Saturday, July 1, 2017

Handmade/Homemade July

Last month, I joined a 61 day ICAD (index card a day) challenge with Tammy of the blog Yellow Daisy (@gypsy999 on Instagram).
Daily prompts are sent out weekly so that gives me plenty of time to think about what I'm going to do.  Of course, some days are easier than others depending on whether the creative juices are flowing or not.
These are the first 31 which includes today's prompt of "faux wallpaper".  So far I've managed to keep up; the icad challenge continues through the end of the month.
Just today I joined @postcardfromgibraltar for a daily summer creative challenge.  While trying to do some organizing of my craft supplies lately (not an easy task), I came across these little yarn balls so started a double crochet scrappy piece (not quite sure what it will be yet).

Since I'm not traveling to the States this summer, and it's super hot outside, I've got to find ways to stay inspired and creative, so am hoping these challenges will help.

I'm also using this new month as a jump start to more consistency in my blogging.

Happy July!


Teresa Kasner said...

Tammy.. I'm so impressed with your ICAD challenge results! What neat little artworks! Those would be fun to frame a group of your favorites! I also like your log cabin/freestyle crochet that you're doing.. you're so clever!! Stay cool and enjoy your summer! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

SusanLotus said...

Wonderful creations!

I saw you are having about 50+C degrees i Kuwait.

It´s almost unbeliavable to me even I did spend one summer in Tunisia
when I was child. It was 45+C degrees and my parents, who
loves the heat, almost fainted on the beach. I loved it! :D
I nagged about getting to go on a desert safari. They said no.

Enjoy the coolness inside!

Cheryl said...

Dang girl.... you can paint too? My-my-my... you've got some mad skills girl. Mad skills.

Gracie Saylor said...

Thanks for sharing your beautiful artwork with us Tammy: painting, and crocheting and encouraging words! I admire your work, and your focus on taking part in creative pursuits, especially in challenging times. Wishing you well :) xx

kathyinozarks said...

Hi Tammy I have another friend I am following doing the ICAD challenge-loving yours. I may try doing this on my own this winter. sorry it is so hot there we have been lucky for a few days now where it is very cool in the morning so am trying to get some gardening done.
enjoy your crafts

Mereknits said...

YOur watercolors are incredible Tammy. You are so talented! I am impressed. Try to stay cool.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh ..... those post cards are adorable! You are very artistic with the water colors.

Looking forward to seeing the next 31 days.

Maya Kuzman said...

I've been following your challenge Tammy and must say those cards are magnificent! I would love to have time and join a creative challenge- this one in particular, but sadly, I can't. :(
I comfort myself by following your crafty adventures!

Createology said...

Icad looks interesting and your daily cards are amazing. Lovely colors and designs. Your scrappy crochet looks so pretty. I neglected to ask if ice would help the little birdies have water all day. Stay cool and hydrated dear. <3

Kit said...

Your cards are so cool! And very pretty to look at. Nice project. I can't imagine thzt kind of heat. Right now it's 59 and sunny here in Oregon. Wish I could send you some. :) Kit

Jodiebodie said...

Your ICAD cards look fabulous, especially so when displayed all together. You have such a variety of ideas and imagery already. I'm impressed.
What will you do with the cards? They look like excellent little postcards. Could you lacquer or varnish the painted side and use the reverse for the stamp and message like a regular postcard?
you have my sympathy with the heat as Australian summers reach such extremes also.
Take it easy and I wish you all the inspiration you need to get through summer. x

a rich tapestry said...

I admire your creativity and the challenge was a perfect one for you. Now you have many painted cards, each one unique, that you could use as note cards that would be much appreciated. I hope you have a relaxing Summer.

Angie said...

Tammy - I LOVE your cards. The variety is amazing, and I found many of them inspiring for situations that I am facing. You have also put our hot weather in Montana (90 is hot for us) into perspective. I won't mentally complain about it again! With your recent number of posts, it looks like you are off to a good start with posting more frequently. Well done!

She loves to crochet said...

Your cards are so lovely Tammy, I wish I could paint. I wonder what your crochet will become? I have lots of odds and ends of yarn I'd like to use up, you've given me some inspiration. Hx

Sam I Am...... said...

You are so talented! Look at those lovely cards! You could use them as postcards but I'm sure you don't want to part with your art. I would love to do that as I think as in all things practice makes perfect but I have decided if I believe that then I need to practice cleaning my house! LOL! But along with that is decorating which will fuel my creative side. So many creative bloggers out there and creative challenges too. I too want to try and be a better blogger but it is hard in the Summer as with outside work too my workload doubles. You go girl!!!!

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