Friday, November 30, 2018

Last day of November

Well, friends, I did it again ...
let too much time pass between posts.
I can't believe that this is the last day of November.
My husband and I started the day with a nice walk.
Then went to lunch at a Lebanese restaurant I've wanted to visit for a while.
He went for a business lunch last Friday and unexpectedly it was this restaurant they chose to go to ...  totally not fair.  Before we went today, he said he knew that it was going to be a place where I could not stop taking pictures and, of course, he was right.
From the entrance to the floors, to the decor, everything is gorgeous.
It takes you to another place and feels like you are in a historical building rather than a restaurant built just 8 years ago.
If you ask me, you can never go wrong with Lebanese food.
Hommos, moussaka (stewed eggplant, tomatoes, onion and chickpeas), spinach pies and fattoush (salad).
Lebanon is famous for its green almonds eaten whole but this is the first time I've had them pickled.
Tea at the end of the meal.
I had my husband take this picture so I could show off my stitched Palestinian necklace I bought at a bazaar last week (where no photos were allowed).
After lunch, we went by the plant souk to pick up some plants and flowers.
We had weeks of major thunderstorms and flooding, so this week I look forward to getting the potted plants on my balconies in order.

I hope you all had a good November.
A happy Thanksgiving if you celebrated.
And wish you all the best for December.


busybusybeejay said...

Good to hear from you again.What a super restaurant.Lovely photos.

Betsy said...

Tammy, I am completely speechless with these photos. That is probably one of the most beautiful buildings I have ever seen. Thank you so much for sharing them with us. I would love to be able to sit there and look at that beautiful stone work. It was good to see the, sort of, picture of you too. The necklace is very pretty but I would love to see your face. :-). I hope you have a wonderful weekend my friend. Blessings,

Oliva Ohlson said...

Food looks so mouth is watering and craving this type of food NOW!!! Beautiful restaurant and it sure looks like it's been there forever. What a great way to spend the day with your Hubby.

Teresa Kasner said...

Hi Tammy.. So good to see you check in with your blog friends. I also was blown away by the beauty and interest of that restaurant! I think it's such an amazing place, I bet it's packed at the dinner hour. I wish we had something like that here in Oregon. Have a fabulous weekend. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Gracie Saylor said...

Hi Tammy! I enjoyed reading and rereading your last two many beautiful photos of interesting places! I think my favorite photo is the one of the bee on the Lantana? I am glad you were able to gather with other stitchers to crochet/knit! Praying for a blessing for you and yours on all your days xx

Maya Kuzman said...

Your instinct was right and this was a fantastic restaurant! My sweet word - I would have lost myself there for hours, taking pictures of every single thing! As for the food, I have never actually tasted Lebanese food but I am sure I'll be presented an opportunity where I could get my palate a delicious feast!

Melanie said...

That restaurant is gorgeous! And the food looks amazing, too. We love Mediterranean fact, just had lunch out yesterday at a Mediterranean restaurant and while out today, picked up a big tub of hummus and handmade pita bread at a Mediterranean grocer. Unfortunately, I can't digest legumes too well anymore so I have to take it easy with the hummus. But it's so darn good, that I can't help but eat it. And then I pay for it later, but oh well. ;-)

Lorrie said...

Great food in a beautiful setting makes an outing such a treat. Thank you for these lovely photos.

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Tammy.
Wow, that was a wonderful post and so glad you got to check out this unique Lebanese restaurant together with your husband.
Love the exotic photo of your hands cupping your hot tea. Not only due to the stitched necklace but also your special rings and bracelets make you looks exotic.
That rose... and the cacti are probably a good choice for the desert. Rain is fine but that is only temporarily.
We have had our share of rain as well. Too much as I like sunny weather for being able to clean thoroughly without dragging in any wet foot prints.
Sending you hugs,

Linda said...

Love all your jewelry! :) And yes, that's a fabulous looking restaurant - love that.
Not sure about the food... Jim would never eat any of that, but I would probably like some of it. :)

Glad to read your updates.

Quinn said...

I love all the pictures from the restaurant - what an atmosphere! The patchwork chairs were a bit of a surprise :)

Angie said...

Tammy - so glad you're back! Your husband knows you well … I find it hard to believe that restaurant is only 8 years old - they did a super job with the design and the furnishings to make it appear much older (which I like). A beautiful necklace, to go with all your other lovely jewelry - I also like to wear a lot of rings, but I always want to take them off when I get home … for some reason, I like my hands to be unencumbered.

Jodiebodie said...

I don't know why I missed this post. Thank you for the link back to it. That restaurant is gorgeous. I love natural materials and also lebanese food! Is that the necklace that you loved so much you bought more than one?

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