Saturday, April 3, 2010

Days Come and Days Go

April sure did sneak up on me. Haven't had a lot of time for crafting since the fun I had on Thursday.

Yusef decided that my glue gun looked like fun too so he designed this crazy thing using a ball of yarn, coffee stirrers, the stand for the glue gun and some marbles (which he glued on). Sort of looks like a demented rabbit!

Zack had a baseball game on Friday and has also made the travel team so that means extra practices.

We will go to Dubai April 22 for a Little League Tournament. A great experience for kids to play against teams from other countries.

Today I met up with friends for bowling. Luck was not with me this time but I came in third.

We took our friend Maria out to lunch for her birthday.

Happy Birthday Maria!

I can't believe tomorrow is Easter. And for us, Spring Break will be over. Back to school on Monday. Going, going, gone ...

Easter joy and blessings, Tammy


Melanie said...

The demented rabbit made me chuckle and the food my tummy grumble! Happy Easter!

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Wishing you a most wonderful Easter weekend with your family. Hope there will be a lot of sunshine and chocolate eggs, many many chocolate eggs ;)
Love Love your new header!! xoxo

Cape Cod Rambling Rose said...

That "demented bunny" is so cute! Surely only a little boy could come up with something so charming (and believe me, I know... I have 3 boys myself)! Have a Joyous Easter!

Anonymous said...

Did "Tummy" get to bowl too this time? :) Looks like you've been enjoying your Spring break.

Happy Easter to you and yours, Tammy!!!

Susan said...

Dear Tammy...Lovely new header! Loved the demented rabbit! Hope you and your family have a great holiday! Sincerely, Susan

Diane said...

Beautiful look to your blog, Tammy. That lunch looks beautiful. The demented rabbit looks kind of cute, anyway. Bowling is like that - you just never know what's going to happen. A happy Easter to you and your family.

Simple Home said...

I'm such a terrible bowler, I was looking at your group photo and thought that if I was playing with 6 people and came in 3rd, I'd be so thrilled, LOL. Happy Birthday to your sweet friend, and Happy Easter to you and your family.

Michelle said...

Hope you have a lovely Easter!

GwendolynKay said...

Love the funny bunny by Yusef. Zack looks handsome in his uniform. Bowling again... looks so fun. I have been hanging home most of this past week, adjusting to my new meds. I am starting to feel normal again. Tomorrow , having peeps here for Easter dinner. Beth is coming , will let you know how that goes. I like your new background. I like the white, nice and brite! Have a happy Easter!

Vicki said...

Hi, Tammy,
Oh, yes, I remember those days of baseball tournaments. Both of my boys played in Little League. Good luck to Zack's team! It looks like you all had so much fun celebrating your friend's birthday. I haven't bowled in ages, but I always had so much fun when I did. Hope you have a peaceful, blessed Easter, my friend! Vicki

Melissa said...

As always, it was great to see you yesterday and I am sad that we won't have time to spend together since our breaks are on different days.
Could it be Yousef has an underlying crafting talent that we didn't know about. Looks like something from a Tim Burton movie.
Go Team Zack. He must be so excited about making the team.
Forgot to mention how much I like your new page and you also changed your music. Very springy.
Hope you have a restful and peacful Easter Sunday since it will be your last day off before going back to work.
We're heading into the last quarter of school and it feels like it will go quickly. Cannot wait til summer is here and we travel back to the States. Have a wonderful Day!

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Easter greetings, dear friend! Going to Dubai sounds so exoctic. I've always wanted to go there. Take good care of Jingles! Twyla

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter to you, Tammy. Those malted milk balls look so good. I haven't had any Easter candy this year. How mature, eh?
I'm afraid of what I might have done to Yusef for "crafting" with my glue gun and yarn ;)

Elaine said...

Happy Easter to you, Sam and the boys.
I have decided not to go to Gwen's since I picked up a virus after returning from Vacation. I don't want to ffffgive it to anyone there.
Look the new look on your page
Love Aunt Elaine

Jodie (everything vintage) said...

Happy Easter Sweet Tammy!!!!!
Wow, Yusef is just a little artist!!! What? I don't see any demented rabbit??? ;) too cute
Since I've been on the road, I haven't had too much time to check in...I'm sorry.
I love your new background! Sweet!
Enjoy your weekend and hope you get to creating something again soon~

Anonymous said...

SOrry to know you have not had a lot of time left to craft after the glue gun made it's appearance on Thursday. Yusef's creation made me laugh. I love the creativity!
Congrats to Zack. You were not thinking he had made the team. I wonder if your letter made them think twice... I am gald to hear he made the team. I know it means more practices and traveling, but the experience will be a good one for him. I hope he is able to enjoy it.
Bowling looks like fun as always. Nice to know you were able to see Maria. She looks tired - maybe from spending her time looking for Spike. Hope you are able to see her again before she leaves.

Good luck getting up for school tomorrow!!

Love ya,

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