Monday, November 30, 2015

November's End

Hard to believe that tomorrow will be the first day of  the very last month of 2015.
I stopped by The Secret Garden this morning to do some composting and always check on all our crochet and kids crafts that are out there.
Saturday a week ago we did twig trees with the children (and some moms) and the week before that it was bird feeders using papertowel and toilet paper rolls with peanut butter and birdseed.
Afterwards, I met my good friend, Melissa, for a nice hour long walk along the corniche.  Such lovely weather and the moon to guide us.  (Can you spot it there just under the palm fronds?)
I was just telling Melissa about a lovely young lady named Jo who helps take care of all the feral kitties in this area and lo and behold if we didn't run into her.
Sadly, she returns to the UK in 2 days after being here many years and I know everyone will miss her so much.  She has worked tirelessly to help trap/neuter/release hundreds of cats.  She has named many of them and they know her so well.  Kuwait truly is losing a kind, compassionate person.
After our walk, we stopped by an open House at Zeri Crafts.
Such a nice atmosphere and homemade goodies to sample along with a cup of hot ginger tea.
I especially loved seeing and hearing about the photography display entitled Artisan Hands that tells the stories of 6 people from Kuwait, all in their 70's now, who made a living years ago through their specialized handicrafts, a tradition of handmade that unfortunately is lost in this technological age.
 I for one intend to keep handmade alive as long as I can.
It's Monday and the start of a new week for most of you out there.  Hope it's a good one!
Best wishes,

Sunday, November 29, 2015


You may recall I had an incident with tea meeting laptop that fixed itself after a drying out period.  Unfortunately, not long after, a full cup of fresh brewed coffee took a tumble and splattered over everything in the immediate vicinity, including my laptop.  And this time it did not completely recover.  But now I have a new keyboard and I am back in action again.
If you celebrate Thanksgiving, I hope you've had a lovely long weekend filled with food and family and friendship.
 It was a school/work day here for my husband and son.  Mid-morning I babysat a friend's daughter for a couple of hours.
And then came home to make a vegan Thanksgiving meal of sliced tomatoes, roasted sweet potatoes, green beans, cornbread and mushroom & dumplings.
It all turned out really, really good and only took about an hour to fix.  Later in the evening, I even made my first vegan pumpkin pie which was excellent.
I'm really wishing it wasn't all gone now because just looking at the picture makes me want more.
Since my last post, there's been a trip to Dubai, lots of walks, crochet and all sorts of activities taking place.  Hopefully I can get caught up soon, but for now, I think I'll make the rounds and visit as many of you as I can.  It was too hard to comment when some of the keys on my keyboard weren't working properly so I was forced to take a break.
Thankful to be back in blogland again.

Happy Sunday!

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

A Yarn Storm

All last week there were predictions of thunderstorms and possible flooding for Saturday.  The US Embassy even sent out a weather warning which I found quite unusual as I don't ever recall them doing that before.
We did get a little rain a day or two, mostly drizzle, but nothing near what we had the week before when it flooded.
Our long awaited yarnbomb event at The Secret Garden was planned for Saturday afternoon and I prayed that the weather predictions would be wrong.  While other events around the country were cancelled due to the forecast, we decided to wait and see how the day played out and I'm so glad we did because it was perfect!
It was a wonderful afternoon of yarnbombing, crochet lessons, henna designs, gardening, a book reading, food and drink and friendship.  Everyone who came was so happy and willing to help. 
I for one was glad that the big tasks were over and I no longer had a deadline looming.

And was so very pleased that the weather cooperated.
Happy, happy colorful day!
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