Saturday, November 30, 2013

A Week in Review

This last week of November has been a busy one.
Last Friday we went to lunch with my friend, Marisol.
 And then to see Shadowland at the ice skating rink.
Photos were not allowed during the performance.  It wasn't quite what I expected.
The dancing was fantastic, but we all thought the story line was a little unusual.
 On Saturday I had a lovely breakfast with friends.
 Monday night my boss had a Thanksgiving dinner for all the new teachers at school, so my husband and son were able to get their turkey fix.
 On Tuesday there was an air show as we made our way home from school.
 And that night I went to a Kuwait Textiles Art Association meeting where Bader Al Mansour talked about art and his exhibition.
 His work deserves a whole post of its own.
 Wednesday night was Zack's first band concert of the year.
Yesterday the British Ladies Society had their annual Winter Bazaar.  I bought many things, but these below were my favorite purchases. They were made by the ladies in shelter at Booth House.  The same group I visited last year and taught to crochet, albeit different ladies as they are coming and going every 40 days or so.
Afterwards we had lunch with friends at Al Muhallab, our favorite seafood restaurant. 
 There has been walking as time permits.
An hour yesterday morning and an hour and a half today.
There's been cleaning but I try not to think about that too much.
I will  say that it's quite difficult to put fresh sheets on the bed when this one is around.
And there's been lots of sky watching.
Who needs a tv when you have this to view every day?
 We actually cancelled our satellite subscription some time ago as we hadn't turned the tv on since March.  

For those who celebrated Thanksgiving on Thursday, I hope you had a wonderful day surrounded by family and friends.  I honestly cannot believe that tomorrow begins the last month of 2013.
Best wishes and blessings,

Friday, November 22, 2013

Nomadic Farmers Market

Shakshooka is a popup farmer's market that takes place every Thursday evening.  Its location changes every week and is only announced via Instagram that morning.
Last night's market just happened to be right outside Q8 Bookstore, so I was able to, as they say "kill two birds with one stone".   
 Tables are set up by vendors and everything sold is handmade and fresh.  I bought chutneys, fresh produce, habanero sauce, pomegranate & guava jam, hot spiced cider and vegan-gluten-free muffins.
 I had the date and walnut muffin for breakfast and my oh my was it ever good.
I'm also in love with cashew butter at the moment and have it every morning on sliced bananas.  Delicious!
Instagram is the social media of choice for advertising in Kuwait.  It's opened up a whole new world to me.  If you have an Instagram account, let me know so I can follow along.  You can find me @tsdailyinspiration.  
Best wishes,

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Happy International Philosophy Day

Q8 Books is a secondhand bookstore that recently reopened under new ownership at the end of September.  I have been wanting to check it out and finally was able to stop in this evening.
 Such a cozy and inviting place.  The books are neatly arranged and there are lots of comfortable seating areas.  The space definitely says "come and stay awhile".
 Turns out that today is International Philosophy Day so we were asked to write down our philosophy in life.  
Kinda hard to think on the spot so I just wrote down what I try to do each and every day.
 I was very happy to come home with a cross-stitch book and one entitled Living in Sri Lanka. 
along with two bookmarks written in Arabic calligraphy. The top one, no one seems to be able to read, not even my husband.  The bottom one translates as "my page".
It's always lovely to find something new and unique.  I will definitely be going back often.  
Hope your day is going well.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Happy Day

We woke to a beautiful day!
Sun shining bright.
Moon to my right. 
 And clear, blue skies.
Last night the Minister of Education announced that there would be no school today for students. (That made my 10th grader very happy).
But that teachers and staff should go in order to ensure that school grounds were ready for student arrival tomorrow.  (Why are there always complainers?)
My work day whizzed by in no time since I was busy trying to make up for yesterday.  Homemade vegetable soup was hand delivered to me by our elementary principal and was very much appreciated. 
Finished another jar cozy this evening.  Small projects are all I seem to be able to focus on lately.

Can you tell that I've been trying to be a more consistent blogger this past week?  So nice to find time to catch up with everyone again.
Have a wonderful Wednesday.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A Day Off

Today was officially declared off because of the 3rd Arab-African Summit taking place in Kuwait.  
According to organizers:  Thirty-four heads of state, seven vice presidents and three heads of government are attending the summit, which brings together 71 countries and organizations.
It was the intention of the government to ease traffic flow on this day.
After the storms, this is a much needed day for clean-up.  We had more rain in the night and several drizzles so far throughout the day.   
 My plants are loving it.  So hard to believe that many areas of the country were completely flooded.  
 It's definitely a soup kinda day.
 And a chance to finally get some crochet done.
Wishing you all a wonderful Tuesday!

Monday, November 18, 2013

The Rains Came

A friend of my husband's sent this image taken in the early morning hours.
Apparently there was quite a lightning show while I was sleeping.
 Although there were a lot of clouds this morning, it looked pretty good out there.
 I had high hopes that the storm had bypassed us.
But just before the end of school, the sky let loose. 
Zack and I were soaked by the time we got to the car.
And streets had already begun to flood because of clogged sewage drains.
 A couple of friends sent pictures from their areas.
And lots of videos have been circulating of major flooding in some parts of the country.
There are people who do crazy things when water is involved.
And some people just don't know how to stay home when the roads are a mess so there's been lots of sirens all afternoon and evening.

This all, of course, is nothing compared to what happened in the Philippines.
A friend messaged that in Illinois there were tornadoes.
And Melanie at Comfy House said that a little town 3 hours from her was totally devastated.
Seems to be lots of crazy weather at the moment.
Praying for calm days ahead and relief to all affected.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Storm Predictions

Last night we went to bed with the news that parts of Saudi Arabia were experiencing heavy rains and flooding.  There were also predictions that the storms would be heading our way, but so far all is quiet.
 After all the talk of storms, I was surprised to see the sun this morning in such a beautiful shade of red.
 Lots of clouds.
 But so far no rain.
They are saying we should expect some in the early morning hours.
A light rain is okay. But this country is not prepared for heavy rains.
This day passed all too quickly and now it is time to follow Jingles lead.
Goodnight everyone!
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