Saturday, September 9, 2017

Crafting Happiness

Beautiful things come together
one stitch at a time.
We never know how many people will show up for our crafty mornings, but had a great turnout with 14 very talented ladies in attendance today.  It's always fun seeing what everyone is up to.
 The mall where we met is currently decorated with a candy them for an event taking place later in the week.
Thinking of everyone who may be in the path of Irma.  A childhood friend in Houston was evacuated and lost just about everything in the flooding there.  I certainly can't complain about the weather or anything else knowing the devastation and destruction that's taking place all across the States and around the world.
Count your blessings.
Take time to do what makes your soul happy.
Stay safe and blessed,

Friday, September 1, 2017

Welcome September

August seems to have just whizzed on by and now, here we are, the first of September.
Today marks the first day of Eid Al Adha celebrations for Muslims.  Ironically, just as I was finishing up a little stitching this morning, our neighbors sent over a plate of homemade Eid cookies which provided the perfect backdrop for an Eid greeting.
So many people are posting about how they are starting to feel a chill in the air now that Fall is around the corner, but unfortunately, September and Fall weather do not go hand in hand in the desert.  It continues to be hot as heck with temperatures still above 110 F most days.
One of my poor little jasmine bushes is trying to bloom but the tender little buds dry up before they can even fully open up.
Today is also "Ginger Cat Appreciation Day" and the month of September has been deemed "Happy Cat Month" by the CATalyst Council whose aim it is to achieve a cat-caring society through "connecting and collaborating to advance the health, welfare and value of companion cats".  I will be making an extra concerted effort to do what I can this month to help our little feline friends.  Kuwait has a huge feral population and the rescue groups have their hands full trying to help so many animals in need.
As I watered plants this afternoon, I was able to spot the moon from one balcony.
And watch the sunset from the other.

A new month full of possibilities.

Happy September,
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