Saturday, February 18, 2012

Is It Just Me?

Why is the new word verification so difficult?  I feel like I need to take a class just to decipher some of those slanted configurations.

 Also, for the past month or so, I've been unable to add or remove blogs from my sidebar.  When I try, the gadget just gets stuck in "saving" mode and never does a thing.  Anyone else having this problem?
Our internet used to be so slow, that I was never able to upload images to Picnik and now that I can, Picnik will be closing down.   Oh well.  Until that happens on April 19th, I will continue to use it.
Change is good, sometimes.  Sometimes not so much.

My quiet weekend is winding down.  Back to school tomorrow.  Hope you are having a good one!


Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Well in the case of word verification for Blogger Change is Not Good. lol
I usually have to enter the silly words three or four times before I get lucky or they just give up on me and let my comment go through.
How in the world do they expect ole ladies like me to adjust to this. lol
Gosh your weekend is already winding down. Hope you enjoyed it. Mine started by me not knowing if it was Friday or Saturday and google wants verification from me. lol

From the Kitchen said...

I haven't tried to delete anyone from my list but I do find the new word verification very annoying. In fact, I found the old word verification annoying too. I don't have it on my blog and have never had a problem with spam.

Have a delicious weekend.


Gracie's Cottage said...

I'm with ya - that word verification is nearly impossible for me at times!
Have a great weekend,

Unknown said...

Dang that Google. First, they take away Picnik. Which by the way, I'm guessing you now love.... And then this word verification stuff. Nasty isn't it. I swear they are trying to get us to go away.
Any Who... have a great weekend. Just been busy with fam stuff here and nothing fun going on to post about.

Elaine said...

I dislike the word so many others I can't ever get it right...sometimes I put my view on bigger print.
Gwen and family have went to Florida for a week... not much snow here...just cold at times.. Your Aunt eileen said daffodills were blooming in places.. Warm Hugs

Crochet Addict UK said...

I haven't tried to delete posts but I was having problems even viewing blogs and I found out it was a conflict with internet explorer. I changed over to chrome which has it's good and bad points but I haven't been having as many problems since

Kit said...

I have visited a few blogs and they have the word verification and I can't leave a comment, too difficult. I haven't used the verification in a long time and have never had any trouble. I hope most folks go back to not having it. I am sad about Picnik too. I hope we can find something else. Kit

GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

ditto on the word verification! So annoying!

The Patchwork Heart said...

I totally agree with you about the word verification, it is a pain. I am also very sad about picnic closing but I think they say ther will be similar features available through google. . . We will just have to re learn :-/

Bunnym said...

Yeah..I enjoy Picnik too...

Have a wonderful week tammy.


Shanda said...

OH..I hate the word verification too!
My daughter and I have stared knitting and crocheting to raise money for her mission trip this summer to Kenya and SA. She is crocheting animal beanies and they are so cute. I might have to post some next week!

Shane Pollard said...

I'm so glad you've brought those two issues up Tammy!

I don't use the 'verification option on my blog.
However I find the new verification system ridiculous and if I don't get it right in two tries - I leave without a comment...
The add/remove from the sidebar has annoyed me for ages too as I want to remove several blogs.

Blogger is making everything difficult for us rather than more streamlined!

I've spent hours on their helpline page trying to get answers.....
I just want user/friendly and easy/peasy.
What options do we have??


Cheryl said...

I think you can choose to not have word verification, but dangit if I can tell you how! Cheryl

LuLu Kellogg said...

I am having a terrible time with the new word verification too! Blogger is not playing nice!


Createology said...

I am so not a robot! Can they just get rid of that stupid word verification that is so annoying?!! I don't do much else like adding or deleting as I get way too frustrated and have better things to do with my time...even if it is just listening to the frogs in the pond as they ramp up for procreating :o) I am easily entertained. Enjoy your week ahead of school. Jingles is so cute peeking through the plant.

Privet and Holly said...

Hi T ~ Tried getting on
your blog several times
earlier to visit, but it
wouldn't load up. Must
be Blogger pixies, again : )
Decided to give it another
try and it loaded right up.
Maybe it's the pixies in my
own computer! In any case,
happy start to a new week.
We still have Sunday and Monday,
since it's President's weekend.....

xx Suzanne

Susan said...

Hi Tammy...Yeah, the new word verification is definitely problematic. I almost never get through doing it once.

Are you going to put dancing music on your blog again? Loved that. The new one is jivvy, though. :)

Take care. Susan

Sam I Am...... said...

Here! Here! I hear you! I am just not going to comment if blogs use Word verification I've had 2 eye surgeries and I am not going to strain mine trying to read those dang things and now there's 2 not just one. The problem is you write out your comment before you realize they have it on. Good luck to all of us! It does almost seem like they are trying to get us to stop blogging with all this nonsense. Love your crochet and your kitty!

nanny said...

Amen on all counts! Ha
I sure hate to see picnik go, I really like it.
And then google friends is going so we lose our followers. Guess I'll just write all the links down for reference. I suppose it means we'll lose the blogs we follow on sidebar!!!

Tanna said...

Oh, yes!! Word verification was always annoying, but it has escalated to a whole new level!! I haven't tried the sidebar gadget for blogs. Sorry that you are having trouble with that. I'm not happy about the Picnik thing either... I only used it once, loved it and they sent me an e-mail that they were discontinuing service! Poo! Hope you have a great day! blessings ~ tanna

Serena Lewis said...

I disliked Word Verification before when visiting blogs but now, the new Word Verification tool is driving me NUTS!!! I can barely decipher the rugged-edge, slanted word. Sometimes, I've had to enter it a few times before finally getting lucky. I don't use Word Verification on my blog as I find the Blogger Spam tool pretty good so it's not really needed. I can only hope and pray that blogs I visit remove their word verification or I may not be able to leave comments any more. The new one is just way too frustrating. I cringe when I see it pop up.

I haven't had any probs with Blog Lists but have you tried Deleting only one, then clicking Save?? A bit fiddly to do it one at a time but it might just work. Good luck!

Pearlin J said...

I dislike word verification too! Love the colours of your crochet

Sugar Lump Studios said...

Your post was exactly about the frustration I was feeling this morning. Blogger has changed the word verification for the worse! It is AWFUL!
That being said - I hope you have a great Sunday!

Rostrose said...

Hi dearest Tammy,
I have no problem to add or remove blogs from my sidebar, but the word verification is terrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Urgs!!!!!
I hope you will have a wonderful new week, my dear!
Warm hugs,

Fruitful Fusion said...

I hate the word verification now! Agh! But I love your granny squares! :) The post here is s.l.o.w. So I get things sent to my nan in London and someone brings it all over! And when I send things out I tend to send them out with someone who's travelling out!!! It's turned quite cold here today. I hope you don't have too much cleaning to do after the sandstorm (the worst thing about the weather here IMO)!

Serena Lewis said...

Tammy, if you hare still having issues with your blog lists, it may be time to consider Wordpress! However, I'm not sure if Wordpress have a Blog list option that automatically updates when people post...I've only ever noticed regular links on Wordpress blogs. Btw,thanks for your comment on my post about it.

Serena Lewis said...

Just did a bit of research for you and it looks like a lot of bloggers are experiencing your Blog List problem. Blogger is aware of it and apparently trying to resolve it. If you go and add your blog details to the list at the link below, Blogger may be able to fix the problem directly.

Here is the link I found in the forums -

val said...

I get words like "panties" and "schit" for my word verifications......hahaha.
as for problems, I can't make a draft of any posts anymore, they won't save.

Pam said...

I find the entire thing very confusing. Just when you think you've mastered a concept - they change the way you do things. The new word verification is horrible. Glad to know you aren't alone in this as I see other bloggers are experiencing the same issues.

Good the see your work in the photos.

Faye said...

I do not like word verification. It doesn't even allow me to comment using my Wordpress OpenID. I just keep getting the message that my letters/numbers were incorrect. Every time. And now they have changed to the "Are you a robot?" type of stuff that my old eyes just can't decipher. I hope everyone who uses this will consider just approving all the posts comments.

Catherine said...

It's so frustrating when the blogger bugs appear. The new word verification is indeed driving everyone crazy I think!

Wishing you a fantastic week!
xo Catherine

Renee said...

Here's how to turn the word verification OFF for your blog:

Go to your dashboard.
Go to Settings.
Choose Comments.
Scroll down to "Show word verifi-cation for comments?"
Set it to "NO".
Hit the Save Settings button.

Hope this helps.
Renee :)

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