Sunday, April 30, 2017

A Growing Problem

I was so disappointed and discouraged last Wednesday when I arrived at The Secret Garden for my garden duties.
It took me about 2 hours to pick up 95% of the garbage and I only spent about 30 minutes on what would be considered actual gardening.  After 2-1/2 hours in the heat, I had to call it quits.

The problem is everywhere ... and getting worse.
People throw big piles of junk expecting others to carry it away.
On my walks, it is easy to find a plastic bag blowing in the wind, so I grab it and start filling it with garbage as I walk along.  Most people look at me like I'm crazy.  Some take the time to thank me.  Perhaps my action will inspire someone else ... maybe not right then, but later they may remember and just maybe they will do something positive.
A bomb bag ... who knew there was such a thing.  Made in Taiwan and shipped to Kuwait so that kids  can make a pretend bomb sound and then litter the land.
 I found a bunch of them along the walking path this morning.
 Claiming corporate social responsibility seems to be the thing to do these days so Kuwait National Petroleum Company has put a few trashcans along the walkway purporting to care about the environment.  But do they really? 
Plastic is a huge problem.  It doesn't biodegrade.  It is littering our lands, cities and waterways.  In fact, the largest landfill isn't even on land, it's in the Pacific Ocean.
This is the view from my bedroom balcony right now.  Why?  Because the guy who lives downstairs cut down all the trees that used to block my view.  Because people think an empty lot is a landfill.  And because the government doesn't do anything to stop the dumping.
My husband and I often have heated arguments because he thinks that I shouldn't get so upset about the problem.  He figures if no one else cares, why should I?  But that's the problem.  We have too many politicians and people who don't care.  And if everyone stops caring, then how do we solve the problem?

Wisdom understands that in a world of ecological interconnectedness there is no such things as “away.” We don’t throw things “away,” we simply put them someplace where they defile the land, foul the water, pollute the air or change the earth’s atmosphere. 
(Brian Walsh & Sylvia Keesmaat)

Be the change,

Monday, April 24, 2017

Travel Essentials

Yarn and a hook are a must when traveling.
It is my preferred form of in-flight entertainment.
I also take along a book, magazine and word search puzzles for times when I need a break from crocheting.
All of the above were crocheted on our recent flight to Amman, Jordan to attend the wedding of our friends' daughter.
During car travel and on the flight back, I also managed to finish a heart and three washcloths.
Our trips to Jordan are always enjoyable no matter what we do.
I'll leave you with photos from our walk near the hotel on the first afternoon.
 Patterned pavers.
 Grape leaves.
 Islamic Educational College established 1947.
Side streets.
Brilliant sunbursts.
Wall art in front of the British Council.
Coffee roaster.
Have a great Monday!

Monday, April 17, 2017

Gloomy Weather

A cloudy day calls for a crocheted cloud coaster, don't you think?
(Pattern can be found here.)
We've not seen the sun in over a week now.
 The skies have mostly been filled with dust but for the past couple of days there's also been clouds in the mix.
It tries to rain but just sprinkles and splatters everything that is already covered in dust.
 The good thing is that the temperature has been a bit cooler during the day.
So I decided to put on my walking shoes and go for a wander.
First to the park where I left a heart.
And then around the neighborhood.
Back at home, I was so surprised to spy this one little gardenia bloom from a bush that's not done so well since last summer.
It's aroma is truly delightful.

I hope you all had a blessed Easter.
Wishes for a wonderful week.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Urban Wilderness

One of my team members at The Secret Garden recently went to the States and, upon her return, surprised me with some very lovely gifts.
This quilled artcard of a purple finch is handcrafted by artists in Vietnam.
These gorgeous seed packets are works of art themselves.  I sure wish it wasn't the end of our growing season, but I will have something to look forward to come September (or October, or November, depending on the weather). 
 And finally, this book, written by a father, inspired by his daughter and all the questions she asked on their school walks.  The every day things we walk by and often take for granted are magical to a child.  Nature is all around is, even if it's only a tiny weed in the crack of a sidewalk, it is something to to be grateful for.
You all know how I love to wander. And last week, after getting a haircut, I passed by this house which prompted me to immediately pull over and park my car to get a closer look.  It wasn't the house that impressed me, but the front yard that I was interested in.
So many gorgeous hollyhocks, standing so tall and proud.  Certainly not to be missed as one is driving by.
Don't know why we didn't plant them at the community garden, but I told the garden group that we are definitely planting them next year.
They sure do put on a beautiful show.
 I did some more wandering.  Love seeing homeowners add curbside appeal to their entrances.
 Especially happy to see homes where natural elements are allowed to take over. 
So many people just seem to live in concrete boxes and don't leave room for any green space so I am always grateful for those who nurture a green environment.
Beautiful bougainvillea.
A painted wall.
The lovely note I received with my gifts.
I am equally grateful for those who add a bit of beauty to this world.
Have a wonderful Wednesday!
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