Wednesday, October 28, 2009

White Wednesday and Wishes

Warm wishes to you all. And yes, in Kuwait, it is warm. Muggy and warm. This picture was taken in Bahrain several years ago.

I love taking pictures in doorways around the world.
About 4 years ago the kids and I went to Failaka Island (just off of Kuwait) with friends for Easter weekend and came across this sweet guy!

Next is my anniversary present from Sam. What does that have to do with "white"? It's white gold. He knows that I much prefer that to the traditional gold.

School was cancelled today. We got there only to find out that a transformer had blown and there was no electricity. Everyone was sent home. It was dress-up day for Halloween. I am sure all the little munchkins were sad to not be seen in their costumes. Zack decided to go as Honest Abe! We made the top hat last nite from construction paper and cardboard.

Always Believe in Yourself

Get to know yourself, What you can do And what you cannot do
For only you can make your life happy.
Belive that by working, learning and achieving, You can reach your goals and be successful.
Believe in your own creativity As a means of expressing Your true feelings.
Believe in appreciating life, Be sure to have fun every day, And to enjoy The beauty in the world.

(We pass this spot every day on the way to school. I took the picture because it just shows that even when everything around us is dirty and desolate, we can thrive and survive.)
Believe in love, Love your friends, Your family, Yourself, And your life.
Believe in your dreams And your dreams can become reality.

Wonderful Wednesday Wishes to one and all. Peace & blessings, Tammy


Jane said...

I always enjoy reading your posts...too bad school was cancelled yesterday because Zach made a great Abe Lincoln.
I like the pumpkin blog design.

Anonymous said...

Interesting blog today. I like the pictures of you in doorways. I remember you taking one at the Alamo when you were here. I find it SO funny that you dress up for Halloween. The schools don't dress up here, and have not since my boys have been in school. Zack made a great Abe Lincoln.
Hope you were able to enjoy your day at home instead of being at school. I find it ironic, as for the last two days, you have told me that you wanted a day at home. My day at home today is going to involve A LOT of cleaning... BOO!!

Anonymous said...

Great post... Too bad the children missed out on their party!!

Melissa said...

Are you posting late because Tuesday's was not here last nite. My connection was not being cooperative and it has been hard for me to post so let's see how it is today. Love the pose, cute donkey and GORGEOUS bracelet. Your hubby sure does have good taste. I wish the transformer would blow up at ours. I won't mind a day off. Zack does make a good honest Abe and is good at it, maybe a little too much from what I remember. Kinda tells it like it is, sound familiar???
I was wondering why you took that ugly picture with the patch of grass until I read the comment. I thought it was going to be a complaint. Just goes to show that one should not have such pre-conceived notions as there might be something beautiful hiding behind it all. Funny how Renee's kids don't celebrate Halloween in school. Hopefully they get to make up for it. Maybe if you wish real hard, the transformer will blow up again:D Have a great day.


You always have such nice postitive quotes and words of wisdom. :) was Zack bummed that school was cancelled? all dressed up and all? He makes a great Abe. Where is that charming smile of his I love?
Beautiful doorway, beautiful bracelet, beautiful you!!
love you new background.... will a header be next?
Much love!

Candy said...

Ol' Honest Abe travels round the globe. No how did they do school before it?
Enjoyed reading you encouraging words sure to make every day brighter.
Happy WHITE blessings ;-)

Anonymous said...

That was a marvelous anniversary gift. Love all your stories. Do the natives there know Abe Lincoln?

June said...

Hi Tammy,
that picture of you is so darn cute! And Zack is the cutest Abe Lincoln I've ever seen.
Great post for this WW.

Purvail said...

Love Zack as Abe Lincoln.. --well done.
As you can see by my blog,I've worked outside today. I transplanted a few thinks and stored garden ornaments in shed. Took seven or eight trips with the tarp full of leaves to the curb. I am ready for a hot shower and relax.
Lol Your Aunt Elaine

Linda said...

I'm really enjoying your blog! :) The pictures are so interesting. I need to go back and read more about you and what brings you to that part of the world ♥

Your son's costume is great - too bad the party was cancelled.

The bracelet is gorgeous - white gold or platinum are my favorites as well.

Hope you have a blessed remainder of the week,
Linda in Illinois :)

Vicki said...

Hi, Tammy,
Such a beautiful post! I love Zack in his Honest Abe costume. I hope the school will let them have another costume day so they can all see each other. That doorway you are standing in is so gorgeous. Thanks for sharing your life with us today. Blessings to you, dear friend and enjoy the rest of your week. Vicki

Bunny said...


just me again...check out my were given an go girl!!

Sheila R said...

Thanks for popping over and saying "Hi". Enjoyed your encouraging post and your lovely blog.

Blessing to you...

crochet lady said...

Thanks for your encouraging words on my last post.

Great photo of you in that stunning doorway. And speaking of, what a lovely gift.

The Abe costume is great!

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