Thursday, April 8, 2010

Thursday Thoughts and Things

Today is a very blustery, dusty, cloudy, rainy kinda day. Mostly dust as it is hard for the rain to get through the muck. But it's the weekend and that's a good thing. So many projects left undone. So many things I want to do and keep putting off.

I finally sat down and made a sweet and simple paperbag scrapbook for my friend Leslie.

When I scrap, it is true scrapping. I rip and tear and glue. Hard to find scrapbook supplies around here. All that I have is bought during our summer vacations to the States. Graphics, of course, are easy to find and print.

I cut tags from cereal boxes and then decorated them and stuffed them inside the openings of the paper bags.

I sent it to her today through interoffice mail at school as a surprise. She was quite happy and thought it was very cute.

It's nice to have friends who appreciate the simple thoughts and deeds.

Friendship blessings to one and all. Tammy


Anonymous said...

Oh that is so very sweet, love the gesture! and love how it all turned out! don't you just love ripping!

thanks for coming by!

ciao bella
creative carmelina

Susan said...

Oh Tammy, that is an adorable scrapbook, made with love from a doesn't get any better than that. And how creative you are to use the supplies you have access to. You are amazing. Sincerely, Susan

Julies Knit Stitch Corner said...

Hi, Now I like the scrapbook you have made for your friend, I am sure she will love this. I have never tried this hobby myself, keep thinking about it though. As for the weather we are lucky at the moment its lovely and sunny here in Cheshire, UK not had much rain yet. best wishes Julie.C

Anonymous said...

Tammy, this is so beautiful!! I salute your ingenuity......You are one of the most creative people I know!!
Have a great day!!

Anne Lorys said...

What a beautiful and thoughtful gift!
I love the cereal box idea, now THAT'S being crafty and resourceful. :-)

Have a wonderful Thursday!

Melanie said...

That is truly what "scrapping" is. Who needs a craft store with rows and rows of supplies when they're waiting in your own cupboards?

Elaine said...

Love your little paperbag scrap book..
I 've picked up a few cross-stick things for you and am always looking for a bargain in scrapbook items.

it has turned cool here and I turned the heat up some. I am feeling a bit better. Hope to kick this soon.
lol Auntie Elaine

Bunnym said...

Your such a good friend...lucky for me I found you. Who keeps changing their blog look too? It looks fab!


~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Ooh, how very nice that is! Totally agree. The little things and words do count!! Love that quote a friend is a gift you give yourself.. Sure your dear friend Leslie will love love your gorgeous scrapping!

Have a great weekend! xoxox

Anonymous said...


Yarni Gras! said...

lovely! I adore hand made items...they are filled with love! Sometimes the simplest ones are the most beautiful.

Jane said...

I love how you take ordinary items that most of us would throw away and turn them into wonderful gifts and treasures. I can see why your friend love the paperbag turned out beautiful!

Diane said...

You're ambitious, Tammy. You put me to shame because I have all kinds of things to work with, but you don't have a lot so you recycle and make something sweet and thoughtful for a friend. Now I'm going to have to get busy. Diane

Linda said...


It amazes me how you find time for all of this creating, in the midst of working and raising a family. I do well to keep up with my writing, amongst the same. :)

Hope you have a wonderful weekend,

crochet lady said...

I love that kind of scrapbook. I had a family member make me one few years ago and it was so fun filling it with pics. That's a sweet gift. I'd like to try and make one sometime, when I'm not up to my elbows in jewelry.

Donatella said...

Thats a beautiful gift!!what a great friend you are...

koralee said...

So love your paperbag book...we make them at school in my classroom all the time...they are the best and you can make them for just about any subject.

Just wanted to thank you so much for your sweet caring comment that you left on my blog the other day concerning my daughters sorry one of your boys still suffers. I think a big thing for my daughter is stress so I really need to try to eliminate it in her life and she does need to drink more water!!! Thank you for taking the time to help me out. Hugs for a sweet Friday my friend. xoxo

Kristin said...

The scrapbook looks great! It inspires me to work on mine!

the old white house said...

Love your scrapbook! Your friend must have been thrilled to recieve it. I have never tried this before (I don't scrapbook but thankfully my oldest daughter does for me) but I love the concept... especially the repurposing part! Have a wonderful and hopefully dust-free weekend! Theresa

Unknown said...

A beautiful gift, comes from the heart...You my friend have a shiny heart of gold. You inspire, incourage and touch my heart with your kindness and uplifting words. Thank you so much! I love the new look, sooo spring and sunshine. Sooo soft and inviting!!! Many Blessing :) Deborah

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Good Morning Tammy Sweetie...
I love this scrapbook, and what a great idea using the paper bags. Did you cover cardboard under the paper bags to give it some weight?
You did such a awesome job I would love to try myself. I am just positive your precious friend was so thrilled. You are such a kind giving person. I love that most about you. You are always thinking of others sweetie.

So you come to the states in the Summer? Where do you come to? How expensive is it to ship to you? I find wonderful kits all the time for scrapbooking at Ross. Please let me know.

Talk to you soon. Love ya, Sherry

Debra@CommonGround said...

Great idea to use the cereal box, perfect weight of paper! You did a darling book for your friend, I know she'll love it! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Karen Valentine said...

Hi Tammy!
Your friend is a lucky gal. Those handmade gifts are so full of love! I love the paper bag books. There is something about the feel and the sound of the paper as you turn the pages. Enjoy your weekend!

My Desert Cottage
Valentine Design

Angela Richardson said...

Hi Tammy, Thanks for stopping by mouse house tales, I am so delighted with how Karens improved my blog.
I love your scrapbook, I think that is the true meaning of scrapping, being inventive with what you find. I'm working on some more collages with the same idea!
Keep smiling, Angela.

Rostrose said...

Aaah ok, now it IS possible to leave a comment (I first left you a comment on your Monday post, because I wasn't able to comment here or on the posting before.... hm, stange)...
Blessings to you dearest Tammy,
yours Traude

Melissa said...

I love the scrapbook. I'm sure she will always treasure it and take it out to look at it time from time just like I do mine. I just love how you are so thoughtful and crafty and give from the heart to make people feel special.

Plumrose Lane said...

Just found your blog and love your creations! Could totally relate to your profile too!

glor said...

How blessed are the people that have you for a friend, you are always doing such thoughtful, sweet things for others. The scrapbook is wonderful. May you be blessed abundantly as well.

GwendolynKay said...

What a nice gesture. You are such a good friend to have! I haven't made one of these in a while.. but was actually thinking of having a swap of these.
Not feeling well today... the sun is shining bright but it is cold outside today. Tomorrow I am going to bundle up and go out and start working on the garden. I hope it is sunny tomorrow.
All you need is love chicky!:) and I love you!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely scrapbook. Looks like a few I have seen before. I think I have even made a few... HA! How nice to know that you made Leslie feel so special today. I have all my scrapbooks in a single drawer, and pull them out occasionally when I am feeling especially sappy. They have been known to make me cry, thinking of my two special friends who are so far away... Glad you weekend has started off nicely. Hope the weather is better tomorrow!


Draffin Bears said...

Hi Tammy,

I love the new Spring look to your blog and the pretty orchid.
The little paper bag scrap book, you made for your friend is gorgeous. She will be thrilled.
Always so much nicer to get something made by hand and with love.
Happy weekend

BellaRosa said...

Tammy amor, I love this lovely scrap book that you made for your friend, she is going to love it! That is such a sweet thing to do, I have never made something like this, but I can tell you that when I receive something handmade by someone that I care about, I love it even more than any fancy gift, because I know that it was especially made for me :) You are a love to make this for her, but then, I bet she already knows that :) Have a beautiful weekend and thank you so much for understanding what I was trying to say from my heart on my blog :) Besos, Rose

Lisa said...

What a sweet treat for your friend. She was probably opening the mail looking for test scores or something & found a little treasure! My favorite art projects for those that I am doing for friend. I love putting together little packages to make them smile. Lisa

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