Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A Day Off

Today was officially declared off because of the 3rd Arab-African Summit taking place in Kuwait.  
According to organizers:  Thirty-four heads of state, seven vice presidents and three heads of government are attending the summit, which brings together 71 countries and organizations.
It was the intention of the government to ease traffic flow on this day.
After the storms, this is a much needed day for clean-up.  We had more rain in the night and several drizzles so far throughout the day.   
 My plants are loving it.  So hard to believe that many areas of the country were completely flooded.  
 It's definitely a soup kinda day.
 And a chance to finally get some crochet done.
Wishing you all a wonderful Tuesday!


Everydaythings said...

Tammy, Ive been reading here all about your weird weather, and cant imagine that it would be a place used to heavy rains? do you have rains in winter? or just showers? It seems like it would be just too hot for some proper rains. Anyway as you said, I;m sure your lovely plants are just loving the rain and extra drink of water!

Mary said...

Glad you have an extra day to kick back and enjoy things around the house......weather and politics seem to rule our lives don't they? The petunias look happy, and your kitty is so gorgeous. I make soup almost daily now that Winter is heading our way..........I think I could easily live on vegetarian soups, well with a little baguette and a chunk of good cheese now and then!!!

The jar covers are adorable - is that cotton yarn you're using Tammy? I must do something about learning to crochet - I bought books but still haven't had time to get far!

Today is another one of Autumn beauty here early this morning. The sun is bright and the trees are amazing in their colors after we thought they would never change.....just a few chilly nights and a little rain have made a world of difference - just breathtaking!

Enjoy your day dear.
Hugs - Mary

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Tammy,
The Dutch have a saying about everything falling into the water. Well, for the summit in Kuwait it literally did. Too bad for all the visiting people as they had a hard time for getting around. A day off is always great though; even for perfect indoor crocheting!

Wanda said...

Soup and crocheting....is there a better way to spend a rainy day inside. I don't think so.

Love your little crochet covered jars...what nice gifts they will make with a little something nice inside.

Stay warm and happy.

Lorrie said...

What kind of soup did you make? Soup and rainy days go together so well.

How unusual to have so much rain in your corner of the world. Your petunias and other plants will be happy for the extra moisture.

Enjoy your day of crocheting at home.

Sheila Rumney said...

Looks like you had a wonderful day off... good food and crafting!

Jingles looks like he has spied something!

Betsy said...

Crocheting and soup-two wonderful ways to spend a day off. I hope you enjoy it to the fullest Tammy.

Diane said...

Enjoy the day, Tammy.

Sam I Am...... said...

How fun to have an extra day off! Storms have been all over the place. We were lucky here, just a chair knocked over but it was the same storm that produced the Washington, Illinois storm. Glad you got home okay with all that flooding.
Did I miss your anniversary? I thought I commented on it but then I never saw that picture of you both when you got married! You guys were a stunning looking couple and still are!

Our Neck of the Woods said...

I'm glad your plants are liking the rain. They are looking good! And I love the cute kitty as well :)

Createology said...

We are not having the rain predicted but some drizzles so we are thankful. Jingles spies something interesting. A day off and delicious soup and crocheting equals creative bliss.

Susan said...

Hi Tammy. Nice that you had a day off. Happy for you. Bet you got a lot done, you crafty little critter! Thanks so much for your visits to my blog. Love them. Susan

glor said...

Hi Tammy!!!!! Been lost in space for a bit, trying to get back in the swing. Missed visiting,hope to be back again very soon!

oldthings said...

I am glad that you had a day off and it seems that was wonderful for you ! It is nice to have the time to enjoy the moments of home ! Have a nice day !

Mereknits said...

The air must feel so clean and clear. So glad you had a nice day off, and got to crochet, too.
Hugs to you Tammy,

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