Sunday, October 18, 2020

Sunday Saunter

Hello everyone! 

I'm happy to report that I am currently clicking away on a wireless keyboard.

Although the computer repair shop we normally go to still hasn't re-opened, one of the technicians was able to come to our house yesterday.  He wasn't able to find a keyboard replacement in the market, so for now, I am wireless; and if I'd known how inexpensive it was to be so, I would have gotten one of these weeks ago.

I'm also happy to report that full on walking weather is back, with daytime temperatures below 100 F and nights dropping into the 70's.  Woohoo!  That makes me very happy indeed.
Last night I did a little cross-stitch of some bees so took it along with me for a photoshoot.
The bees are loving the lantana right now.
It's always a lovely time of year when the weather is mild and color is returning to gardens.
I found a curtain ring while wandering so brought it home and transformed it with cross-stitch and crochet. Even the ribbon is recycled.
Well, it's late and our internet is going super slow so this post is taking longer than expected.
I'll leave you with a little love.
Have a blessed day!


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