Monday, December 9, 2019

Walking Weather

My favorite time of year.
I'm getting out to walk as much as I can because beautiful weather must be enjoyed while it's here.
Winter is a time of growth in the desert so there's a buzz of activity all around.
Spotted two caterpillars the other day and carried them to grassier locations.
Bees and butterflies and other insects are busy pollinating.
Did you know that big adult dragonflies eat bees?  I sure didn't.
This huge dragonfly flew past me and landed on some dried grass.  When I got closer I realized it was munching away.
This is the first time I've seen a reddish colored dragonfly.
It was much smaller than the one eating the bee.
Some days I pick up garbage.
I always take food to feed kitties along the way.
And try to spread a little love.

Heartfelt wishes for a happy new week!


Maya Kuzman said...

I am following your stories on IG and I forgot to ask if you are going to do anything with the toys you found on your last walk.

Betsy said...

The blue sky in that first photo is so pretty. I also didn't know about the dragonflies eating bees. You learn something new every day. :-) . I love how you spread love and joy everywhere you go. From clean up other peoples trash to feeding the cats to putting out your hearts for others to find.
You are light in this world my dear Tammy.

Linda said...

Looks pretty and warm. Of course the complete opposite from here. Hard to believe that before the treadmill, I used to run and walk outdoors all year long - even when it was below zero, and in ice and snow. I quit doing that though during the winter months except for the rare nice day which we had recently (which for here - 40s and 50s is considered nice in December). But instead 6 days a week, I can be found at 7:00 a.m. in on the treadmill in the garage for an hour, from November - March, since truly we receive about 6 months of winter, lol. Even so, it's not bad here in Central Illinois - we rarely ever have a white Christmas and this year is pretty much following suit - it's green and rainy out.

Hope you have a nice remainder of the week - it's Sarah's 24th Birthday tomorrow, so I've been preparing all day for that celebration here.

Teresa Kasner said...

Oh Tammy.. I know how much you love the cooler months there so you can get out for your walks and see so much nature and flowers. And how sweet of you to leave little hearts for someone to find and to feed the wild kitties. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

*H*A*P*P*Y* * *H*O*L*I*D*A*Y*S*!*!*!*

Mary said...

Tammy, you are the sweetest, most thoughtful person!
Enjoy the sunny days and your fun walks while the weather is good.
Hugs - Mary

Derya said...

Hello Tammy, The weather is great. Nature is beautiful apart. One day I would be very happy if I would come across one of those hearts full of distributed love. :)

eclectichomelife said...

You are definitely spreading some joy... Love your hearts but the post is full of colour, well being and gentleness, love it. We made a pact last year, my husband and I, every time we are at a beach, we must pick up a minimum of 5 pieces of plastic, it's a small start but a start.

Sugar Lump Studios said...

I love seeing the hearts everywhere...but I really cannot imagine having such a blue sky in December! Beautiful!

Lorrie said...

Walking while you can is great. Enjoy these sunny days!

Mrs Tiggywinkle said...

One of the great things about walking is the time you have to really notice what's around you and find the beauty and joy in them. How sweet you are to leave some love behind you. x

Kit said...

Its your outside season!! Love what you do on your walks. Such great photos. 😊 Kit

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Tammy,
That was a most educative and compassionate walk by you!
Those Dragonflies are sure not innocent creatures... oh my what a murders they can be.
So sweet for carrying food for the kitties that lack love and a home. One cannot imagine how they survive.
Sending you hugs,

Mereknits said...

You spread a lot of love everywhere you go my friend.

Melanie said...

Your beautiful walking weather has finally arrived and mine has ended. Though I do bundle up sometimes and go walking anyway, just because I need the exercise. I really should be doing it every day but I get lazy. Thank you for being such a kind person by picking up garbage, feeding the kitties, and leaving hearts around. I was the recipient of a found present just last weekend (a hand-crocheted hat!) and it made my entire day. You never know whose spirits you are lifting by leaving these little gifts all around.

Dragonflies will eat just about any flying insect - mosquitoes, gnats, flies, and unfortunately, bees and butterflies, too.

Have a great weekend!

handmade by amalia said...

I love walking as well, it is the only way to really appreciate all the little details of life. It's been cold and gloomy and rainy here the past few days but the weather is expect to shift tomorrow and I'll be walking as well. Enjoy the sunshine.

Angie said...

Tammy - I know how much your walking means to you, so I am glad that you are out and about. And spreading love along the way, to humans, cats and caterpillars (those are hairy fellows, aren't they?)!

Sam I Am...... said...

So glad you are able to enjoy the weather and be out walking! I was walking and then Christmas got a hold of me so after Christmas I'll be out again....probably Christmas Day as it is supposed to be in the 60's F here. I did not know that about dragonflies! You do spread your love everywhere! Hugs~Sam

Soma @ said...

Such beautiful and vibrant colours! Glad you are out and about, I love walking as well. Really really nice of you to pick up garbage left by others! How lovely that you feed the cats too and leave little hearts for people of enjoy. Heartwarming :)


Quinn said...

Tammy, I'm catching up on a lot of blog reading this morning, beginning with yours - and starting all the way back at the Gates of Damascus! My head is now a jumble of images, so I'll make one loooong comment...are you sitting down? ;)
Your marketplace images always delight me. I think I could start out empty-handed at one end of a marketplace, and leave with everything I need to furnish a life. The crates of pomegranates made me smile - I bought one at the beginning of November and sketched it several times before I could bring myself to cut into it weeks later - and then I painted it again. It finally went to the hens to add some zing to their breakfasts on these very cold mornings. Speaking of, I'm so happy you are having nice walking weather!! You could write that book about walking, I think!
I've never seen a pink dragonfly - lots of greens and blues and reds here - but I have heard that dragonflies catch and eat wasps. I didn't realize that ravelry played a part in initiating one of your gatherings - how wonderful! And the little knitted birds are such a great idea for leftover sock yarn, of which I have many tiny balls! Making a note. I love your crocheted curtain ring ornaments, too - the little cross-stitched Christmas tree especially, but all of them, really :) I haven't decorated at all this year but you've inspired me to put some fairy lights outside today, to celebrate the Solstice and the lengthening of the light. I'm ready! The only way I get "evening chores" done without a flashlight lately is if I begin around 3PM!
Much love to you and yours, a chin-tickle for Jingles, and thank you for continuing to be a wonderful gift to the kitties of the world :)

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