Tuesday, August 1, 2023

Bird Watching and Stitching

 How is it August already?  All last week I was confused on what day of the week it was and woke up this morning thinking it was the last day of July.

Over the weekend, I did some simple little bird stitches that are found in the digital library of Tirazain.com, documenting Palestinian Embroidery.
The backgrounds are cut out from a local museum calendar that showcased a collection of vintage rugs and prayer mats.
Birdwatching is something Miss Rosie and I have in common.  She often falls asleep on the table by the window when she is watching them which is exactly what she did when we came back from the vet yesterday.
Unfortunately, have been going there every day with her since Sunday.  Not sure what happened, but I noticed on Saturday that she had swelling on her right leg -- like a small ball on the side.  Vet says it could be some sort of strain from jumping.  I hope it wasn't caused by me because she has a very bad habit of sneaking up behind me and laying at my feet when I'm in the kitchen and then I nearly fall when I stumble over her.  The vet had pricked the swollen area with a needle to see what was inside and unfortunately, the next morning, Rosie decided to gnaw on it causing yet another problem and more medications required.  
She looks so pitiful but is doing okay and still playful and is happy as long as she is getting packet food and treats.  I just hope the wound heals soon.

Happy new month.
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