wise so we never know what we'll have in store.
I took several walks today and am always happy when there's pretty flowers to see along the way.

Sending you wishes for a happy new month.
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