Thursday, June 23, 2011

What's Cooking?

Good morning! I hope your Thursday is off to a great start!

There has been a whole lot of baking and crocheting and cooking going on around here. Banana muffins with cream cheese for breakfast.

Lemony Chickpea Stew for lunch. This is the first time I tried this recipe. I seem to have a thing for chickpeas and spinach at the moment.

Saute 4 cloves of garlic in olive oil. Add one can of chickpeas, one can of diced tomatoes, 1/2 cup of vege broth and one small box of frozen spinach. Season with pepper, a dash of red pepper flakes, Italian seasoning, zest and juice of 1/2 a large lemon. Cook til spinach is heated through. Serve over brown rice.

I get lots of comments about the fact that I cook and bake in the heat we have around here. The thing is, we live with air conditioning at least 10 months out of the year so I would have to convert to a raw food diet if I didn't cook or bake.

There is something so comforting about a homecooked meal. I make soup year round, even on a hot day.

It is currently a whopping 113 degrees out there and our low tonight will be 91. These guys continue to stop by for refreshment.

And a bite to eat. Whatever is in there, they like it!

Have a terrific day! Friendship blessings, Tammy


rosarod said...

Hi Tammy, heat is also here in the Caribbean. Sometimes we laugh at ourselves, we got off and boarded the car and fled the sun, it burns us indeed! Here, 365 days a year we have the same climate. I'll tell you that your proposals in the kitchen for today look appetizing! from rich muffins of bananas up your salad with chickpeas and rich soups! You know the soups are to me, one of the most versatile dishes, we can make many things, and is a welcome addition anytime! greetings, Rose Marie

Kathleen said...

I cannot imagine 113 degrees! It's a miserable 68 here in England and raining hard. I hope it clears up soon as we're going down to Devon on Saturday for a week's holiday. Have just enjoyed catching up on your blog. Love that Morrocan pottery.

The English Romantic said...

Hi Tammy,
Every day you produce something delicious and I look forward to the recipes.
I'm worrying as I'm going to London on Sunday and it will be 28C, hot for us but that must be chilly to you.
Have a good weekend,
Hugs, Angela.x

Linda said...

I think it's great that you cook and bake year round! I do as well, regardless of the heat.

I'm making "Mom's Lasagna" this afternoon. My sister, her husband and their three young daughters are coming for a visit and I'm excited.

Pam said...

We had 113 yesterday. Hottest day of the year so far. Have to wait until after dark to take the dog for his walk. His favorite resting place in the backyard is my flower bed so we have to keep an eye on him. Guess it is the coolest place since I keep it watered. Flowers struggle to survive in the heat and now the dog lays on them. They may not make it through the summer.

You are right about having to cook no matter what the temperature outside. We often enjoy a dinner of soup and sandwiches.

Mariette's Back to Basics said...

Dearest Tammy,

Wow, it says 115° F | 91° F or 46° C | 33° C for your area. That means that 'everything' is cooking! Poor Ringneck Doves that come for a drip of water and some food... It is harsh for the environment.
Love your food; you're very good at it.

Lots of love,


nanny said...

How do plants, trees, grass survive....
Your muffins sound delicious!

Rizzi said...


Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

ALL of your recipes sound delicious and I love that little pillow, Tammy!! Shhhhh, about cooking in the heat. I still use that as an excuse even though we have only the low 100s! LOL! blessings ~ Tanna

The Garden Bell said...

Now, that's hot. Wow... Guess you get use to it. We too, love soup in the summer, but down in the basement in front of a new show on T.V. in the A.C.

You know I need a birdbath... or maybe a people bath outside here.

GWENNY said...

Your muffins look scrumptious! I can't bring myself to bake in this heat. I definatley can't imagine having soup in this heat, but I guess if it were hot here all year , I would adapt. love and hugs!

Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

It looks great! And, being raised in Arizona, I know what you mean about Mom used to cook all year..and we only had a "swamp cooler" at the time! LOL The birds are lovely!

Kate said...

I am always inspired with the yummy foods and ideas you share with all of us. Its hard to imagine how you hold up so well in such heat. Everything is simply beautiful. Sending you love & well wishes


Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Tammy honey 91 at night know my AC would be over worked. It has already been a 100 here a few times which is not good for June.
How you all do it is beyond me. I think of the soldiers and how they must suffer in all the gear they have to wear in the heat
Your dishes look really good
Have a nice weekend

pattas said...

Home cooking is the best and that chick pea stew looks ok to me , thanks for recipe..
113 is so hot .. I remember that as a child in West Aus. open doors and windows for our fresh nightly air..
Where I live now is very pleasant , I enjoy the summer..:))

Catherine said...

Air conditioning... tis truly a beautiful thing. ;)

Your stew looks so yummy ~ and healthy!!

Glad the birds have a nice place to take a sip of water!!

xo Catherine

kimmie said...

I feel like we are worlds away with drizzle and sixty degrees .... Your stew looks amazing .... The lemon zest is what makes it I'm sure! I will try this for just me some lunch time soon. My kids won't touch anything with chickpeas OR spinach! Stay cool and keep cooking regardless of what's outside :)

Hugs, kimmie

koralee said...

Now that is hot...your muffins look yummy and so does everything else.
Happy weekend to you my friend. xoxoxo

Lemon Lane Cottage said...

I live in the Southwest US so I know that heat but only a few weeks a year. I'm with you...crank up the AC and enjoy the kitchen. Your food is so colorful and looks delicious!

Serena said...

I look forward to the different soup recipes you give us, Tammy. They always sound so tasty and this is one I will definitely try. Like you, I could have soup all year round too. YUM!

That little crochet pillow is so sweet!

MAN...that's hot weather you're having...lucky you have air-con!

Cindy Adkins said...

Wow, 113!! it's been in the 90s here and SO hot, but I'm not used to humidity! Your food always looks SO delicious!!

A Cottage Muse said...

The soup looks so delish! We are in the 60s today...send me some heat!

two crazy crafters said...

Hi Tammy! That crochet pillow is so adorable! Your chickpea/spinach stew looks delish. Thanks for sharing your recipe. I hope you are enjoying vacation! Twyla

Shanon at Vintage Sparkle Chic said...

Hi Tammy! I loved looking through your blog, yummy stuff you are eating. I make a yummy, vegan garbanzo bean salad I think you would love, I will have to post about it soon. I will let you know if I do. I love how your kitty loves to watch those Eurasian Collared-Doves, my cats also throw themselves at the window trying to get the birds. So fun to watch.
Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog!


vicki said...

Another great recipe Tammy - I'm just like you- I love soup and could eat it every day! Those banana muffins look fabulous too!

Your upcoming trip sounds wonderful - so exotic - I will never probably be able to live that dream - so I am expecting to see about a million photos on your blog!


Candy said...

You're always cooking up something yummy looking. Thanks for coming by so soon. I'm also amazed at how quickly after posting a comment will come in. I now you gals aren't sitting round waiting for a post (finally)from me.
Thanks for your faithful following...means a lot.
Blessings ;-)

Anonymous said...

Your banana muffins look great!

I live about 100 miles from Palm Springs, California were it will be 112 degrees today.

I love the ring neck dove photos :-)

Anonymous said...

How precious you have dovies over there, too, in the cradle of civilization. Ya know I read recently that doves drink 15% of their body weight daily. So glad they can get water from you in such hot weather!
Mmm, those 'nana muffins look good. Hey, I made some of those last week!
Keep cool!

pattas said...

Well Tammy I made it, and tonight we will have for dinner..
thankyou so much for such a quick and easy recipe :))

Yarni Gras! said...

I'm a huge soup fan too...just made some last night and its already gone! So glad you provide for the wildlife....

Sussie said...

I love soups too. Especially all kind of lentils soup. And your chickpeas and spinage looks yummie :)
Have a great month!

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