Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tuesday Tag

Again, major computer problems. I've been trying to post for hours. I made this tag last nite about Happiness. Even with computer problems, I do try to be HAPPY!


Anonymous said...

It certainly looks like there was a lot of crafting going on today at your house. That being the case, I can imagine that you are HAPPY!! YEA!


Melissa said...

That's how you get all that crafting done. You do it while waiting for the computer to cooperate. I don't even want to think and can't think about crafting. I just like to come home after a long day of work, check my mail, your blog, play with Nasser, check up on the kids homework, eat lunch and 6 after 8 mints, write up my lesson plan for next week, go to the bathroom (several times)and probally do nothing after that...might squeeze a nap in there somewhere. Then I will think about the x-stitch that's been sitting in my room unfinished that should have been done a month ago, look at it, and then probally walk away. Maybe I'll get the name on there today if I talk to Ayanna. I think you're doing enough crafting and spreading happiness for us all. Good job girl, well done. My eyes are tired now. Those after eight mints have done me in. Hope your computer problems behave themselves. Take care and have a HAPPY, HAPPY Day. Those after eight mints made me happy:)


Sorry you are having computer problems. I know how aggrivating that can be. My mom's is sooooooooooo slow!! I told her to go to the library and use their's or come use mine.
Stay happy!!

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