Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wild Things

We have had some wild weather lately.
Fog for days.
Then yesterday we had early morning rain and an afternoon dust storm.
But the sky this morning was filled with color.
 Unfortunately, it turned hazy again as the day progressed.
This little white-eared Bulbul has been visiting for the past several days.
He actually landed right on top of the balcony door which opens into the tv room.
I'm so glad he hightailed it right on back outside as I don't know what I would have done with a wild bird flying around the house.
  Directly across from this morning's colorful sunrise was the moon.
Not so full anymore, but bright and beautiful just the same.
(The hazy picture above is actually of the setting sun ... while below is the setting moon.)
And here's the yarn that my husband brought back from Bangkok.
I thought he would come home with 3, maybe 5, skeins of yarn.
But he arrived with 25!
Yikes!  And I'm supposed to be stash busting!
Now I have to come up with some nice projects for all of it.
This week ... heck, this whole month, has gone by so fast!
The last day of January is tomorrow.
My oh my how time does fly!
Have a wonderful Wednesday (or Thursday depending on which side of the world you are on).


crafty cat corner said...

Whose a lucky person? I bet you were thrilled when you received all that yarn, and such lovely colours.
I hope your husband got an extra hug for that. lol

Betsy said...

Beautiful pictures of the moon and stars and especially the last one of the bird. I'm a terrible photographer. People who visit my blog surely do not have the treat for their eyes that you provide. :-)

The yarn is perfect! 25 skeins? You are one lucky lady to have a husband willing to do that.

Linda said...

That's a whole lot of yarn! :O Nice of him to bring you that though. :)

Talk about wild weather - hardly anything compares to our rollercoaster of temperatures - near 70 one day, back to 20 degrees the next! And the deadly tornadoes that hit overnight and this morning (thankfully not right here, but just next door in Indiana and across to TN and GA) - crazy for the end of January, but seems to have become the norm now.

I'm glad January is ending. Looking forward to my favorite Valentine month. :)

Have a nice weekend,

Kelly@CCCC said...

What a wonderful surprise! Your pictures are beautiful! Have a great day! Kelly xoxo

Our Neck of the Woods said...

Such neat photos. That bird is so cute! I can't believe your husband brought back so much yarn. That must have been a pleasant surprise! The colors are all so pretty. Can't wait to see what you make with it :)

Mereknits said...

Okay he gets the best husband ever award, 25 skeins of yarn!!! You must be in Heaven.
Hugs to you Tammy,

Sherry said...

Such nice pictures! I am trying to do a little stash busting when it comes to fabric but I would be thrilled with new fabric or yarn coming into my home. Have fun planning new projects.

Mrs. Micawber said...

Mr. T is a keeper! What a guy. :)

Such an adorable little bird - and what a weather rollercoaster you've been on. (Us too - below zero last week, 50ยบ yesterday, 6 inches of snow today, back to below zero tomorrow.)

The moon shot is gorgeous as always. Happy Thursday to you!

Sam I Am...... said...

Wow! Yarn party!!!!! If he isn't the most thoughtful man! I think he's a keeper! And he has great color sense too...look at those beautiful colors and tweeds...who doesn't love that?!?!?! Awesome!
No wonder it's hotter there....your sun is bigger! LOL! Are you sure we're on the same planet? Your moon is HUGE and gorgeous or maybe I'm just getting old and can't see anymore...there's a little truth in that. LOL! We've had some wild weather here too...big snows up North and tornadoes and flooding around here. But all is fine this morning. Take care!
What are you going to make with all your gorgeous fiber? You would love that bobble stitch...easy and fun! Pillow cover? Blanket?

Magdalena said...

You are a lucky person. A nice bird visiting on the balcony and so much wonderful yarn.

Cozy Little House said...

I appreciate seeing photos of birds I'll probably never see otherwise. That last one is a fantastic shot!

kathyinozarks said...

what a totally awesome gift from your husband-so thoughtful-hugs
I really enjoy your photos too, loved all of these, you captured some wonderful shots Kathy

Yesteryear Embroideries said...

How sweet that your husband bought so much yarn for you and he selected so many pretty colors! Just love the bird photos!

Jan said...

Well, Sam sure knows your color choices! He did a wonderful job of mixing them up and picking 25 that I'm sure made your knees swoon!

What a guy!!

Although the dust is nasty, it sure DOES make for pretty photos!

Stay 'dust-less' and happy crocheting! You're good now into your 80's!!!!

Serena Lewis said...

Gorgeous pictures, Tammy! Goodness, dust and haze there, while we've been dealing with cyclone fall-out this past week. Just posted about it.

YAY on all that wool!! I look forward to seeing all the lovely things you make from it. xx

pattas said...

I am amazed at the size of the sun in your pic, We are all having strange weather.. It is raining here today, The last of the cyclone passing through from up North Of Aus..
All that lovely yarn , what are you going to make from it?? Love the colours..
Happy crafting.
hugs pat ..

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

That man does love you, Tammy!! Just love that 1) he thought to get you yarn 2) he brought you 25 skeins!! I don't see Evan ever doing that! LOL! Beautiful photos... love the moon. blessings ~ tanna

Mistea said...

Looks like a perfect little stash there in all those gorgeous colours. Some nice dark colours maybe they will work for a hat.
The moon was amazing here last night.
Love your pictures.
Enjoy Thursday.

summersundays-jw said...

What a moon!!! You're not the only one having crazy weather. Yesterday I had my back door open & it reached, I have a fire in the fireplace & it's colder then it's been all winter. So strange!!!! Have fun with all that yarn....lucky girl! Jan

okcamp said...

Hi Tammy,
I'm enjoying poking around your blog. I got a kick out of your weather's about 100 degrees difference between where you're at and where I'm at. Stay cool.

Blondie's Journal said...

That's a beautiful bird there...I'm so glad he didn't get caught in your home...I've had that happen at the lakehouse. And that sweet and generous your husband is! I can see a lot of projects in your future!


Createology said...

How amazing hubby brought you 25 skeins of yarn...he must really appreciate all the lovely things you crochet. Hope your weather clears. Ours is cold but clear. Creative Hearts are Happy Hearts...

Sheila R - Blessed and Distressed said...

Can't wait to see what you create with you yarn. Have a great week.

glor said...

25 skeins ... how wonderful!!!

val said...

So did you throw it on floor and wallow in it? Haha...25 skeins...yeowza!

Susan said...

Hi Tammy....That was so thoughtful and loving of your husband! Wow, what a gift.

You know what? The weather has been crazy all over. Here, there and everywhere.

Take care and hope you have a good Thursday! Susan

Pam said...

I think weather is crazy everywhere. It's cool again today but is supposed to warm up again by weekend.

Love those colors. That yellow and orange yarn is my favorite. Can't wait to see what you do with it.

I joined a group at the local senior center yesterday. We are crocheting "Shawls of Love" for hospice patients. They are also adding baby blankets and throws for teens to their list. It was a nice group and I'm going back next week. I'm currently working on a baby blanket.

Sarah Jane said...

Oooh, all that yarn looks so yummy! Have fun finding projects for it :-)

Your little visitor is so cute!
Sarah xx

Poppy said...

Hi Tammy,

Lovely photos! I don't know what's going on with worldwide weather lately, but here in Toronto, Canada, we had a snowstorm on Monday, freezing rain on Tuesday and 12 today! Nuts!

Love your colourful collection of yarn; enjoy!


vintage grey said...

Look at all those pretty yarn colors!!! Hope you have a great day! xo Heather

La Tea Dah said...

Such beautiful yarn! Wonderful, soothing times ahead!

Hindustanka said...

HI, Tammy! Yea, it's Thursday here, and even I noticed that time since all that Xmas and New madness has passed by so fast!
We also used to have fog here in January, but now it's getting sunny..and I don't look forward to +40 in June...
Your husband is such a good yarn shopper! If I knew I would have asked my husband to buy yarn when he also went to's too late, next time :)
Have a nice day and I'm sure you'll find a beautiful use of this gorgeous yarn!

Lori ann said...

that is so sweet, what a lucky you are! love the sun moon photos tammy esp with the moody skies. and the birds, i LOVE them!

Carol E. in AZ said...

Hello and thank you for sharing your blog with us. What a lucky lady you are to receive all that yummy yarn! Better get to researching some new projects! LOL!! Take care, Carol E in AZ, USA

Aishwarya said...

So very soon Tammy, we would be viewing projects that would get created out of these bundles of yarn!

I loved the picture of the bird. He is so cute!

Hilary said...

Your husband feeds your stash??? *dies from jealousy*

Quinn said...

That is quite an impressive gift! Will be looking forward to the projects that materialize over time :)

I had to buy a long-handle net to help little birds escape from my screenporch. The porch door is open in winter so my dog can go in and out, and birds seem to find their way IN easily enough, but then panic trying to fly out through the screens. Trying to shoo them toward the door just makes matters worse, but that net does the trick in a matter if seconds!

linda said...

What lovely yarn such bright vibrant colours, just think what fun you will get busting it Tammy :)

Wanda said...

Tammy, I've been thinking about you all day, as I have a "chain" 3 feet long in my first attempt at Crocheting. It's a's a's not perfect yet, and my fingers havent' quite got the feel....but it's a beginning, and I excited.

besomom said...

Yummy citrus colors! Good choice, T's husband! Those will be fun to work with.

My mom had a wreath on her front door. One day she opened the front door (which swings into the house) only to find a bird's nest, with a bird in it, on the wreath! She shut the door as quickly as she could without slamming it. My parents had to use the side door until the bird moved on.

Dagmar said...

Love your new yarn stash❤sweet husband to think of bringing you home yarn!
Happy weekend!

Melanie said...

Beautiful photos of the moon and bird...your husband brought home that much yarn for you "on his own thinking"?! If so, like the rest of the ladies, I'm really impressed!

A Fanciful Life said...

Hi Tammy,
Wow, some fantastic shots of the moon and sun. That's a lot of different weather to go through in a short amount of time. I thought you were going to say you were going to let the bird in to get away from the bad weather - ha ha!

You sure are going to be busy with all that yarn! So nice of your hubby to bring you back all those colors.

Have a good weekend,

Angela said...

What a lovely hubby you have bringing you all that yarny goodness :)

Wendy said...

O my, I LOVE that last bird picture! Those sandy colours, beautiful!

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