Thursday, January 10, 2013

Happy at Home

The little knitted snowman on the right was given to me by Maureen when we were in Dubai last month.
He's too cute to put away so will keep my little crocheted snowperson company throughout the year.
Our weekend has begun and I have happily spent the evening crocheting up these simple little washcloths.
(Pattern can be found here.)
 A fifth one is on the hook.
Happy hands, happy heart.


  1. Such a cute gift! Well I'm crocheting to *smile*.


  2. hi tammy, i would not want to put that snowman away either, so darling! and i really love your dishcloths, such pretty colors. i have just added them to my list, thank you for the inspiration!

  3. Perfect way to start the weekend. Mine doesn't start till tomorrow, one more work day for me then more crochet time.

  4. Such lovely colors for the washcloths. I've made some and love them but didn't add the contrasting border. The border really finishes off the project. I'll try to remember that the next time I crochet dishcloths. Hope you are having a great weekend.

  5. What a sweet little snowman. Crocheting is always so relaxing for me but I have not done much lately. I have done a little embroidery. I hope to get back into my projects and blogging. I have enjoyed visiting some of my favorite blogs today for inspiration and just catching up.

  6. Dearest Tammy,
    What a cute, hand made snow-person you got from Maureen!
    You are really giving it a go with your lovely wash cloths.
    Hugs to you,

  7. love those cuties...and the washcloths!

  8. I have heard that people love the wash cloths, but I have never tried them. Are they really useful? If so, I´d love to make some...

  9. What a darling snowman! I know a Maureen in Dubai, I'm sure it's your Maureen!

    Love your washcloths, the colors are beautiful!


  10. Hi Tammy, I will have to download that pattern.. I think I have the same one, but will try yours. I've been crocheting pot holders - those ones that double themselves like an envelope? I showed one on my blog. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  11. I love your color choices. Diane

  12. Cute snowmen. The dishclothes are lovely.

  13. I had a hard time putting my snowmen away after Christmas. But I knew if I left them up they'd never find their way into my Christmas Decorations, and I like seeing them each year in December.

    Your little washcloths are so cute, and I was using one of mind that my friend Karen gave me for Christmas...They work so well.

  14. those are so cute. I love the stitching you chose. I made some washcloths as well however the hdc stitch is too boring.

  15. hi, Tammy! loving your washcloths! what yarn are you using for them? i'd like to make a couple :)
    the snowmen remind me those I made for gifting this year:) yes, they are too cute to keep them away, so sheer yourself up all year long!
    happy day!

  16. Hello Tammy!

    I love the stitch you use on your dish pink one is still awesome....of course I have so many that I filter daughter has started crocheting now as here's to happy yarning!

    thanks for visiting with me.
    have a great night...I really should be getting off to bed..and you're just waking up!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  17. Washcloths are so fun to make - so nice and cushy. Love your jaunty little snowpeople too - especially the scarf on the front one. :)

  18. Cute snow man! Loving the wash cloths, they are so easy to make and look awesome.


    The washclothes look so cute. I'd find it hard to use them as washclothes. Lovely stitch. Have a wonderful weekend.

  20. Girl, too cute! Love that you love it! I am on my way now to the craft market, can you believe that we are another month further? Crazy how time flies, enjoy the weekend, the sea today here is wild. Mxx

  21. You are busting the stash, very sincerely! ;) Good!:)

  22. I love crocheted washcloths. I still have a couple from an old friend who is no longer here. Love the colors you used for yours. Still stash busting I assume. :)

  23. what a cute snowman...

    Have a great weekend

  24. Just lovely dear Tammy!
    Love the little snowmen - last night I took a quilting book to bed with me and there were some in that and I thought of you! (I had a wee look at your blog last night very late but I was too tired to post a comment).
    I'll share the page on my blog next week if you want to see!

    Wishes for 2013 - one of mine would be that I could spend a few hours with you one day learning to crochet!!!

    Shane ♥

  25. Happy hands, happy heart is a lovely saying and so true for me too, Tammy! I love all your crochet cloths, such a nice project! The little snowman is very cute!
    Wishing you a happy, crafty weekend!
    Helen x

  26. Oh happy- happy!! Love the washcloths-- they make such wonderful gifts-/ the colors are gorgeous--, it's so calming just to be all cozy with yarn and needles!!

  27. Love your little snowmen and your washcloths. I just bought some knitted washcloths from a friend of mine.

  28. Cute!!! Both the knitted and the crocheted. I couldn't believe it when you said you know the woman who did the beautiful cowl on the front page of my magazine! OMG! I haven't gone to visit her blog yet but certainly plan on it!
    I love the talent of all these bloggers....they're my movie stars of blogland! It is a good magazine too.
    Love your dishcloths...I need to do some more of those as they make such great gifts and everyone loves them. Your colors are so pretty. Enjoy your weekend!

  29. Lovely snow men. Perfect winter decoration.
    Gorgeous pile of dishcloths you have stacking up there. Enjoy.


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