Friday, October 30, 2009

Friday Family Day

Friday is the only day that the four of us are all at home together. Sam works on Saturday although the kids and I are off from school. Friday is also the time that I think all of Kuwait is on the internet because it is very hard to post or send emails.

The weather is windy, warm, muggy.

We went to lunch at Maki, a Japanese restaurant that is located near Marina Mall.

Our first time to actually eat there and, as you can see, I ate all my food. Everything we ordered was delicious and there was nothing left when we were done. I love restaurants that give you "just enough" food to be satisfied. We were all very happy with what we were served.

We then walked over to Marina Mall.

And had dessert at The Chocolate Bar. Chocolate fondue, yummo! First time that Sam has been there (I've been many times with friends.) Zack could barely control himself.

Hope everyone had a fantastic Friday.


Anonymous said...

SOunds like you all had a wonderful family day out!! Looks like the children are really inot it!! LOL!!
Have a Nice Weekend...

Bunny said...

Good times! It's strange to hear you talk about Japanese food, marinas and malls in Kuwait. I guess people are the same no matter where they are huh? Have a wonderful weekend and a haunting Halloween.



I love seeing pictures of Kuwait. These are great.And I see Sam has a pink shirt on for pink sat. Yuck! do you know what that looks like on Zack's tounge?! ha!
love ya!

Melissa said...

How funny that we were talking about Kuwait not having any beauty but you sure as heck managed to take some lovely pictures that just proved yourself wrong:)
What a wonderful way to spend a day with the family and you can never go wrong with the chocolate bar. As a matter of fact, swung by there after I finished doing what I needed at Avenues and grabbed a couple of mini chocolate cakes and cookies....YUMMO!!!!

Martha's Favorites said...

Looks like a great time for all. Happy Halloween to you and your family. Be safe, blessings, Martha

Jodie LeJeune said...

Wow Tammy, I'm just catching up here, realizing I've missed almost a week! Sorry to hear about the sad news of the losses. I hope ya'll are staying healthy and avoiding that miserable virus. It's so scary.
The family day sounded fun...especially the dessert! yummy!
Congrats on your award. I loved learning those 7 things about you. However I must correct one ARE one of the craftiest girls I know!!!! :)
Hope November brings some cooler and no so muggy weather for you~
everything vintage

Vicki said...

Yumm...Chocolate Fondue! Sounds like my kind of place!! Tammy, I am glad you guys got to have a fun Friday together! Enjoy your weekend, sweet friend! Thanks so much for brightening my day by stopping by for a visit. Vicki

crochet lady said...

Days spent with family are the best. How fun! Love that tongue shot at the end.

Anonymous said...

Tammy I so enjoy your blog. Thanks for all your visits. Also, don't ever believe you are not talented and creative. Your blog is for you and is not a competition. I know there are some folks that do different things than I, but I do it to honor and use the gifts God has given me and I know you do to. Wonderful family moments.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful way to spend the day together. I actually really like the picture of Sam walking from behind with the kids... It looks like Yusef is messing with Zack. Should I be surprised??? HA!
It sure looks hazy in your pictures. OUCH!! I am sure you would fill my ear about your issues with the weather... Not so bad here right now, but no beautiful leaves like in the pictures you posted today!
The chocolate bar brings back so many nice memories. I can't believe Sam has never been there. It is pointless to ask if you had a nice time there. I can tell by the pictures that it was a good time.

Your day together sounds like a nice time. Good for you!!!


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