Saturday, October 17, 2009

Saturday Salutations and Welcome

This plaque was given to me by my dear friend Mona. She moved back to Lebanon this year and that makes me very sad. She was my craft buddy and her boys were best friends with my two boys.

This is the living room. Yesterday afternoon I decided it was finally time to catch up on cleaning. In fact, after taking these pictures, I did some rearranging. I tend to do that every few months.

Right side ...

and the left side.

I have a tendency to fill every possible space with things from around the world. Today I will finish rearranging the tv room that I started on last nite.
Yesterday morning I made some more cards and tags.

This is one of the quotes that I used on a motivational tag.

And this is my latest crochet project. I will need to go get more cotton yarn in order to finish it.

Yesterday we went to lunch at Friday's. I told the family yesterday that we need to find other places to eat -- being a vegetarian, you run out of choices at standard restaurants pretty quickly.

We went to the plant souk after that for some indoor plants and mint to plant on the balcony. Sam and Zack like to have mint in their tea at nite.

The wooden tray under the flowers came from the Irani Souk. I also bought this tiled table.

Sam had to take it back today as it was cracked on the top. It was all wrapped up in bubble paper so we didn't notice the crack until we got home. He'll bring back the replacement today.
After all the cleaning of yesterday, I had a nice cup of green tea and organic pumpkin smelt cookies.

Here's a little pink for Pink Saturday. This was one of the outdoor plants we saw yesterday.

Jingles thanks you for visiting today!

As you can see, Friday just flew by yesterday. Saturday will be a quiet day at home, piddling, cleaning, rearranging. Wishing you all a beautiful day! Peace & blesings, Tammy


Melissa said...

I just love how you have your days organized and that you're finding time to do things that you enjoy. It's always funny when I call you and when I ask you what your doing, you're seem to clean forever:) I also know that when you clean your balcony, to expect a sandstorm:D Friday's does get a wee bit boring after about the 100th time. You should make a list of places to go that you really like and pick one place once a week and rotate them so it doesn't get boring. Goodness knows we are not short of restaurants here in Kuwait.
Don't know if I ever mentioned this but I love all the neutral colors you have in your living room and then all of a sudden, there is this splash of color on your couch. You really have an eye for decorating and placing everything so syncronized. I always enjoy coming to yours and snooping around your mini museum. It's like a treasure trove. And you can tell Jingles welcome for me:)

Anonymous said...

What a lovely post!! I too love all the natural colors & guess what????? I decorate every spare inch of space too!!
Have a Great Day!

Purvail said...

It was nice visiting you by blog this morning. I Love your living room. You do indeed after every little spot filled and it looks great. You have the flair for it.
Still feedint the stray cat. I can tell when he comes to eat as the motion light comes on and last night I saw it on again after he had been already been there and ate. I looked out and there were two fat racoons looking in the food dish.
Gwen is coming later to help me paint
Have a great day. Love Aunt Elaine

Anonymous said...

Your Friday looks like it was a busy, nice day. Your living room has changed a lot since I was there. Not only the placement of things, but most of the furniture as well. It all looks fantastic; you have a wonderful way of putting it all together.
Your table you got at the Irani souk if fantastic. Too bad about the crack, but it is good to know you found it quickly and that Sam is taking care of it for you. One day, I am going to come back to visit you in Kuwait, and spend a whole day just ohhing and ahhing at all the lovely antiques you have in your place.

Hope you have a wonderful Saturday!



You had a very busy day!! love the plaque and the quote on it. Do you have plans for all the tags you are making? you will have to show me how to make the crochet piece you are working on.. looks a bit difficult. Have a great weekend!!

Jane said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and for your nice comment. I enjoyed reading through your long have you been in Kuwait? I think TGIFridays has a restaurant everywhere.
I thought your living room looked lovely and very cozy. Wonderful that you have things from around the world!
I've joined as a follower to see what adventures you have in store. Take care.

Catharina Maria said...

So charming. I love it.
Love from the Netherlands and a nice weekend !!

Lemondrops Simple Stuff said...

Pumpkin Smelt cookies? What is in that recipe?
Good job on cleaning and organizing, something I must get to soon! Love the plaque, very nice! Have a good saturday. Tina

Bunny Missbrenner said...

Tammy, you are one very busy women. Cleaning for 8 hours...Whew! Yes I've been sick since early august..first they thought IBS, then they found gall stones, now they also think Diverticulitis and the topper... Colonscopy on Tuesday...good times! The good news...I've lose 22 lbs by eating better. I started taking an antibiotic and today I feel noticeably better. Thanks for asking. I love the throw and the pillows on your sofa...very vibrant. I too love to fill empty spaces with stuff...good thing our hubbies don't complain. Have a wonderful weekend.

crochet lady said...

Your living room looks so cozy with lots of room for friends, love your colorful pillows.
The cards and tags look great, how fun!
What is your crochet project going to be? Like that pattern.

Vicki said...

Your home is very warm and inviting! I love to get a peek into how other people decorate!! I love mint in my tea, too, so I always have some growing in my garden! Thank you for coming by Bunny Cottage for a visit. I always love it when you do. Blessings to you! Vicki

Anonymous said...

What is your crochet project going to be?? It looks beautiful!!!!!!!!!


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