Saturday, June 9, 2012

Manuka Honey and Another Stone

Have you heard of Manuka Honey?  My boss gave me a jar last month.  It comes from New Zealand where bees gather nectar from the flowers of the manuka bush.  It's creamy and has a sort of licorice taste; quite different from regular honey, and apparently has antibacterial and healing properties 100 x's greater than what is found in the ordinary table variety.
I decided to put it on my pancake this morning.  The leftover pancakes from yesterday were placed in Ziplock bags and stored in the freezer.  To reheat, just pop in the toaster (usually needs to heat about 2-3 times depending on thickness).  There's no reason to ever buy boxed pancakes that are filled with all sorts of unnecessary ingredients.
My second crocheted stone is done.  Zack, who is 13 years old, says he just doesn't understand at all why I would want to put crochet on a rock.
I like the idea of taking something ordinary and making into something extraordinary.

Have a great day!


Debi Y. said...

It looks very pretty. I don't think the guys really understand our need to decorate almost everything. I've told my husband and my son that I want so badly to decorate our camp trailer to make it pretty, but they just look at me funny. Men. :)

angeliki said...

Hi Tammy! Haven't really heard about that kind of honey before! I like thyme honey, which is common in Greece!
Lovely stone!

June said...

I think it's so funny to see the look on Dale's face when I am hovering over a teacup to get it's photo at just the right angle. I don't think our guys will ever 'get it' : ) but I think your crochet for the stone is another beauty!!!!
I am intrigued by the Manuka honey T, I will have to read more about it.
sending hugs...

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Tammy honey I have heard of this honey but never tried it. I will have to see if I can find it.
Thank you so much for sending me the recipe for the vegan pancakes.
Friends like you are really helping me to change my eating habits. It is a healthier way to eat and I don't get as hungry as I thought I would. lol
Can't wait to try your pancakes.

Lori ann said...

hi tammy, your pancakes looked so delicious, i need to make them soon! you are very lucky to have receieved a jar of manuka honey, it's fantastic and almost as expensive per ounce as gold!
we brought home several jars from new zealand (where it is much more affordable), but it's gone now and so it's a special treat if i buy it here (in california).

my kids were the same, now they are much older than yours and they humor me ;) you did a lovely job of crocheting!

what is the book in the last photo? thank you, lori xxx

Theresa said...

I love your crocheted stones! Some things are not meant to be understood but just to be admired for the simple beauty they hold. Your vegan pancakes sound and look delicious, I have not tried to make vegan ones yet but we had pancakes for dinner one night this week, delish! Happy Weekend! t.xoxo

Leah said...

Hi Tammy, mmmm honey on pancakes. I adore manuka honey and it is always in our pantry. It is a bit of a cure-all in our house. We eat a teaspoon of it if we have a sore throat, and it's perfect in a lemon, honey & ginger drink when cold and flu germs get us. Apparently a teaspoon a day helps keep migraines away - so I've been told! It is also used as a topical application to wounds. Amazing stuff. Other than that it's just plain delicious!!

I love your comment about your son not understanding why you'd cover a rock with crochet ... I have the same sort of things said here.

Have a fab week hon,

Astri said...

Oh I must try to find this honey that you write about. Sounds delicious..and yum the vegan panackes looks so good. We are trying to eat as much vegan as possible. :-)

Your white butterflies are so cute.

oldthings said...

Dear Tammy
This honey seems different! But I think it would smell wonderful! Here produce honey of flowers and the pines of the forest (this has a very dark color). Beautiful your idea to put a knitted over a stone!
Have a nice Sunday

Tracey Fletcher KIng said...

Manuka honey is one of the things that Australian and New Zealanders fight over as to where it actually comes from... it is great stuff... I have used it on scrapes and things since my daughter was little, which sounds weird but it makes them clear up in no time, and we all swear by it warding off colds if you take a spoonful when your throat is first sore... and it tastes great doesn't it... as to the crocheted stone... think it looks rather jaunty!!!

val said...

what a pretty crochet cover for your stone. As for honey, I think I'm the only person on earth that doesn't like the taste of it!
Have a wonderful day!

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Tammy,

I am so glad that you have found our Manuka honey - I did a post on its benefits a while back. It is amazing.
You can also buy Manuka lotions that are so good for healing and I always have a pot of it in the bathroom.
Love the rock

Happy weekend

peli said...

i just started a diet but seeing your pancakes made have second thoughts...maybe the diet can wait a couple more days..hehehe...
have a lovely sunday Tammy xxx

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

You do that all the time, Tammy... with your projects, with your cooking, with your view on life. ;) blessings ~ tanna

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Tammy,

Good for you to eat pancakes the way you do, even better with the Manuka honey.
As for your son Zack. One cannot explain a passion! It comes from the soul and whether you have it or you lack it... Good for you that you possess this artistic ability to turn something simple into a unique and extraordinary piece!
Love to you,

Stitchy Mc Floss said...

The honey sounds yummy!

I love the crocheted rock. What an awesome idea. :)

Blessings always

Susan said...

Hi Tammy...Zack is funny. Just tell him it's an art form. I don't like licorice at all so I don't think that honey would appeal to me. Glad YOU like it, though. Susan

Diane said...

It's the male. They must be in constant turmoil trying to understand us. This is very pretty and thanks for the hint on the pancakes. I'd never thought of that before. Diane

The English Romantic said...

Your pancakes look delicious with honey on top, I haven't tried Manuka honey I'll put it on my list of things to try.
Crochet on a rock I understand, getting excited about football I don't!!
Hugs, Angela.x

Elna said...

I've never heard of Manuka but it sounds delicious. Why not have dresses for the rocks *smile*. Have a great sunday.


Dagmar said...

Hi Tammy, loved your post today the note about the NZ honey..made me hungry...I really love you crocheted stone.the pattern is beautiful..I found the PurlBee ones os Margie Oomens in case you hadn't seen it..
love her blog and her beautiful blog❤

kimmie said...

I picked up a jar of that honey in Australia a few years back. We put it on cuts and scratches. I don't know if it works better than medicine, but it's nice to think that it might :)

Such pretty crochet stones you've been busy with :)

Kit said...

Another lovely rock. :) My hubby has the same thought when it comes to our bed. I love lots of pillows and want to dress it up. He just looks on it as extra work each day in order to sleep...LOL But he humors me. :) Kit

Catherine said...

That honey sounds very delish! Now I want some!
I hope you are having a beautiful weekend Tammy!
xo Catherine

Createology said...

Honey is amazing and that kind sounds pretty yummy. Your crochet rocks are fabulous. Its just not a guy thing! Happy last week before vacation...

Sam I Am...... said...

I've heard of the Manuka honey and you're fortunate to have it given to you because I think it is fairly expensive stuff. It is supposed to be very good for you. One of those "superfoods".
I love your crocheted rocks. How do you do them? DO you have pattern?
Tell Zack he should be grateful you're not out decorating lampposts in the street! LOL! They're doing that some places in cities; on fences, etc. to decorate the outdoors, I guess. I can't get my projects done as is. I can't imagine trying to crochet or knit for the outdoors too.
I used to have a magnet on my frig that said something like "embarassing my more service I provide!". LOL! It seems I embarassed mine a lot when they were teens. And to think I thought it was the other way around..who knew? LOL! Have a great day! P.S. Sorry I haven't been here...pc problems and now today they're having a planned electric outage for our town. Oh boy!

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