Sunday, November 5, 2017

Mushroom Mania

Yesterday we started clean-up work at The Secret Garden.
The first job at hand was to get to the compost at the bottom of this pile.
And this is exactly what we were looking for:  
nutrient rich soil considered black gold by gardeners.
One thing we've had growing most recently is, believe it or not, mushrooms.
They are growing along the swale we dug last year that was filled with horse manure, cardboard, newspaper, leaves, branches, used coffee grounds and kitchen scraps.
These are called desert shaggy mane.  
A sure sign that our soil building is working.
I also found some growing at the walking path in our neighborhood.
And a flat top variety growing in the gardens at Boulevard, a new complex that opened up near our home a year ago.
I even spotted a concrete mushroom outside someone's home.
So, of course, with all these mushroom spottings, I had to crochet a little mushroom doily.  

This is the first year that I can recall seeing so many mushrooms so I'm taking that as a positive sign that something good is coming from all the planting people are doing.

Have a blessed day!


Teresa Kasner said...

I hope you had lots of help on the cleanup! Neat to see the mushrooms.. are any of them edible? Love your doily! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Tammy,
Well, what it indicates is that the environment for it to grow is optimal. That includes a high(er) humidity and yes, it will decompose all the cellulose that no other organism can digest. Animals and insects cannot digest wood type parts. The mushrooms or toadstools are closing life's cycle of recycling everything.
You sure have been helping them for bringing materials together for easier decomposing.
EVERYTHING IS EVERYWHERE, ONLY THE ENVIRONMENT SELECTS is a quote that is in Pieter's Modern Mushroom Growing book. It is so true! Spores get carried by the wind and can hibernate and stay alive until suddenly the environment creates optimal conditions.
Such a happy post!
Sending you hugs,

Tanna said...

I love the positive changes you are seeing!! Inspiration for all of us! Your crochet mushroom is tooooo cute! Have a wonderful week, Tammy! blessings ~ tanna

Susan said...

Hi Tammy. I see mushrooms, too, but mostly in the supermarket. ha ha Just bought 3 packages of sliced mushrooms on sale. Hope you have a delightful week. Susan

Gracie Saylor said...

Hi Tammy! I am playing catch up with you again. Thanks for your interesting and encouraging posts about Batik making, and the pretty leaf and pumpkin and mushroom doily and Autumn heart. I'm glad you are enjoying the temperature outside more during this season. I appreciate the creative love you encourage us to grow. xx

Blondie's Journal said...

Awwww...your own version of the mushroom is so sweet!

So, the mushrooms in your compost is a good sign? Also, are any of these edible?

I'm looking forward to what is being done with The Secret Garden!


Christina said...

I didn't expect mushrooms to grow in your climate - I always associate mushrooms with dreich autumn days! Your little doily is sweet. x

LWDLIK said...

A lovely, uplifting and motivational blog. Who knew there were mushrooms in Kuwait? Thank you for your all your efforts.

Betsy said...

Hi Tammy! That is such a sweet little mushroom doily. How encouraging to find the real thing growing at the garden and elsewhere. It means great things are happening. I’m excited to see the fun and beautiful happenings at the garden this season.

Maya Kuzman said...

It is rewarding to know all your hard work is paying off. Fab job with the compost!
I too,love mushrooms, not as much to eat them as to observe them and take tons of pictures of them. Yours is so sweet!

Linda said...

We get lots of mushrooms here but here it's due to too much rain.
I love your little mushroom doily! So cute. :)


Quinn said...

Like other readers, I'm wondering if the mushrooms are edible! I often think of buying spores, but haven't yet...last year with the endless rain would have been a lucky time to be trying to grow mushrooms here.

Createology said...

Love all your mushroom sightings. We have had a bumper crop of mushrooms this year and I have seen the big fluffy grey squirrels eating them. They harvest them and place them on our bridge and rock wall top before they eat the stems. Then leave the rest for me to clean up. Love your mushroom crocheting. Happy Gardenng Dear...xo

Preeti said...

The mushroom doily is very cute :) I don't eat mushrooms and whatever mushroom come up in my pots I remove those like any other weed. I guess all mushrooms aren't meant for eating. You did a great job creating the compost.

Lorrie said...

What a cute mushroom doily you created! Glad to see that the compost is improving the soil in the gardens.

Sam I Am...... said...

Great BIG compost pile! You all did great with it....look at that soil! I love mushrooms and especially the little doily you sweet!

Angie said...

Tammy - congratulations on the compost. We started a compost pile at our new house and I can't wait for it to yield the soil you have generated. Cool. I am thrilled for you that your hard work in the Secret Garden is generating results. So encouraging! Your gnome next to the mushroom made me giggle!

Jodiebodie said...

I love the way your daily experiences inspire your crafting. Mushrooms are exciting! It means that there is organic matter breaking down and building some healthy soil microbes. As a keen composter myself, I totally appreciate the 'black gold' and congratulate you on your efforts. Is it a challenge keeping your compost heap moist enough to keep the composting process going? Sometimes in the South Australian summer, I will splash some water from the hose into my compost bin to stop everything from drying out. It can be a delicate balance but when you get it right, it's wonderful. Well done to you and your fellow secret gardeners! :-)

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