Saturday, October 3, 2009

Visit from a friend!

One of my very bestest friends (Melissa) dropped by today bearing gifts. I love, love, love walnut bread from PQ.

She brought me a half loaf all sliced and ready to go. I've been cleaning most of the day so decided to take a little break. Toasted walnut bread with light cream cheese and honey. Yummo! I also had some green tea and found a pink cup to have it in. This was a gift from a friend for a past birthday (I think). It says 5 Beautiful Things that are true about you: You are very special. You have the qualities within you that many people would love to have. You have a big heart and a good and sensitive soul. You can and you do make a conderful contribution to this world. Never forget what a treasure you are. That special person in the mirror may not always get to hear all the compliments you so sweetly deserve, but you are so worthy of such an abundance ... of friendship, joy and love. (Douglas Pagels) wow! That's a lot to put on a cup.

She also brought me a Kimmidoll named Sachi which means Joy. It came with this message: My spirit enriches and uplifts. By embracing my spirit and approaching everything in life with passion and enthusiasm, you can make even the simple and ordinary, memorable and enjoyable.

My pink cup and Kimmidoll even fit in with the theme of Pink Saturday! I hope everyone is having a beautiful and joyous day! Tammy


Anonymous said...

Popped over from Jodie's neck of the woods to say hi and Happy Birthday to your son. I would love to follow your as I am interested in have a blogging buddy from as many different countries that I can. I love to share the culture and hear about the things going on, on your side of the world. We are all sister in the universe and I love that idea. I like the looks of your blog and enjoyed today's post. Stop by when you can.

Bunny Missbrenner said...

Happy birthday Yusef! No, my birthday is in November...I'm expecting pink roses for our anniversary on the 19th...18 years! Yummmm, walnut bread. Your friends are always giving you gifts...your are loved.


Vicki said...

Hi, Tammy,
The walnut bread looks delicious, and the pink mug was a perfect companion. I enjoyed the kimmidoll and the wonderful message that came with it. Happy Pink Saturday to you!! Vicki

Melissa said...

Hey girl,
Glad I could return the favor of putting a smile on your face as you have done for me on countless occasions. Happy that I unitentionally helped you contribute to your pink Saturday theme. The Kimmidoll looks soooo cute on here. Thanks for always being a dear friend and someone I can truly count on. You're one in a million a truly fit your spirit of the Kimmidoll. I will now nickname you Sachi:)

Coastal Sisters said...

Hi Tammy~

Thank you for the birthday wishes and a Happy Birthday to your son!! Ohhhhhhh those teenage years....we went through those years with all our 6 kids! FUN!!!!! *giggle*


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful way to spend your Saturday. Pink gifts from a good friend, cleaning and now taking the time to put your creative thoughts on the computer. I have been spreading the joy here too, but wish I could be doing it for you and Melissa. I miss you guys!!!!!!!!!



So sweet of Melissa! I saw something green today and picked one up for her.. and one in black for you and a black one for Renee... are you wondering what they are?! ha! hoping to give them to you next year. I went into the same bread store that I bought the popeye bread at in New York and they did not make the popeye bread. :(
I got the pink border at "picnik" go check it out for photo editing.
Ta for now. HUGS!

Jodie LeJeune said...

Ain't it SO nice to be spoiled with gifts? There is nothing wrong with feeling like a queen! :) Melissa is so thoughtful and I hope she made your day of cleaning fun!!!!
everything vintage

Lemondrops Simple Stuff said...

You have been getting some yummy treats this week! The bread looks dee-lish. Enjoy the rest of your weekend! Thanks for visiting my blog again and commenting.

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