Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Ramadan and Rocks

Today marks the first day of Ramadan.
The holy month of fasting for Muslims.
It is a time for spiritual cleansing, practicing self-control, learning self-restraint,
being patient and merciful.
It also means more change.
Though I don't usually fast, my husband and boys do.
My husband also has different working hours during this time.
I will be making simple soups and salads for fatoor (the breaking of the fast at sunset).
Zucchini soup is one of my favorites but not a favorite for the boys so tonight they will be getting tomato soup seasoned with cardamom, salad and baked cheese sambousa.
 The weather this morning was rather blah, so I didn't walk
(though I think my back could have used the stretching).
 Instead, the rock I showed you yesterday is now wearing a pretty pale blue cover.
It's my first completed crochet project in a while.
 All of these rocks have been collected on my walks.
Some are slated for crochet.
 While others are more suited to sitting in a pretty bowl.
And here's some food for thought.
Life truly is about simple pleasures.
Blessings to you all,

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Wandering, Walking, Collecting, Creating

It's amazing how one quick twist, one wrong move can throw you into agonizing pain.
On Thursday I wrenched my back.
I would like to say I was doing something exciting.
But no, I was vacuuming, of all things.
I've always had back problems because of scoliosis but I've never felt pain like this before.
I've never had pain that lasted more than a day.  
After reading up on back sprains, and resting up for a few days, I decided it was time to get moving again.
 It was slow going at first, but once my body began to warm up, it got easier.
I swear walking does more good for my mind than my body.
It helps me to collect my thoughts.
 But these past few days it has also been necessary for healing.
The pain is still there, but not as intense.  I still have to be careful how I move or turn.
I collected quite a few things while out walking yesterday morning.
Bean pods, rocks, a seashell, feathers, leaves, weeds and an eggshell. 
Unfortunately I've  not been doing any crafting lately, so I decided to get my creative juices flowing by doodling.
Today's biggest find was this.
Is it sad that I get excited about finding a rock?
Though not a great picture, it is the perfect size and shape.
I definitely feel a crochet project coming on.
Have a wonderful day!
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