Monday, July 23, 2012

Quiet Contemplation

Last week my Aunt Kathi was in a serious car accident.
Rearended by a car going 60 mph, plowing her into the car ahead.
She was cut free and airlifted to a hospital.
Her recovery will be long.

The senseless massacre in Colorado.

The death of a co-worker on Friday from kidney and liver problems.

The continued conflict in Syria that affects friends and their families.
It's times like these when we really have to stop and count our blessings.
To remember all the good things in life.
I spent the morning baking.
Heart-shaped scones.
Preheat oven to 425.  Blend together 3 cups all purpose flour; 3 TBS sugar; 1 tsp baking soda; 1/2 tsp salt.  Work in 6 TBS softened butter until mixture resembles fine meal; add in 1 lightly beaten egg and 3/4 cup buttermilk to form a dough; stir in 1/3 cup dried cranberries.  Lightly flour your work surface.  Pat dough to 3/4 inch thick and cut into rounds (or hearts).  Brush tops with a little buttermilk and bake til golden.
Today, see if you can stretch your heart and expand your love so that it touches not only those to whom you can give it easily, but also to those who need it so much. 
(Author Unknown)

Wishing you a peaceful new week.


Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Tammy,

One certainly needs some mood-food with so many tragedies. So sorry about your Aunt Kathi, and this caused by somebody else... Life at times doesn't make sense.
Hugs to you,

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Your heart is so big, Tammy. I am saying a prayer for your Aunt... blessings and hugs ~ tanna

Debi Y. said...

Sorry to hear of your Aunt's accident - I will say a prayer for her quick recovery. Sending you a comforting ((hug)).

~~Carol~~ said...

In difficult times, it's always so calming for me to lose myself while gardening. Doing something mindless, like pulling weeds, really helps. Glad you found some comfort while baking, and I hope your aunt makes a very quick recovery.

Terra said...

Tammy this is a lovely post, and how sweet to bake heart shaped treats. Good people way outnumber the bad, and we can all push back, by doing good things. I pray your Aunt heals beautifully.

Happy@Home said...

I am so sorry to hear about your aunt. I will be thinking of her and include her in my prayers for healing.
The quote you are sharing is so beautiful and such a nice thought in times like this. I love your heart shaped scones too. I think next time I make them I'm going to get out my cookie cutters.

Diane said...

I'm so sorry about your aunt, Tammy. It's so important to have a quiet spot and be peaceful. Blessings - Diane

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your co worker. I sent Aunt Kathi a card, I am thinking of calling her too. We just never know what life will send our way. Your cookies look yummy.

Stitchy Mc Floss said...

These are times of great heart break, prayers to all and may your Aunt recover quickly.

Blessings always

Pam said...

Thank you for this wonderful reminder to count our blesssing and keep others in our thoughts and prayers. Wishing your Aunt a speedy recovery.

Susan said...

Hi Tammy....Your scones look delightful. I baked all day today, too, preparing for a baby shower.

I know what you mean about all the sadness in the world. Makes you wonder about the senselessness of it all.

Have a peaceful Tuesday. Susan

Phyllis said...

Hi Tammy,

I'm so sorry about your aunt's accident. I hope she has a full and speedy recovery! Stupid, careless people. You're so right - there is so much senselessness in today's world.

Your home looks very lovely and cozy...and full of love. You are certainly blessed.

bj said...

Dear Tammy, what a heartfelt, beautiful post.
I pray your aunt will totally recover..
Yes, this has been a hard week for so many.
I do try to thank the Lord for all my blessings, not just daily, but sometimes 4 or 5 times a day. I pray for the safety of all my family and am very thankful that my prayers are being answered.

I love your little heart sweet.

Mary said...

There is so much tragedy daily in the world and some of the happenings are almost too much to take. When accidents and illnesses strike close to home, and include our dear loved ones, it's even harder. My prayers and thoughts are with your aunt - hopefully she will recover and be fully healed in due time.

I hope your week gets better Tammy dear - know I'm thinking of you and your family. I plan to make raspberry scones tomorrow - perhaps I'll dig out my heart shaped cutter too!
Hugs - Mary

Kit said...

My heart goes out to you and to everyone who has been affected by pain. I sat on my swing and watched the clouds and felt very blessed to have what I have. Take care. Kit

Dagmar said...

Love, prayers an hope for your Aunt Kathi and for the sadness that seems to prevail in the hearts of some people.

vintage grey said...

Will be keeping your sweet Aunt Kathi in my prayers, and the co-worker's family. Such hard and tragic events going on, and it is so important to not take anything for granted and to count our blessings. Thanks for sharing! Hugs to you!! ox Heather

Lori ann said...

so much sadness tammy, your post moved me very much. so did your thoughtful way of putting love into the world. many blessings to your aunt.

Elna said...

Sorry about the accident. Sometimes we need to stay and think about how blessed we are. I see that Jingles is resting while you are making hearts. Have a great day.


crafty cat corner said...

Sorry for your Auntie, I hope she makes a speedy recovery.
Somtimes we need a bump to make us think, life is a continual struggle and I often wonder what its all about, but there is such natural beauty in the world and that's what I try to focus on.
I love you for your honesty and your posts that are always full of love.
Thankyou Tammy
lovely scones by the way.

Jen Kershner said...

You and I are an incredible amount alike. Baking may not cure all, but it sure makes it better.

Linda said...

Dear Tammy,
I'm so sorry about your Aunt Kathi's accident and the death of your co-worker and of course all of the other tragedies in the world.

Yesterday, as I was leaving work, driving still on campus where it's only 25 miles an hour, some lunatic woman in an SUV was riding right on my bumper; I tend to flip my rearview mirror upwards when this happens so that I don't have to focus on their behavior. The next thing I knew, she was passing me - on the RIGHT (it's a single lane road on campus with parking spots along the right). At the next light, we met up and exchanged words - I was so angry and she didn't even seem to think that her actions were wrong.

I went home to our quaint little house, where Mr. Butters greeted me at the door and you know what - I thought to myself how I could easily become a hermit and just hang out in the house all of the time. Not really, but you know what I mean.

I also had the thought that beyond people like the lunatic gunman, there are all sorts of horrible people in the world. People who are selfish, always in a hurry, trying to rush everyone else. To me, those people are equally nuts.

So, like you, though I don't bake nearly much, I love being at home in the safe confines of our cozy house, spending time with the people who make me happy, and being by myself doing things that I love.

I love the way you think and share on your blog. ♥

Blessings always to you and yours,

Melissa said...

So many sensless tragedies are hard to explain. Glad your Aunty will be ok and wishing her a speedy recovery. Was lucky enough to be on the receiving end of tasting your yummy scones. Your company was enjoyed as well...all 3 hours of it! It's always such a cozy and warm place to hang out. I'm always thankful that I have such a thoughtful, caring and dependable friend. Have a great day and Gob bless:)A

gail said...

Hi Tammy...It is so easy to throw up our hands in the midst of all this and say why bother? But that is what the negativity in the world wants, and the human spirit just won't give in. We have to forge ahead and keep trying. Whatever God you worship is what keeps us going and able to find the good somewhere among the chaos. These are such trying times and it is so important to count our blessings and also look around and see who needs us. Even the smallest act can make a difference for the good.
At least, I hope so!
Much love,
p.s. the scones look lovely, and thanks for the recipe!

gail said...

And I'm so sorry about your aunt.
I will pray for her!

Yesteryear Embroideries said...

Hope you aunt heals quickly. It is such a threatening time no matter where or what it seems. You are so right in counting your blessings!

val said...

I know what you mean, sadness is an ever present constant. I hope your aunt does recover and more quickly than anticipated.

kimmie said...

such senseless things going on all around us ... I hope your Aunt will be OK. I'm sure that it's very hard to be on the other side of the world while she's healing up ... but be certain that there are loving hands tending to her wounds ....

Ana said...

Oh my goodness Tammy, sending prayers for a fast and full recovery for you aunt. So much scary stuff happening. I try not to watch the news too much, it just breaks my heart.

Hugs and Kisses,

~*~Patty S said...

Sending healing wishes to your Aunt dear sorry to hear about her accident

Life can change in the blink of an eye which truly is a reminder of just how precious each and every moment are

The world is in such turmoil and bad news travels so fast nowadays ... it is heart breaking over and over again...

I feel blessed to be able to visit people like you who put their heart into everything they say and do ... even your baking!

Hugs and Healing
to all!

my4lilgirls said...

I pray your aunt will recover quickly, poor lady what a shocking thing to happen to her.
Love your sweet looking scones :)
Karen x

Fruitful Fusion said...

So sorry to read about your aunt. I hope she recovers swiftly. Oh there is so much going on in the world, there is so much to be grateful for! I love that quote at the end of your post! Wishing you well xxx

Createology said...

Tammy your post is sad yet beautifully said. My heart is heavy for all who are suffering. Prayers to your friend and Healing Hugs...
Blessings strength in this time of despair.

lovestitch said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your auntie, my prayers are with her and your family. Road accident is awful, one of our bloggy friends has had no heart to blog as it happened to her daughter and took her away. My heart was broken reading her last post.
I hope your aunt is recovering well and quickly.
Love your post and wish you a happy day!
Hugs, LS xo

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Tammy,

So sorry to hear about your Aunt Kathi's accident and may she make a good and speedy recovery.
Sending hugs your way and yes, thanks for the reminder to count our blessings and thoughts and prayers to those that are going through difficult times.


Sam I Am...... said...

Oh, Tammy, I'm so sorry about your Aunt...I hope she will be alright and also sorry about the loss of your co-worker. Of course, the ongoing tragedies in Syria as the whole world stands by and watches. Some days you want to just bury your head in the sand as it can be very overwhelming and hard to feel grateful or cheerful. But death, illness, and tragedy are as much a part of life as joy, ecstasy, birth, and love....and would we recognize one without the other? I think baking some heart shaped scones is a wonderful way to do what you can at the moment and put your love and caring and compassion into your baked goods which in turn nourish the body and the soul since they contain your love. My prayers and thoughts are with you.

Simply Beautiful Now said...

I'm sorry to hear about your Aunt's accident.

There is so much that is going on in the world...sometimes it's the little things,
like baking that help us enjoy the simple and beautiful moments...
it's those moments that help us appreciate all the blessings we have. (those scones look yummy, btw!).

It was lovely to hear from you again...I hope you're enjoying the summer (and the Olympic games!).

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