Saturday, May 1, 2021

Happy First of May

 Hello Friends!
Hope you are all well.
I seem to keep falling off the blog wagon, but it's a new month and here I am ...
new mindset, new focus, new intentions.
(I think I say that every month. :)

My day started with a walk, which always includes finding a plastic bag (or two) to fill up with trash; feeding kitties at the park;

and, of course, leaving a little love along the way.

My INTENTION is to FOCUS on a positive MINDSET ... 

and to post to my blog every day this month.

Wishing you a happy first day of May and a wonderful weekend.
See you tomorrow!


Dee said...

Happy first day of May to you too, Tammy.

That little kitty you fed is so pretty.

Gracie Saylor said...

Happy May, Tammy! You have some beautiful flowers around you, and I appreciate your good-hearted efforts to share your love and care for kitties and keeping the area around you lovely, as well! Thanks for posting! 💞

Betsy said...

Happy May 1 to you too Tammy. The hearts you share everywhere you go are such a blessing to those who find them. I think it's wonderful that you give so generously. The kitties must love to see you coming. :-)
I can barely get a post done every week. Every day would be impossible for me right now.
Take care my dear friend.

linda said...

Happy 1st May Tammy and good luck with the daily blogging, I could not commit to that it takes me all my time to get a post out once a week and to think I used to blog 3 times a week effortlessly. I am always saddened by the amount of litter I see when I go out walking, yesterday I walked in a beautiful wooded area and there was litter everywhere. I'm going to follow your example and take a bag with me when I go out next time, every little helps. Looking forward to your daily posts, have a peaceful Sunday. x

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Tammy,
No matter what but you always manage to lift Nature up and show splendid photos of little miracles!
Love the kitty looking up at you with loving eyes, grateful for some kibble.
Those orange Lantana flowers look so happy in your final photo.
Of course, you put your HEART into everything you do and also leave your mark...

Delighted Hands said...

Wonderful start to the month--I like that you feed the kitties in the park--I have a soft spot for the strays!

Angie said...

I miss my furbabies - so wonderful to see you looking after the little ones in your area!

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