Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sunday Inspiration

Tags and Stitchin'

Last nite I made a Pumpkin Krunch. The recipe came from a wonderful blog out there but I have so many favorites, I can't remember where I got it from.

Although our weather does not feel like Fall, I can have the smells of Autumn inside.


A Fanciful Life said...

Happy birthday to your son! Miss Gracie had a fine birthday - she sure does love her cupcake frosting! Pumpkin Krunch sounds great. Yesterday our weather in the Bay Area turned very fall-like. Windy and cold last night, time to pull out the sweaters!
Enjoy your Sunday,
Sharon :-)

Bunny Missbrenner said...

The weather here in Southern Cali is just starting to chill down a little. It'll probably be 100 degrees in a couple of I love anything pumpkin....candles, cookies, cake and my you say, YUMMO! Have a great Sunday!


Anonymous said...

Oh wow, caramel corn candles! I'd love that!

Anonymous said...

Your pumpkin krunch looks fantastic. You need to pass it along. My pumpkin pie was ok, but not perfect. The texture was not right for some reason... Enjoy your quiet week in your pumpkin/carmel corn smelling home!!



The pumpkin crunch looks and sounds sooooo yummo! I had ice cream last night. Just in the mood. Now I will be good the rest of the week, I have a goal to loose 2 more the weekend. You have been cranking out the tags and such lately! You know I always sign other's blogs with blessings, so why not you too? Especialy because you are one of my most fave people on the planet. so......

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