Saturday, August 25, 2012


While in Germany, we rented a car from the airport and with a borrowed GPS, getting around the country was a breeze.  Last Sunday, we decided to head to the little town of Cochem about an hour away.
It was a beautiful day and the landscape was quite varied as we drove along.
Cochem has been around since Celtic and Roman times though much of it has been rebuilt because of war.
Winegrowing and tourism are its economic lifeblood.
At this little shop, I bought wine jam.
And at this craft store, the prices were so much more reasonable than they are in Kuwait.
A few tote bags, three skeins of yarn, several cross-stitch books and a Christmas stitch kit with frames were all purchased for a fraction of what I would pay here.
I could have walked around this little town for hours, but unfortunately, teenage boys were not quite as impressed so we cut our visit short.
Goodbye Cochem.
I do hope to visit again one day.


oldthings said...

Lovely little town ! I hope to visit her again . Did you bought something from the craft store ?
Thank you for sharing this with us !

val said...

what a lovely village.....I lived in Germany as a child and still adore Tudor style homes.....they must bring back good memories. I think I would have had to stay in the yarn shop a while longer!!!!

Stitchy Mc Floss said...

This is a beautiful place! I am not sure I would have been able to leave it! :)

Oh, I love your new stash items! The santa and snowman are so cute...I can't wait to see you stitch them up! The yarn is lovely, too...any ideas on what you are going to make with it? It's looks very soft and yummy!

Thank you for sharing your adventures with us, I just love seeing all the cool places you go and hearing about other places in the world.

Blessings always

hooksandyarns said...

What a lovely day you must of had. Love the new crafty items you bought - I used to do cross-stitch years ago, but it went the wayside so I could crochet more. Have a good day. :)

Dagmar said...

What a lovely looking little town..glad they had a yarn shop for you to bring home a few treasures❤

Anonymous said...

How fun! LOVE all the pics you've shared! Finding that great little shop with craft supplies would have been something I would have loved as well! :)
Happy weekend, Tammy!

Heather - The Good Life said...

What a pretty town; it is always fun to explore someplace new. Looks like you found some fun things to bring home with you. Heather

Mereknits said...

Teenage boys do get in the way sometimes don't they? Love your fun purchases, lovely yarn to remember your trip by. It really is a beautiful area.
Good luck at school.

Rebecca said...

Hey Tammy!
I have always wanted to go to Germany and Austria, where my grandmother's family lives, but they are all gone now. It looks so beautiful. My father was on a speaking tour throughout Europe years ago and visited what family was left. I was going to go and didn't... I wished I would have gone now. He also spoke throughout the middle east... he was known as the Love of God man all over Egypt.
Wishing you a lovely day, I enjoyed your shopping spree and the beautiful view.

Linda said...

It's so nice and looks like you got some very good finds! :)

Hope you're enjoying your weekend. We're off to the local corn fest this afternoon.

Linda :)

Mistea said...

Lovely haul there. that looks like a pretty town.
You sure fit a lot into your break.
Glad you left some things to do next time.
Enjoy the weekend.

Maya Kuzman said...

I wouldn't have passed that yarn stand either. I still miss why I hadn't bought a ton of yarn while in Tunisia where it was madly - can't believe the price/ is the seller putting me on ?- cheap!

oldthings said...

My dear Tammy
I 'll answer to your question ! From Thessaloniki (north and middle ) is Ancient Olympia ( west and south) 593 Kilometres , 7 hours and 9 minute .

Susan said...

Looks like a nice little town, Tammy. Do you speak any German? Susan p.s. Thanks for all your sweet visits and comments.

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Tammy,

Finally you did follow literally in my footsteps! We took our American friends from Georgia to Cochem also. All together we climbed up to the castle, great exercise. And yes, those quaint shops are great. One could linger there easily for days. We ate lunch at the terrace on the city square. Very lovely city.
Hugs to you,

LuLu Kellogg said...

What a beautiful little town! I am so glad you found some goodies on your trip!


Sangeetha said...

Thank you for sharing such lovely photos. Any new town we visit, I go hunting for yarn and book shops which makes my husband say " Have we come here for sight seeing or buying yarn?" LOL

Brenda Pruitt said...

You sure do get around! And I haven't been out in over a month!

Celestial Charms said...

Hi Tammy,
What a beautiful place to visit. Your wine jam should be great on some of your homemade scones! Have a wonderful weekend.

Angela Richardson said...

Hi Tammy,
I love those little German towns. It's so nice to stop and wander round the streets. Your shopping basket is so full of gorgeous goodies.
Teenage boys.... they can't do wandering!!
Smiles, Angela.xx

Becca said...

That looks like an awesome place with fun shopping! Glad you got some new yarns to play with. :-)

Mrs. Micawber said...

What a gorgeous place. With yarn! :) I love the differently-coloured buildings.

Sam I Am...... said...

What a beautiful town and such gorgeous scenery. Wine jam...what a great idea! I might try that but I need to buy some wine first! LOL!
I love all your crafty purchases but isn't it all written in German? Do you speak German? Or do you just look at the charts? Darling crafts and yarns. It's been ages since I went shopping like that....just as I spend my money on my meds! LOL! I have plenty stashed away too that I need to do. So fun though to shop and get things you love. What a nice vacation you had.

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