Saturday, December 3, 2022

Several Things for Day Three

My game plan was to post every day this month.  Vloggers do Vlogmas on YouTube so thought I'd do Blogmas here, but I already missed day two.  :)  Whoops!

Last night we went to a wedding -- I normally don't like to go as they are all quite different and never know what to expect.  Often, I'm not appropriately dressed because my husband is not good at asking questions and getting details.  Sometimes we go, just to make an appearance but don't stay very long; however, since we had friends in from New York who went with us, we kinda had to follow their lead .... and as a result, we didn't get home until after midnight.

Dancing went on for several hours which meant the dinner buffet didn't start until 10:00 p.m. (another reason I don't like going since I'm not a fan of eating so late).

Anyways ...

What I had planned to post yesterday was the start of a granny square scrapghan made entirely from leftover yarn.

Since it's just for me -- to be used as a lapghan or table cover or an outdoor blanket -- I'm literally just knotting each new color in and crocheting away.  

Besides, I love the scrappy look of handmade patched together with whatever is available.

Today was our by-weekly Kuwait Crafters meet-up -- 8 of this time, always a lovely morning of sharing and crafting.

Happy Saturday!


Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Tammy,
Well, I'm 100% with you for not liking it to eat that late in the evening.
Yesterday, I did just make an entrance together with a younger widow, we ate very little and left before the loud music and dancing started.
Not very fond of such gatherings!
Your gathering with eight lovely ladies looks so warm and no doubt is uplifting to all participants.
Lovely work done with your scraps!

Stitchy Mc Floss said...

Your blanket is so pretty. I love granny patterns. Wishing you a day full of many blessings. :)

Betsy said...

I feel the same as you do about eating late. I don't enjoy it at all and I always end up with heartburn when I do. More and more I'd rather stay home than go on those kind of outings.
I'm glad you are able to meet up with your friends again. I imagine a lot of that was halted during covid. The ladies are extremely talented with their projects.
I love granny scrap projects too. I have several blankets that I've made with various sized granny squares. I find them very cheerful.

Quinn said...

The variety is your crafters group is always so interesting - and that white lace knitting with the cone in the middle looks quite dreamlike :)

Delighted Hands said...

It's nice to be adventurous once in a while! Beautiful dancing!
Lovely crafting and so nice to get together with others!
The scrappy afghan is delightful!

Wanda said...

Hi Tammy, The wedding looks great, but several hours of dancing...I would perfer food served before the dancing..haha.
Loved all the pictures.
I was going to post every day....and it's been over a week. Oh well, maybe I can get started again.
You handy work is so lovely.

linda said...

Ten o'clock is far too late I hope that the wait was worth it haha. I love a craft get together, lots of lovely makes. Have a great Sunday.x

Mary said...

I'm not a great wedding lover either and, when I see how much some of them spend on such lavish affairs, I just pray the 'happy 'couple' will at least stay together, haha!!!!

Angie said...

Tammy - fascinating to see the pictures of the wedding celebration. And always so curious to see what your crafters are up to .... we have some new neighbors who are crafty types, so I think I will re-start the craft gatherings at my house after the new year!

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