Monday, December 10, 2018

Cloudy Monday

Rain was predicted for yesterday, but all we've gotten over the past couple of days is a whole bunch of clouds.
Today it was dark enough mid-morning that even the street lights and fairy lights were confused.
As I walked, the landscaping crew were mowing grass.
It's not something we smell often, but every time I do, it brings back so many memories of summers long ago.  There's also the smell of woodsmoke in a particular spot along the path; not sure why someone is burning wood, especially since the weather is so mild, but the smell always reminds me of Fall/Winter.
Ahead of me is this older gentleman I often see walking.  We always say hello to each other.  I usually hum as I walk, but he was actually singing out loud today.
Spotted an old heart that I hung on a palm tree quite awhile ago.  It's dirty and was all twisted so I straightened it out.  I wonder if anyone has ever noticed it there.
Wishing you all a lovely new week.


Kit said...

Looks like a pleasant walk. Mown grass, I won't smell that for many many months. I am glad your heart has remained there. It's spreading love to all that pass by. Or at least I like to think that. :) Have a great day! Kit

Tanza Erlambang - Every Day Issues said...

beautiful series of photos.
have a great day

Betsy said...

It was fun to walk along with you today Tammy. I love the smell of grass and wood smoke too. How nice that you meet the same people when you’re out walking. It almost makes it seem like you have friends along with you doesn’t it? I love how you hang the hearts everywhere you go. I wonder if that one is still there because it kind of blends in a little bit. I hope you have had are having a wonderful Monday my friend. Blessings, Betsy

Susan said...

I wish you a lovely week as well, Tammy. How sweet someone hung that heart in the tree. Good for you for walking! Susan p.s. Thanks for your visits to my blog.

Teresa Kasner said...

Oh.. how lucky you are to have flowers still in bloom... and one of my favorite flowers, too. I love that you hum while you walk.. sometimes if I'm the only one in the pool I belt out the Star Spangled Banner! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)
*M*E*R*R*Y* * *C*H*R*I*S*T*M*A*S*!*

Blondie's Journal said...

I love seeing your world so far away, and the comparisons and differences of the times in your life.

Wishing you love and peace during the holiday season.

Apologies for not visiting more often. I am guilty of this with everyone!! :(

Jane x

Serena Lewis said...

To be that dark at mid-morning would feel very strange here.

I love the smell of fresh mown grass.

Nice that you and older gentleman greet each other. Humming and singing makes for a happy, relaxing walk, I'm sure.

I think your aged heart is still beautiful. I wonder too if people notice...we notice things like that so I'm sure they do.

Nice capture of the bee on the Lantana flower.

Jodiebodie said...

That sky is very dark - reminds me of winter! How freaky!

Thank you for your lovely greetings on my blog to which I have left a response there.

May you be having a nice day when you read this.

Jodie xx

Sam I Am...... said...

I like all kinds of weather unless I have to be driving in it and I just don't. Like my dr. appt....if it's bad out I just cancel. LOL! It's 1 1/2 hours driving in the 'hills' so forget it. Your walk looks so nice and I'm sure people have noticed your hearts. It's a reminder that all is not hopeless....I hope! LOL! Nowadays I am afraid to watch the news for fear some other horrific event has taken place...maybe I need to start crocheting hearts to place around. Enjoy your day and thank you for being you!

Linda said...

I adore your observations! :) Great post.

Angie said...

I love the smell of fresh-mown grass - but it's not something we will have at our new house, given that we decided not to plant a lawn … But wood smoke - that we have plenty of! Unfortunately, in the summer time it is associated with forest fires - obviously not a good thing!!!

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Tammy,
Even on a dark day it makes for a nice walk.
Singing and/or humming is a good thing for putting a spring in your step - it adds happiness.
Poor heart, and at least you have shared the love, it is up to others for finding it!
Sending you hugs,

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