Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Thunderous Tuesday

Early this evening I heard thunder which is very unusual for May ... and then the electrical storm began. Loud claps of thunder and a light show that lasted about 15 minutes. Afterwards a short, but hard rain. Since the storm happened to sweep through from the side where we have all the leaky windows, a watery mess was created.

Jingles wondered what the heck was going on with all the noise and flashing lights.

Certainly not the evening I had planned. I could really use a drink right about now.

How many people do you know are drinking milk from a Pat O'Brien's glass? (Pat O's is a French Quarter mainstay and home of the Hurricane drink.) Milk will have to do. Along with my homemade oatmeal cookies with cranberries and chocolate chips -- it's just what the doctor ordered! Hope your Tuesday is a good one! Best wishes and blessings, Tammy


Susan said...

Hey Tammy. You could definitely frame that awesome lightning photo. Mmmm, the cookies and milk looked great, too. It's even dark, cold, and rainy on the other side of the world...no thunder or lightning here though. Take care. susan

Shanda said...

This was not a good post for me to read today. It is cold and rainy and when I read your post, I decided I needed oatmeal cookies with cranberries too. And I am supposed to be dieting!

Abacaxi & Hortel√£ said...

Scary! But the picture you're showing us is just beautiful... in a scary way ;)
Hope the cookies made up for the watery mess??
Bisous from Versailles,

Anonymous said...

Looks like some comfort food was in order. Maybe you should offer Jingles some of his comfort food!! LOL!!
Rain & chilly here......
Have a Great Evening!

Linda said...

Cool picture of the lightening, Jingles is adorable, and I've never liked milk but the glass is cool :)

Funny that there thunder isn't typical for May yet here it's right in the midst of Tornado season when all of the thunderstorms arrive. Nothing like that this week though - too cool out once again.

Hope you have a good remainder of the week,

Diane said...

That first picture is phenomenal, great capture, Tammy. Did it cool things off at all there? Diane

Yarni Gras! said...

mmmmm, I love cookies and milk, especially on a rainy day (or night!)

Rose M. Rodriguez said...

Hi Tammy, what a great photo, perfect timing. Here are raining days after a time without it and people do soups here, but your proposal seems to me very successful, and even suggestive! Greetings, Rose Marie

Sheila Rumney said...

A tall glass of milk and cookies always makes everything better! Love how you caught the lightening.

Have a lovely week.

Candy said...

I'd like to order two cookies and a tall glass...now you've made me want cookies. Shame on you!
Sweet Blessings ;-)

A Fanciful Life said...

Hi Tammy,
Ohhhh, I love electrical storms! We don't have them here in California, but i was in St. Louis once and saw the most fantastic electrical storm from my hotel window. I do have to say that Jingles look most calm though. Hope you enjoyed your cookies - I think I'll go have an eclair now that you've mentioned desert!
Sharon :-)

Anonymous said...

Lightening in May. Wow! That does not happen often. I wonder if it is coming our way. We usually get weather a day after you do. Sorry that you had a mess to clean up afterwards!!
I LOVE that Jingles is hanging out with my bear. It made me smile to see my handiwork is still around!!!
Love the cookies. I had a few of my homemade cookies before hitting the sack last night too.
Hope the storms blow through and away from your windows!!!
Love ya,

Serena Lewis said...

Great lightning shot, Tammy. It always feels eerie to me when we get a bad, electrical storm out of the normal season patterns, particularly when they're in the early morning.

Jingles seems to be taking the storm in her stride.

I 'googled' Pat O'Briens and the hurricane drink. Ah well...I'm sure the milk would be the healthier option anyways. lol

Serena xo

Tanna said...

Beautiful shot of the lightening, Tammy! Those cookies and milk sound perfect for a stormy (or any!) night! I enjoyed a Hurricane once... LOL! blessings ~ tanna

crochet lady said...

I suppose those kind of storms are rare for your area? Neat shot with the lightning right behind that plant.

Those cookies look yummy! Sometimes milk tastes better out of a glass like that:)

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Those cookies would quell any fear...mmmmm!!!

June said...

Hi Tammy,
I love a thunderstorm no matter the time of year. I'm a little weird that way. I've loved them even when I was very young. Sweet Jingles looks snug as can be where he is.

Now I'm craving cookies and milk...

Melissa said...

What a good shot you got of the lightening. Muny got a couple of good ones too. Unlike you, the rain surpassed us and left us dry and parch...thank you for kicking up the dust rain!
You've been on a cookie binge I see. I've actually managed only to eat one cookie of the batch I made the other day and ate the whole bag of endamamae. Guess that's better than chips. Looking forward to seeing you tonight.

miruspeg said...

Hey Tammy
I love thunder storms when I am safe and sound in my home.
That is an excellent shot of the lightning. :-)
Jingles looks quite calm...my cats would be under the bed!
To answer your question about Pat O'Brien's glass and milk, I guess you are the only one!
Keeping smiling dear friend.
Big hugs
Peggy xxxx

glor said...

Wow, that's quite a picture you captured! We've had rain 5 days now with a bit of thunder tonight but nothing like you had on Tuesday. Your soup in the post below sounds terrific, will be doing this!

Shanda said...

Great shots...and you have an orange kitty like me!
I am so curious about your life and why you are in Kuwait. Would love to hear from you as I also lived outside the US till three years ago!

Anonymous said...

As long as a storm isn't too powerful, and doesn't cause havoc or devastation...and I'm safely tucked away in my bed, under the covers with my hubby's arms around me, I don't mind a good clap of thunder or two! But take the same girl, at night, alone, and I'm nervous and fearful! Weird, huh?

Ciao Bella!
Stay dry!


Cindy @ Dwellings-The Heart of Your Home said...

What an amazing photo of the lightning! Such a sweet kitty. Thanks so much for visiting and for your sweet comments. Hope you and Jingles have a great weekend.

~Lesa~ said...

Poor Jingles! By the way....love cranberries in cookies. Can't wait to get caught up with your blog. Have a fantastic weekend!

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