Sunday, February 21, 2021

Sunday Strolls and Tiny Fridas

 Hello Friends!

How are you?

There's been such terrible news over the past week of the hard hitting winter weather that caused havoc in some states/cities.  Sometimes it seems there is just a never-ending cycle of bad news when the past year has already caused so much hardship for so many, in so many different ways.  

Even though I'm mostly hanging out by myself, I find that there are days when I draw inward even more and require extra quiet time to process all that is happening all around the world.  Thankfully our weather is still quite mild so I'm able to walk it out and walk it off; and today was actually able to walk three different times.
I've never seen a duck at the park before.  Sure hope his home is somewhere nearby.
Feline friend, Woody, kept me company while I picked up litter.

Last Wednesday I did something I haven't done in a year ... I actually met up with a few friends (one of them being Aruna, and the other two are craft group friends),  We met at Art Cafe and were able to sit outside while we chatted and got caught up on how we are all doing and feeling.

I knew I wanted to give them gifts so finally made these cute little Frida hand sanitizer covers, a pattern from essiebirdies that I've wanted to make for awhile.  I couldn't find the same type of container as she wrote the pattern for, and when I asked my husband to bring home three small bottles of hand sanitizer, instead of bringing three the same, he bought three different ones which was different from the one I had at home that I'd already adjusted the pattern for,

That meant each one had to be changed accordingly.
Basically, I just winged it since I was working on them the night before we were to meet.
At one point I thought I'd make them for our craft group but after crocheting these 4, I'm not so sure.  Doesn't seem there will be any large group gatherings anytime soon anyways.

For a few weeks now, hair salons and gyms have been closed completely and all other businesses have been required to close at 8:00 p.m.   There's talk now of a daily curfew for everyone; we are just waiting for the final decision.

Take care of yourselves.
Stay safe.


Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Tammy,
Wow, your blossom photos, including duck and kitty are so lovely; they make me happy.
Don't you love all citrus blossoms, they're pretty and their perfume is such a great added bonus.
We lost all of our citrus trees in pots. They become too big to handle and for bringing in and out of our greenhouse. Also, one of the roof panels had come down so the frost could reach inside and we did of course NOT run the electric heater. Pieter was way too weak then and I firmly told him to let go and forget about it. When he is no longer there, physically a lot of things I cannot keep up with. We have the memories, the photos and the videos and life goes on.
Woody your kitty companion is so sweet and may he (?) perk up just a little from receiving true human love on a restricted diet...
That is tricky for having to adjust for each bottle the size of your crocheting but it turned out lovely. Don't we all love to finish things 'last minute'... not voluntarily but the truth is that's most times how it goes.
Hugs and so glad you got to meet as friends.
I'm enjoying my short walk with a friend and her dogs in nature, around a little lake with lots of ducks (hers) and it feels great to be outdoors and getting some fresh air in your lungs. The dogs are big, so it is a great exercise too!
Glad we have no curfew here, in Germany and The Netherlands they are very restricted; so sad and it is killing more and more businesses.


Linda said...

Hi Tammy,
I enjoyed reading your update and those crocheted items are so cute! Glad you had a chance to meet up with your friends.
Hopefully things will be improving in your region as well, since they are greatly improved here with cases down 70% over the past month indicating that we are meeting herd immunity, even beyond the vaccine (which is going well here for those who want it - I do NOT and will not, but my husband is fully vaccinated as is my Dad and they're happy and doing well). Anyways, looks like things will continue to improve and the world will just need to finally make up their minds to get on with living as this will likely be another of those viruses that will be around (or who knows - I'm a huge believer in God's miracles and so maybe it will indeed just vanish). Regardless, we have chosen to live our lives - Jim and I are traveling in March - just a road trip to the Southern Part of our state but after that, we will begin to plan some spring/summer travels - road trips a bit further to other states that we've wanted to visit. Hope you remain encouraged that things will improve eventually for you there too. :)

Dee said...

Looks like the Frida covers worked out just fine.

The Art Cafe looks like a beautiful place to relax with friends. It is far too cold for that right now here, but not too far in the future, I will be outside enjoying my coffee and knitting.

Love the photo of the orange blossom. I can almost smell its sweet fragrance.

Teresa Kasner said...

How lucky you are to have such pretty flowers in bloom when everything is grey here. You are so kind and generous to make those cute little cozies for your friends. I'm glad you got to see Aruna and your other friends face to face. Have a wonderful week. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

kathyinozarks said...

Hi, I so enjoyed seeing all of those pretty flowers-hoping soon our ice covered lake will thaw and we can leave winter behind. That is wonderful you were able to get out and enjoy your friends, great gifts you made them. enjoy your new week Kathy

Betsy said...

Love those hand sanitizer covers and you did a great job adjusting them. They look perfectly sized for each bottle.
The purple and white flowers in your first set of photos is my favorite. I love purple/lavendar colors in pretty much everything.
Our Covid numbers are a bit better but still fairly high. We haven't received any vaccine for two weeks because of weather delays. It's ridiculous. The same week we put a spaceship on Mars, we couldn't get a plane or truck across the country with life-saving vaccines.
So many people are still on the fence about getting it. I go back and forth. The unknowns with it are scary, but I'm pretty sure any travel via plane, train, bus, etc. will be restricted without the shot. I want to visit Alex in Japan and London. So, I'll most likely get it but I'm still trying to get Dennis an appointment that he's been qualified for and there are no openings.
Take care my dear Tammy. Be careful and be safe.

Derya said...

Hello Tammy, I am not as anxious and confused as the first days, we were able to adapt to the pandemic by paying attention to protecting ourselves, but I missed meeting with my relatives and friends, there is a ban on going out on weekends and in the evenings. My feelings are complicated. I always find myself like this. I like Fridas very much, you are a very thoughtful and good friend. Preparing and giving gifts is one of my favorite things. Stay with love.

linda said...

How lovely that you were able to meet up with friends, I have forgotten what that is like. I love the hand sanitizer covers they are so pretty and a good idea too.

Kit said...

Oh my! I just love those sanitizers! How clever and cool. Glad you were able to get together. Our state is opening up and I am seeing more full parking lots at restaurants but I think they are crazy. Still too much covid out there even tho my state is one of the lowest. So I stay home happily. You take care. Kit

Happy@Home said...

I agree about the never ending bad news. It seems like it takes a lot of effort some days to keep a positive outlook. Walking and nature in general are helpful to me too. Just seeing the colors on the beautiful flowers in your post has been a boost. I am really glad you were able to meet with your friends in a safe setting. While restaurants are open here, I will only go when the weather is conducive to outdoor dining. Still a bit too cold here for that now, but I do look forward to it soon.
Your fridas are such a cute and thoughtful gift.

Lorrie said...

Meeting with your friends at the cafe would have been such a lovely time. I miss getting together over a cup of tea or coffee and chatting. The world seems full of shadows just now, and I wonder when things will brighten.
Your Fridas are so cute - now she was a person with a lot of challenges, yet she produced amazing beauty. Perhaps a lesson there for me.

Maya Kuzman said...

We've just had a puff of winter, if I can say so. A day or two with snow two weeks ago, and abra-cadabra - springtime! I wanted to step out of my skin - it was that hot today.
I love your cozies (I adore Frida) - they are fantastic!

Angie said...

Tammy - so glad you have been able to get out and about as a method of stress relief. And a craft gathering - imagine! Your crocheting skills are amazing; that you can adjust that design on the fly AND the night before!

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