Saturday, October 17, 2009

Saturday Sadness and Sunday Smiles

I used to wake up to see trees from my balcony. There were four huge trees and I so enjoyed the privacy they provided and also the barrier they created when huge wind or sandstorms would pass through. Sadly, for a reason unfathomable to me, the owner of the building had them all cut down yesterday. I took this picture through the windowscreen in the tv room. The poor guy cutting down the trees had to climb barefoot with an ax in hand and do his job. It took hours.

I don't understand how there can be such a lack of respect for all things that grow. When weeds grow on the balcony, I water them! Anything that can grow and survive in this country should be respected! I took this photo from my bedroom balcony this evening. Now there is nothingness!

This picture was taken of the kids at a nature trail in Michigan a couple of years ago. The trees in this area were so amazing -- they became green at the top as they reached so high towards the sun.

On a lighter note, this is Yusef last year -- he went to school as a Library card for Halloween! :)

Zack is always smiling when he has smores at Aunt Elaine's house during summer vacation.

"How fine has the day been! how bright was the sun, How lovely and joyful the course that he run! Though he rose in a mist when his race he begun, And there followed some droppings of rain: But now the fair traveller's come to the west, His rays are all gold, and his beauties are best; He paints the skies gay as he sinks to his rest, And foretells a bright rising again." (Isaac Watts)

If you have trees and trails near you, take advantage of them! Peace & blessings, Tammy


Anonymous said...

Can't understand why people destroy trees & plants. We live in NE Pa. & we are very heavily foliated & I still hate to see trees taken down....
Have a Great Day!!

Melissa said...

It's bad enough that we hardly have any greenery here. So desolate and baron now. I don't have anything green on my side either. Can't say that I would encourage weeds to grow though. I'm sure they would die in my care anyways. That's one thing I loved was hiking and enjoying nature while back at home. Heck, just sitting out on the porch during the summer in the States was pure bliss. I am going to make a green house or something of the sort whenever I get my house her e.
I like Yousef's creativity and simplicity of his outfits. It makes it unique and "Why didn't I think of that". Gotta love Zack. He's such a kangaroo. A smore's loving one that is.
Anyways sweety, I grieve for your loss:( Oh by the way, Hamoody is ok, just plain ol' sick....whew.

Jodie LeJeune said...

Good Morning Tammy~
I'm sad about your trees too. That is such a shame to loose your shade, privacy and something "green" in a midst of tan. I totally understand your sadness.
However, the photos of the boys are so uplifting, I couldn't help but smile. They are so cute!!!!
everything vintage

Tammy said...

The trees were so lovely. Sheesh. Wonder why the owner had them cut down? You know in olden times in Baltimore, Md. they used to paint their window and door screens with pretty landscapes. Wonder if that would help any?

Anonymous said...

There are some simple pleasures in this life, and trees and nature are certainly some of them. I have ranchland in my back yard, but even that is not enough. I dream of the huge old trees in my parent's yard that are probably over 100 years old. I could never get enough of it all.
I am sorry about your trees. There is no reason for taking them down that anyone could understand, for sure. Keep watering your weeds and enjoy your plants as much as you can.

Keep smiling!!!

crochet lady said...

Oh that lovely bit of green gone, I'm mourning with you too.

I am so thankful for the green of WI.


I am so sorry they cut down your trees. What were they thinking? Trees are a gift of the earth. And all the more so needed where you live. I remember those trees at rosy mound , I am sorry to say I did not visit them this year. It is not too late. I will make it a goal to get out there before the snow flys. LOts of love!

Bunny Missbrenner said...

That's awful. Beautifly green trees gone...and for what purpose? Your sons costume made me laugh...that's too funny! Hope you have a great week ahead of you!


Sandi said...

So sad about your trees !! It just looks so bare now.
I just took some absolutely gorgeous pictures of the maple trees in our front yard. I am terrified that they will be cut down too! The electric company is trimming trees and also cutting some down because of power lines. I prefer for it to look like Godzilla took a huge bite out of them than to have them cut down. I told hubby I will stage a SIT IN if they say they are cutting them down. Hopefully they will just trim them!

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