Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Changing Weather and the Busting Begins

Monday morning was nice and clear and colorful.
But by Tuesday morning, dust had moved in making for a very dreary day.
More of the same this morning (yes, that's the sun), but thankfully signs of clearing by late afternoon.
The weather folk are saying it is going to get very cold within the next few days.

I've decided that my first order of stash busting business will be to make wash cloths.
My plan is to buy a nice bar of soap and gift them to the kids' teachers.
Will be an easy project to work on over the weekend.

Hope you are having a great day!


  1. Lovely pictures but not dust again. Nice project you are working with.


  2. That does look like a lot of dust! Yikes.

    Your project sounds like a great one to work on over the weekend. Good luck!

  3. just out of cold is very cold there...I know the desert can get mighty chilly at night...our weather is heating up again...into the sixties and beyond...F that is!!!
    I have tried to bust my stash so many's ridiculous...and I have so many different kinds of stashes!!! Oh well!!!

  4. Brilliant idea Tammy, what a lovely thing to do I'm sure the teachers will be thrilled :)

  5. A great way to start the stash busting - with some small projects which are very practical.

    Enjoy your weekend.

  6. Fascinating pictures. The first one looks like our days when it is very foggy. One of your special washcloths and soap is a perfect gift.

  7. Stash busting is on my agenda this year, too - continuing from last year. The wash cloths and soap idea is a great one. Do you have a particular pattern you use?

    You have dust, we have rain. Either way, the weather can be dreary.

  8. Lovely gift for the teachers, they will love them. Hope the dust has settled and you don't have to clean too much, hugs to you Tammy,

  9. Maybe you will get snow. Great idea for your stash busting. Diane

  10. We are expecting some snow here.. it won't get that cold there, will it? Making wash cloths is a nice plan - they get done so quickly! The teachers must love you!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  11. Love the pictures! Thanks for sharing!

    The Darjeeling Darlings

  12. Dearest Tammy,
    Like your crocheted wash cloths a lot better than all that dust. You get it unpredictably and quite often it seems like.
    Enjoy working through your Punto.

  13. Haunting pictures! The washcloths and soaps will make such a nice gift. Great idea!

  14. The wash cloths with scented soaps sound like nice gifts, Tammy. Have fun. Susan

  15. I will send you our rain to wash away that horrible dust. Washcloths will be a great gift and hand crocheted really makes them special. Bust that stash dear...

  16. good ideas for the things to gift and yarn usage, it's going to be fun I'm sure!
    so, you also don't have any central heating system there? because we don't and these were just horrible in the house! now, it's getting sunny, but for how long?
    keep warm and have a nice day!

  17. I can't believe all that dust in the air that you get. It must make it very hard to breath. Perhaps you just get used to it?

    xo Catherine

  18. We got lots of dust blowing really badly a few weeks ago. Now it's drizzly rain every day and cooler. I love it. Enjoyed your photos, love the outline of the buildings. Enjoy your days and have fun 'busting'.

  19. It is crazy to see the different types of weather that people must contend with in different parts of the world!
    I like the washcloth idea-- people LOVE to receive handmade washcloths as gifts. They will be thoroughly enjoyed.

  20. Hi Tammy,
    Your project idea looks delightful!

    Changing weather here again too - rainy today and 60 degrees tomorrow, which will be 30 degrees above normal temps for this time of the year, but then again it drops down to normal cold temperatures by Sunday. One reason, I have a massive headache today (my head is like a barometer - always has been so affected by weather changes). Also, both Jim and I have had a flu and a stomach virus. Horrible start to the new year here. It can only get better! :)

    Hope you enjoy a wonderful weekend,

  21. Love your photos. We too are preparing for cold weather here in the desert. Could be record breaking cold for five or more days. I'm busy planning what I will used to cover our plants. We had a new tree planted in our back yard this fall. I'll call the nursery to see what needs to be done. It's too tall to put sheets on it. I read where you water it in the day and shine flood lights on it at night. I'll see what the nursery guy says.

  22. Hi Tammy,
    The sky after the dust cleared is so beautiful.
    We had a little sunshine today so I got my walk before the rain started again.
    We too are expecting cold weather soon. Time to snuggle up with a quilt and homemade soup.
    Love your washcloths, it's a nice idea to give to the teachers.
    Hugs, Angela.x

  23. I love the washcloth idea....thanks for the inspiration!


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