Friday, October 2, 2009

Fab Friday

I'm always saving stuff and trying to find ways to reuse it. I need to be quicker about that as I am running out of storage space. I use a natural vege extract to season most of what I cook (soups, veges, etc). I use it a lot, so have lots of brown jars.

They clean up really well -- no sticky residue or such. I put some ribbon around it, cross-stitched a little something for the lid and put some chocolate kisses inside.

I also finished another cross-stitching, same sentiment, different color. Quick and easy!

And another quick tag -- I will be making many more of these.

I love free time on Friday so I can craft and play!


Jodie LeJeune said...

Aaah Tammy! You are so lucky to be creating!!! I'm so jealous of you :)
Your tags and cross stitches are too cute, they put the perfect finishing touches.
Glad to hear that Jingles is feeling better. I'm sure it was scary to see her so sick, poor thing. If only they could talk, it would make things so much easier!!!
I hope you have a wonderful weekend celebrating Yusef's birthday. The month of October will be full of celebrations for you!!!!
everything vintage

ps...THANK YOU for always leaving the kindest words!!!!

Vicki said...

You are creating some wonderful treasures! The jar with candy kisses would be perfect for Christmas presents. Your cross stitch and tags are very nice!! I am going to try my hand at making some tags. What a cute quilt your friend gave you. Love it. Have a great weekend!! Vicki


I am so glad that you got your photos uploaded. I know that can be so frustrating at times. Like when my email just quit working this morn. I shut down my computer for a little while and when I turned it back on... wala... I have email. You are doing a great job recycling! Are you going to send me some of those kisses? Ha! Just kidding. I didnt tell you....I quit eating dark chocolate. Just because I would always get the big bars and even though I shared with Ernie... it was still a big portion. How do you manage to cross stitch so fast? ta! love ya!

Anonymous said...

I can just imagine how you crave Friday afternoons so you can have your time to do all that wonderful creating that you do. My Saturday has not all been creative, but it has been nice. Coffee on the porch this morning watching the rain fall, beading while Zane golfed, and I just put a pumpkin pie in the oven. I have been really good lately, so I don't feel so bad about looking forward to a nice piece of pie.
Love all the craftiness you are showing off. Wish I was close enough to be the recipient of it all!! I wish I could send some of my things your way too!!! Have a great Sunday!

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