Friday, November 30, 2018

Last day of November

Well, friends, I did it again ...
let too much time pass between posts.
I can't believe that this is the last day of November.
My husband and I started the day with a nice walk.
Then went to lunch at a Lebanese restaurant I've wanted to visit for a while.
He went for a business lunch last Friday and unexpectedly it was this restaurant they chose to go to ...  totally not fair.  Before we went today, he said he knew that it was going to be a place where I could not stop taking pictures and, of course, he was right.
From the entrance to the floors, to the decor, everything is gorgeous.
It takes you to another place and feels like you are in a historical building rather than a restaurant built just 8 years ago.
If you ask me, you can never go wrong with Lebanese food.
Hommos, moussaka (stewed eggplant, tomatoes, onion and chickpeas), spinach pies and fattoush (salad).
Lebanon is famous for its green almonds eaten whole but this is the first time I've had them pickled.
Tea at the end of the meal.
I had my husband take this picture so I could show off my stitched Palestinian necklace I bought at a bazaar last week (where no photos were allowed).
After lunch, we went by the plant souk to pick up some plants and flowers.
We had weeks of major thunderstorms and flooding, so this week I look forward to getting the potted plants on my balconies in order.

I hope you all had a good November.
A happy Thanksgiving if you celebrated.
And wish you all the best for December.
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