Sunday, March 8, 2020

The Past Few Weeks

Hello Friends!
Happy March!
The above quote comes from an old calendar I found while doing some organizing.
On February 24th we were supposed to be winging our way to Bangkok, Thailand but cancelled because of uncertainty around Coronavirus.  It's a good thing we did since flights from there were barred from entry early on so we would have been stuck if we had traveled.
My birthday on the 26th was a quiet day spent at home.  I made myself a vegan vanilla cake with chocolate tahini frosting.  The handrawn heart tag came with gifts (which included the plate and mug shown in the photo) from my friend, Aruna.

On Thursday, February 27th, this sweet kitty showed up in our parking area in pretty bad condition.
He obviously had some kind of trauma to his backside but was managing to still get around.  He would swing his hips around, balance himself and then shuffle along, but his back toes would flap backwards and it was so very painful to see.  I thought he might even have rectal prolapse because his whole backside seemed to be bulging out.
Because it was the weekend and a national holiday here, all I could do was take care of him the best I could.  I reached out to friends and animal rescue groups for support.  We posted his story on Instagram.  He was unable to control his urine or bowel movements, so I cleaned up after him and bathed him a couple of times a day.
Last Sunday I was finally able to get him to the vet who felt that he would have a long recovery as his paws and backside were so badly inflamed.  But then, after a 24-hour stay and an x-ray, it was determined that he had a spinal fracture that had not healed properly.  You can see in the picture above where the spinal fracture started; his back end so weak and thin.  Surgery would be costly with only 10-20% chance of success.  The vet felt strongly that for the dignity of the cat, euthanizing was the right thing to do.
I had named him Tai, as a nod to the fact that if we had been in Thailand, he would not have been able to find me.  The diagnosis broke my heart but I truly believe that sometimes animals come to us so that we can help them heal, and other times they come to us so that we can ease and end their suffering.  It's always such a hard decision and I cried my eyes out, but so many people posted messages of encouragement and that helped me immensely.

Because of Coronavirus, schools have been closed.  This is week two.
Gatherings have been discouraged so there's been no Kuwait Crafters meet-ups.
I haven't really been much in the mood for making, but am trying to start some simple projects.

Hope all is well with you.

Happy International Women's Day!
Sunday blessings,

Saturday, February 15, 2020

Leave a Little Heart

Yesterday my husband and I had a nice lunch out at Souq Sharq Mall.  It was one of the first malls built in Kuwait, but now there's way too many to even count.  We don't go there much anymore, even though it's in a nice location along the seafront, next to the fish market where the wooden fishing dhows are and a marina with all the newer boats.
Weather was beautiful for a walk and to hang hearts for #leavealittleheart, celebrating Valentine's Day with @sweet_sharna on Instagram.
On the 25th and 26th of this month, Kuwait celebrates National and Independence Days, so I crocheted hearts in the colors of the flag.
Flags are flying everywhere this time of year.
 Taken from the car window on the way home.
This morning I had my crafting meet-up with Kuwait Crafters.
Made little envelopes with a tag and chocolate for everyone.
And received the cutest little Valentine fortune cookie from Zhraa.
And a handmade clay brooch from Nisrin.
Our meeting was near the sea and I could see lots of yellow blooms from the window so went for a quick walk.
And hung a heart before leaving.
Gratitude is when memory is stored in the heart
and not in the mind.
(Lionel Hampton)

Have a lovely weekend!

Monday, February 3, 2020

Drawing Date at Wilgrow

A beautiful day for a morning meet-up.
It's been a month since Aruna and I had our last drawing date, so today we went to Wilgrow, a vegan restaurant close by.
We've been before for lunch, but the cafe just recently started serving breakfast so we were looking forward to trying it out.
The food was delicious and we both agreed that the vegan banana muffin was one of the best we've ever had.
The cafe is nice and quiet and light-filled.
Perfect for catching up and creating.
Aruna's pencil sketch and the inspiration photo.
Went for a nice long walk after I got home.
Faint moon in the afternoon sky.
Wishing you a joyful new week.

Saturday, February 1, 2020

Welcome February!

May You Be Surrounded By Love
Happy Caturday!

Friday, January 24, 2020

Insect Talk

In 1828, at the age of 21, Charles Darwin wrote:

I am dying by inches from not having anybody to talk to about insects.
Check out the pollen baskets on this bee.  You can tell the color of the flowers she's visited by the color of her pollen baskets.  The bees are loving the Thai basil on my balcony.  It is grown here as an ornamental plant because it grows big and bushy and can survive the summer heat.
Only managed one walk this week.  My husband had a hacking cough last week and Sunday morning I woke up with my throat burning like crazy.  Tried to do some yoga but wound up feeling nauseous.
Made myself go out on Monday to get some movement and fresh air.
In the meantime, as I mentioned in my last post, my balcony continues to bring me great joy and entertainment.
The hoverfly is known as the helicopter of the insect world because of its ability to hover and dart quickly.
An Instagram friend messaged to say that I have a really good camera to get these kinds of shots and was surprised when I told her that these are all taken with my iPhone 6.  With natural light and insects indulging my curiosity, I'm able to get up super close for what looks like macro shots.
I was especially pleased when this painted lady allowed me to get up close and personal.
Really close.
So interesting to discover that painted ladies have fuzzy bodies.
No doubt wondering who the crazy lady with the camera is.  :)

On January 13th, I saw something yellow flutter by so went to investigate.
A butterfly I'd not see before.
Did some research and believe it to be a Colias croceus a/k/a Clouded Yellow.
This one also let me get up super close to take some amazing photos.  Love how its proboscis is curled up in the first photo and then is unfurled for feeding above.
Yellow butterflies are thought to deliver spiritual messages about hope and transformation.
Yellow represents energy, optimism and joy.

Happy Friday!
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