Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Stash Busting Challenge

I only took pictures of 6 baskets filled with yarn.
I can think of 6 other baskets; 2 cupboards; and 4 totes that are overflowing.
There's likely more.
So I've decided to join the stash busting challenge proposed by
Ana at Lanas de Ana.
If you'd like to participate, then head on over to either one of their blogs to learn more.

Best wishes,


  1. Welcome to the challenge, Tammy. I love your collage and yarns. It will be fun to encourage one another to use our yarn stash this year. Looking forward to seeing your projects.
    ♥ Ana BC
    PS. I really liked the postcards from your travels in your blog. Very nice!

  2. Hi Tammy and welcome to the challenge from me too, I'm now following your blog and look forward to see what you will be making, that's quite a stash you have there :)

  3. Hi Tammy

    Hope the new year finds you filled peace and love!!!

    Here's to your new challenge


  4. Oh sister, good luck to you!
    I have found, that as a fiber lover, this is the most difficult of all challenges! I tried and tried last year and was successful until about the end of summer and then bomb! it hit, the big yarn order bomb. Oye!! once again, I have the best of intentions but I will not be surprised when I fall off the wagon again, lol!!
    My bigger issue this year is finishing projects currently on the needles. I have lots of needles being held hostage by unfinished projects. Yarn. It's a good thing, no matter how much you have :-)

  5. You go girl! It would be heaven going through your stash! It must be like having your very own yarn shop! I saw a cute idea on Pinterest where they used a wine bottle holder (big one..floor size) to hold skeins of yarn instead. I'm going to be on the lookout for one! Garage sale type. Good luck....I'm doing general "busting" of my entire house! LOL!

  6. During my closet redo I discovered a stash of "no longer wearable clothes" ha. By that I mean most just didn't fit...

  7. What a beautiful bunch of colors.

  8. Dearest Tammy,
    Our stash got carried in many a suitcase to the Boarding School for the deaf. They happily accepted any kind of thread for knitting or crocheting and it made us feel good. I'm no longer into knitting and I seldom find time to crochet. For that I only use the French DMC thread and I still have some supply... for IF I find time again.
    Hugs to you,

  9. Boarding School for the deaf in Wonosobo, Indonesia that is...!

  10. What beautiful stashes! I am with you on the overflow of these pretties! ;) xo Heather

  11. Wow! That is a lot of yarn! Happy knitting! :D
    xo Catherine

  12. Oh I can tell this will be a fun challenge for you yarn lovers.

    The kind I can spin is a "yarn" or "Tale"...I will be looking forward to seeing all the post in your challenge.

  13. hi, Tammy! I have come over Linda's post about the challenge, that's a really a great idea. But to tell the truth, my stash is tiny in comparison with yours!:) wow:)so, i really won't have enough yarn to participate. Wishing you all the best with the challenge!

  14. I believe you will be able to crochet lots to use your wonderful yarns. It might take a lot of rocks. ;o)
    Creative Hearts are Happy Hearts...

  15. i was just thinking yesterday that i should go through my stash and earmark some for projects :D this sounds like the perfect thing to join in with!
    thanks for sharing!

  16. He, he, I can Certainly relate! I have many stashes and am trying to go through them, but I keep buying more yarn!!! I will check out the links. Thanks! Twyla

  17. I am looking forward to what you create from your stash!

  18. Happy crocheting, dearest Tammy! Love the colors of your yarn and the crocheted matrioska doll of your previous post!
    ♥♥ Warm hugs, Traude

  19. Oh I'll bet those teaches are going to just adore the gift!!

    Nice shots of your changing weather.

  20. Wow that is a lot of yarn! Good luck

  21. This made me laugh out loud-- there is no way I can bust my stash. The person who has the most yarn when they die is the winner--- that's me:)

    Happy Knitting!!
    ( and stash busting!)

  22. Hi Tammy, you do so much crochet and knitting that I'm surpirised you have a stash. How did it happen? :-) I actually have one of the same yarns, its the Wicked in the bottom left hand corner. It's one of four colours in a granny blanket I'm crocheting at the minute. Also your Matryoska doll is very cute!


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