Monday, July 9, 2018

A Walk and a Recipe

Despite temperatures being between 110-120 during the day, I do still try to get out for short walks.  One can only stay indoors for so long before the need for nature takes over.
Beautiful bougainvillea thrive in this weather.
There's a mall just a few minutes from my house where I do my grocery shopping; a park and walking path were part of the refurbishment of the area.  All the trees and plants and water features really provide much needed green space, shade and shelter for people and animals.
Believe it or not, I was not the only one out there walking.  There were even a couple of guys just hanging out, sitting on benches at noontime.
I was very surprised to see so many bees out today.
They are really attracted to these golden gazania.
And to the basil blooms.
 A dangling pomegranate and cheerful sunflower rounded out my walk before I got on with the grocery shopping.
And now for that recipe.
I have made this several times and everyone who tries it loves it.
My tweaks to the recipe are to add a little bit more turmeric and almond flavoring than what's called for and I also substitute mashed pumpkin for the oil.
Have a marvelous Monday!


kathyinozarks said...

What a lovely nature area-and so close to home too-very inviting.
Loved the blooms, and checked out the recipe really sounds delicious-and very pretty too with the tumeric.
Hope you get a break in the heat-we had two days for a little break not back to hot-but not as bad as where you are.

Teresa Kasner said...

You certainly found lots of nature treasures on your way to the grocery store! I've never seen a pomegranate in nature and loved seeing it! I adore bougainvillea (I actually spelled it right!) and enjoy seeing yours as we can't grow it here. Funny how we each have things we can grow and not. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

crafty cat corner said...

We have had it hot over in uk and I am not a fan. I suppose you get used to the heat where you are Tammy.
Lovely pics as usual.
Hope alls well with you.

Gracie Saylor said...

I was just telling Teresa I have been trying to get photos of a bee and now here I am enjoying seeing yours along with the gorgeous park...even in such hot weather. We are supposed to be getting some days in the 90's here this week. Thanks for sharing the recipe, too, Tammy. xx

Anonymous said...

You live in such a beautiful place, although I can't imagine feeling that heat. WOW!

Glad you are still able to enjoy the outside though.

Gracey is not my name.... said...

We had a heat wave last week....the temperature was in the 90's and low 100's, but the humidity was in the 70's to 80's so it was hard to breathe...I hibernated in the bedroom, the only room with air conditioning....I know it is hot there, but it it also humid? Tomorrow we are suppose to have another hot day...I plan on working on projects all day....I can hibernate with the best of them...I've gone almost two weeks without leaving my house (last summer, my husband was working in New York state...when the Hubs is home it's maybe 2 days at a time...

Weekend-Windup said...

Wonderful place to have a walk. Fountain looks amazing. It is too height! Beautiful flowers!. Bees enjoying their food on the flowers!Yummy dish!

Sugar Lump Studios said...

Such a beautiful place to live! I would especially love the walks as the paths are so stable and smooth (since my stroke that is a biggie) and everything so beautiful!

Linda said...

Lovely photos and glad you can enjoy your walks despite the heat.
Here, the issue during the hot summer months is the HUMIDITY. We're known for it, due to the corn/bean fields which produce something called "corn sweat". It is HOT. 90 with a feels-like temp of 110-115 at times. Even I have had to adjust my daily workout to include a different variety of places to walk/run. Sometimes it's in the non-air-conditioned-garage on the treadmill with the huge industrial fan blowing on me (for runs) and other times, I have to do half of the walk in the earlier morning at work and then I only have to get the other half in at noon or inside the building doing stair climbing (I climb 40+ flights of stairs daily). At any rate, the humidity really really gets to me and makes me feel sick. Other than that, I don't mind summer heat - summer is my favorite time of the year here since winter is so yucky, lol.

Hope you enjoy a wonderful remainder of the week.

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Tammy,
What a beautiful walk that is and don't you admire those bougainvillea that always look so happy and bloom in abundance?!
Thank you ever so much for sharing this wonderful recipe, love your twist to it as it is so healthy for eating turmeric and also the almond flavoring makes good for sweetness.
No doubt I will try this and I've saved it on my Pinterest!
Sending you hugs,

Betsy said...

Wow! That is hot! And here I am complaining about the 104F we had while we were in Nebraska last week. The humidity was so high I didn’t think I was going to be able to breathe a few times.
That coffee cake looks delicious. Dennis and I are trying to eat more plant-based these days so I think I will give it a try soon. I hope you’re having a lovely day my sweet friend. Please don’t overdo it in the heat and take care of yourself.

a rich tapestry said...

A walk near to the mall through welcome shady trees and beside water must make shopping in the area a good experience. It sounds hot, but nature is doing well there. Lovely photos of the flowering plants.

Angie said...

It pleases me greatly that the mall made these green spaces part of the development. I think it should be a requirement for all new construction! It looks like a delightful place to walk and peruse and ponder .. even on a hot day!!!

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