Thursday, April 29, 2010

This and That on Thursday

Hello friends!

Hope you are well!
Hubby came home with roses for me Tuesday night ...just because ...

And yesterday I went with a friend to one of our favorite antique places. The shop was in a lovely villa off the beaten track. We found out just two days before that the owners were selling everything and moving to Dubai. BOO!

Unfortunately the sale began weeks earlier so there wasn't much left. But I did walk away with a great buy on some chunky necklaces ...

passport bags ...

a silver bowl and printers block.

I really hate to see this place go.

Zack and all the 6th graders had their Science Fair today at school. Zack's project was on paper towel absorbency.

Guess what! Bounty's slogan rings true. It is the quicker picker upper!

No blue skies today. It is a drab, dreary day with light dust hovering all around.

I'm off to do some more cleaning before picking Zack up from a friend's and heading to the ballfield for a tournament celebration. And I thought baseball season was over.

Wishing beautiful blessings for your day! Tammy


Martha's Favorites said...

Your red rose is beautiful. Your husband must love you a lot. Have a wonderful week! Blessings, Martha

Bunnym said...

Good one That silver bowl is TDF and how sad the little shop is no more. Guess you'll either have to find somewhere else to shop or visit Dubai again. I'm thinkin' your hubby is a keeper. Have a great day


Elaine said...

I'm glad that Sam still buys you roses.. ..miss the yellow ones I use to get.

That was a great project that Zack did...hope he made a bib "splash"

Love your jewerly finds.. I love it although It looks to heavy for me..but you can pull it off.

Take care. Lol Aunt Elaine

Anne Lorys said...

Hooray for thoughtful husbands!

And hooray for Bounty, too! It's a little more expensive, but so worth it.

Have a wonderful Thursday,

Diane said...

Woooo. Lucky you to have a sweetie who still brings you roses. They're beautiful, too.

I love you buys and the printer's block's wonderful. You have a great Thursday, also. It's 8:56(or 32)a.m. here so my day's ahead of me. Diane

Rostrose said...

Dearest Tammy, what a wonderful rose of love! :o)
And what a pitty that your favourite shop will be closed now. But you lucky girl got some pretty treasures at last!
Nice to hear that Bounty is the best paper towel (we can buy it in Austria, too ;o)) !
Hugs and some fine sun to you (here is a wonderful warm sunny birdsinging springday!!! Love it!!! :o))
PS: Oh and I also love your new header :o)

Linda said...

Enjoyable to read :) Beautiful roses. Sorry that your favorite antique shop is leaving but you got some lovely items. Ahhh.... I remember Science Fairs. Fun times. :) And, as you with Baseball, I thought Basketball season would never end... all those uncomfortable evenings spent in the school bleachers while Sarah and squad cheered. Fun times, but tiring. More to come in the fall for us with Football games. ;)

I'll be busy today and in the days ahead. Mom's 80th Birthday is tomorrow, so lots of preparation and a busy weekend in store.

Hope you have a lovely (less dusty) weekend,

Claus said...

I'm so jelaous!! Those necklaces are gorgeous! I love necklaces, you know?, and have over 100!! Had I gone to that antique store, I would have also picked them all!
Great findings Tammy!
have a lovely day

Julies Knit Stitch Corner said...

Hi Tammy Thanks for your kind words on my blog. The weather is wet and dismal here, but I think I would rather have this than your dust storms.I like your bundle of bargains, those necklaces look wonderfull. Take care now. Julie.C

Pam said...

Love your bargains from the going out of business sale. It's so sad when our favorite places close. It has been happening quite often here. The roses are beautiful.

crochet lady said...

Just because gifts are so fun! Love those necklaces you found.

Susan said...

Hello Tammy...I LOVE your necklaces and passport bags. Beautiful. Have a great day! Sincerely, Susan

Hearts Turned said...

I LOVE roses for no reason at all! My husband's always been good at that--such a sweet thing to do!

Sorry about all your dust & dreariness--hoping for blue skies for you soon!

Have a wonderful day--stay inside or go shopping somewhere pretty!

Marilyn said...

Oh Tammy,
Now I have chunky necklace, pretty bags, silver bowl,printers block envy!!! That bowl is gorgeous...and happy to see your man spoils you.
Have a great week end and thank you for visiting :)

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Tammy,

Isn't it lovely to get roses, just because ~
They are so pretty.
Love the old printers block, the necklaces and little bags. Seems a shame that the antique store is closing.

Happy weekend

Sandi said...

Hi Tammy,
I am sorry about your fav store moving, but it was nice that you could snatch up a few goodies!

Roses are so nice to get "just because" too!!

glor said...

Roses just because ... the best reason in the world. What a treasure. Sun shines where love blooms. Bless you.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good day. Roses from the hubby, shopping at antiques shops that has great deals. The necklaces and passport bags were beautiful. Glad you were able to find good deals, but sorry to hear they are closing down.
I went to a nursery with Judy today after a nice 10 mile long walk. She bought a bunch of plants to pot at her house. We went to lunch afterwards, and I had the most wonderful salad. Mixed greens, dried cranberries, dried currants, huge pieces of walnuts, and sunflower seeds with grilled chicken on top. It had a tangerine balsamic vinegar dressing. YUMMY.
Hope you enjoyed the baseball dinner tonight. One more activity out of the way.

Have a great Friday!

DeeDee said...

You roses are beautiful....I wold hate to see a good junk shop go many treasures to find in there,,.

I love the project too...good to

have a good dreary day....hope the sunshines tomorrow on your side of the world..hugs

My Grama's Soul said...

I haven't been by in a while....thanks for stopping by to say hi!!

Sometimes life gets in the way and I get a little off track, but it is certainly nice seeing you again.

Beautiful roses!!!!!!


Sheila Rumney said...

Thank you for your comment on my blog about divorce. My heart truly aches for you and your brother!!

Have a wonderful weekend.

Melissa said...

Why does the dust only seem to settle on us on the weekend?? Hopefully the weather is more appealing tomorrow for our Mother's Day breakfast.
Even though I'm not a flower girl, I still would be tickled pink knowing that my hubby got me some just because he felt I deserved it. I take it you haven't been feeding him any "air"
Wishing you a wonderful weekend.
I'm sure you'll find some other unique places to go get your fix. At least you got a few of your favorite things and Im sure you'll be making somebody happy with those passport bags:)
Glad to see Zack finally got around to getting his Science project done. Very simple but relevant experient. Nice to know Bounty holds true to its product performance...HA!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tammy,
Just catching up with your news! BTW I agree with everyone who posted comments about your TOP 10 things.... I think you're very funny, and have a tender warmth about you that is unique and refreshing. Sooo glad blogging gives you the outlet it has and that your blogging friends have so much in common with you. You know what they say...."birds of a feather" ... and all that. God bless your dusty weekend dear and hope to see you soon. PS: Kittens are now playing with one another, and one has even tried cleaning herself. God's little creatures are simply amazing. Hugs, Sheryll PS: Please thank Zack for letting us know that Bounty IS the quicker picker upper. I think you ought to write to the folks that make Bounty to let them know about Zacks discovery! They might even make a commercial about it.... :-)

Unknown said...

As I left a comment on Nice & Easy Antiques, I saw your comment about your weather conditions in your part of the world and I thought to myself, now that has to be an interesting blog to read and it certainly was. Thanks for sharing it with us all. I truly enjoyed my visit and am now a "Follower" & "Friend" in Blog Land. Stop by and visit soon & do the same if you like what you see. I enjoyed your kittens; we are awaiting the arrival of our new kitten any day now!

Michelle Palmer said...

How well I remember science fairs! They're great fun~ I loved walking around... listening to the children explain their findings. Great job Zack! Our daughter's research, which type of air-dry clay was the strongest. :)
Hope your weekend is wonderful!

Vicki said...

Hi, Tammy,
Your husband was a sweetie to bring you those pretty roses!! I am sorry the antique store is moving away. I love to visit them even if I don't buy a thing. You got some pretty necklaces and other things, good for you! I enjoyed hearing about Zack's science project. I believe one of my son's did that one for a science fair many years ago. Enjoy your weekend, dear friend! Love and blessings~ Vicki

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