Thursday, December 17, 2020

Crochet, Baking and Another Book

 Early morning brought a thunderstorm and more windy conditions.

I crocheted six more of the ornaments started yesterday so now have an even dozen. I often give away my crocheted hearts whenever we go out on a Friday, but need something different since we basically go to the same places and see the same people.  Will try to package these up with chocolate and maybe a card and have a few on hand just in case I find someone to give one to whenever I'm out and about.
Picked this rock up from the beach the other day.
My husband keeps bringing me a handful of Indian jasmine that he plucks from the neighbors' bushes.
They smell so sweet.
Crocheted a few little flowers to go with them.
Was able to get out for my late afternoon walk to feed the kitties and noticed that the sky was like splotches of watercolor so looked up to take a picture at the same time that a jet just happened to be zooming by leaving contrail in its wake.
My walk isn't very long but I leave just before sunset and by the time I get home it's already dark.
Made a vegan vanilla cake this evening to go with strawberries my husband bought the other day (I've also been eating them on pancakes).
And this is yet another book I finished this past week.
The author is a religious historian and the steps she gives are not a simple to-do list, it's more about a lifetime commitment to broadening our thinking, expanding our hearts, becoming tolerant of differences and cultivating compassion for ourselves and others.  I really like that many different religious and spiritual practices are represented in the book.

My New York boy sent pictures of the snow piled up outside two of the doors where he lives.  If you were in the path of any storms, I hope all is well.  Stay safe.

Sending warm wishes your way,


Betsy said...

Your stars are so beautiful, (especially the purples one, Ha!), that anyone would be happy to have one. I know your hearts brighten the lives of everybody that finds one.
The strawberries and cake look delicious.
Your husband is so sweet to bring you those beautiful little blooms.

Dee said...

That book sounds interesting. So many times those types of books only reflect the religion of the author. So nice that this one reflects on different faiths.

Melanie said...

Love your crocheted ornaments. Do you put up a small Christmas tree in your apartment? That book looks really good. I'm going to look it up on Amazon and then see if my library has it. Have a great weekend!

Lorrie said...

You have such a giving nature, Tammy. I'm sure those who receive your crochet pieces consider themselves blessed.

Teresa Kasner said...

There will be a lot of happy people who find your beautiful ornaments! Very kind of you. Your husband is sweet to surprise you with Jasmine.. we have two big pots of them on our deck and the aroma is spectacular. Say meow to your kitties.
((hugs)), Teresa :-)

linda said...

Your Christmas ornaments are lovey Tammy and I love what you have done with the stone.

Happy@Home said...

Your snowflake ornaments are so pretty. I know they would brighten the day of anybody you give them to. What a lovely gesture. I like how you just whipped up some flowers to go with the jasmine your husband brought home. :).
That cake looks so good with the strawberries alongside.
Enjoy your weekend.

Maya Kuzman said...

Beautiful ornaments Tammy! I am just putting the last sequins on mine :)

Angie said...

Tammy - I love the crochet around the rock. And how sweet that your hubby brings you jasmine ... I tend to be judgmental, so a book on compassion might be a good read for me ...

Kit said...

I love your idea of handing out your hearts and snowflakes. Your cake looks great! I wish we had gotten a bunch of snow. But I better be careful what I wish Kit

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