Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Crafting Days of Summer

 Did you know that Friday the 12th was World Cross-stitch Day?I stitched and photographed the above for a post to our Kuwait Crafters Instagram account.

And stitched a small design from Gaza that is documented in the book Palestinian Embroidery.On Saturday, 6 of us gathered for crafting in public ... something we've not done in quite awhile.  (We are hoping to start up our regular craft meetings again next month.)Zhraa on the far left is the one who crocheted the granny square sweater for me that I posted about before.  Saturday was the first time I wore it and I really do love it so much.

And speaking of granny squares.

Yesterday was Granny Square Day hosted by @simplycrochetmag over on Instragram.  The bottom left are the squares that some of our Kuwait Crafters posted last year, and the above right is from this year.  Bottom right are some of the traditional squares (my favorite) that I made over the weekend and yesterday I crocheted the Flora Granny Square designed by Lucy at Attic24

I miss walking but it's currently 11:18 a.m. and 104 degrees (with a high expected of at least 110 F) so indoor crafting is the best thing to do this time of year.

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