Saturday, January 2, 2021

Gift Bags and Warmth

 During some of my recent cleaning sprees, I found freebie cards my husband got at a trade show many years ago and some party poppers that a friend gave me for my birthday more than 15 years ago.  Instead of holding on to stuff, I decided it's time to get creative and find ways to make use of them.

I wrote a simple New Year's message on the card and then put it in a gift bag along with a party popper, some chocolate and a crochet ornament.  I'll take them with me whenever I go out shopping and hopefully bring a little joy to an unsuspecting recipient.
We've been using our electric heaters for weeks now to keep the chill out of the floors and walls.  It can feel like an icebox inside even if it's not super cold outside because of the tinted windows and the fact that there's no insulation, but today we had really mild weather so heat wasn't necessary.
Walked to our neighborhood grocery store for a few things and bought a couple of plants, too.  I refuse plastic as much as I can so the guy who bags things gave me a box instead.  :)
Sending warm wishes your way.
Have a lovely day.


Pointy Little Sticks said...

That is a wonderful idea for the cards and the poppers. I hope they bring a little joy to those that get one.

Teresa Kasner said...

You are the most generous and thoughtful person! I'm glad you are having your cooler weather for your walks. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Tammy,
What a lovely and generous idea for repurposing those old cards.
No doubt it will create a smile on someone's face!
Just viewed our electricity bill this morning and that had jumped quite a lot since last time, but for a reason as we had frost at night several times.
It is sad that all during the Covid restrictions, the use of our own shopping bags is not permitted, so we are forced to produce more garbage... HATE that.
Good luck with your plants, they're always like new babies and mean new life = hope.

PS I've now encountered the very same at several blogs, we are actually forced to mark the I'm no robot or the comment does not go through. That's why I had placed it on your previous post and obviously it only applies to 2021...

Lyn said...

What a kind and thoughtful thing to do! xx

kathyinozarks said...

Hi I love how you repurposed into little gift bags-very fun for the surprise receiver.
I didn't think it ever got cold where we are, so stay warm there.

Kit said...

I love these ideas you have! How special to be the person to get a gift bag! đŸ’• Kit

Betsy said...

I'm glad your weather has moderated for you. I also love, love your gift bag ideas. I can only imagine how happy you will make some lucky people when you give them a bag. You are such a sweetheart, always caring for others.

Mereknits said...

I have to use a little heater in my bathroom at times, it just gets so chilly this time of year inside my house much more than outside. Stay well Tammy. Happy New Year

Linda said...

Love the thoughtful gift bag idea - how cute and sweet! :)

Wanda said...

We use a space heater in the room we spend most of the time in that heat the whole apartment.
Love how you are finding ways to re-create things you have found in cleaning.

Angie said...

Tammy - a fabulous use for the cards and other items. I am sure it will bring a smile to many faces!!! And however did you take that last picture?

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