Friday, November 30, 2012


This past week found me in a rather melancholy mood.
 Maybe it was the weather. 
Or because work has been so busy.
Or the fact that several people I know have died over the past couple of weeks.
Really makes one pause to reflect on the moment.
I would come home every day and not feel like doing much at all.
Except eat.
Lots of comfort food.
Big bowls of rice and beans, pasta, soup.
“Cats are connoisseurs of comfort.” 
― James HerriotJames Herriot's Cat Stories
I did crochet a few things here and there.
Trying new patterns.
Snowflakes that didn't turn out quite right were turned into embellishments for gift bags.

 More jar cozies.
And today I did some baking.
Sprinkle cookies.
Think I'll have some now with a big cup of warm, comforting tea.

Have a wonderful day!


  1. Hi Tammy, It seems sadness is part of our life, just like joy and happiness..find comfort in your family, your sweet cat and your wonderful crochet..have a wonderful weekend❤

  2. I'm sorry you are having so much sadness in your life right now. I hope you feel better soon. ((hug))

  3. I'm so sorry to read you are having so much sadness in your life right now. I feel sorry for you. I hope you get out of your slump soon!

    Sending big hugs your way!

  4. Dearest Tammy,
    Hope the cup of coffee with the cookie will soothe your aching soul... Yes, it is also the time of the year that even hits harder when so many loved ones die. Melancholy is something we cannot avoid; the greatest composers made their melancholic feelings into eternity with their best music. Only if our soul knows the depth of life in the valleys, we can appreciate the sunshine we receive at the top...

  5. what a lovely post......hoping your quiet days comfort you

  6. I have those days too. Just putting them down and seeing them in print sometimes helps. What a wonderful community of bloggers to share our joys and sorrows with. The cookies and tea would get me. Just read about your rug making. Congrats to you.


  8. Hi Tammy, so sorry for such sad times. Will be lifting you up in my prayers. May you find comfort this weekend sweet friend! xo Heather

  9. Dearest Tammy
    It is sandess to feel like this when the people die .Please , think that is is a pass from this world ! Try to find your quite to your home and your loved .

  10. The sky photos so capture changing moods and the big bowl of soup photo reflects comfort. I know those melancholy feelings ~ I was at a memorial service yesterday for our pastors mom. You were still able to do a lot of lovely creating and the brightly colored cookies look so good!

  11. Hi Tammy, hot house frames, so much. A very sweet cat, looks delicious foods. I love the patterns of the jars, and others, I'm happy weekend ..

  12. I hope you are feeling better soon. You have Jingles by your side.


  13. To everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven. This is your time for quiet and reflection - I hope a time for laughter rolls around soon! Sprinkle cookies are a great help, especially with tea.

    Those jar covers are so very pretty - I especially like the stitch pattern on the lower left. :)

  14. It sounds like you are doing all the right things as your mourn the loss of your friends. After my Dad died I needed comfort food ,too, and things to keep my hands busy. And as always, snuggle time with my cats. Sending you hugs.

  15. Allowing yourself to reflect and process is important. I am so sorry for your losses. This time of year as the weather changes and the holidays get hectic it is extra easy for us to get overwhelmed. Comfort food with cookies and tea is a very good thing. Blessings Dear...

  16. Hi Tammy,

    Sending hugs to you today, and how hard it is when people you know have died.
    Hope that you are able to relax over the weekend and forget about work.
    Love the cloud and sky photos and the sweet crocheted snowflake and stocking.

    Enjoy the weekend

  17. I know so well the melancholy that comes after loss. You are doing what I would do. Pause, reflect and seek comfort in the familiar. Pumpkin pie and chicken noodle soup are my cravings these days.

  18. Oh, it seems that a bit of quiet time is certainly in order, Tammy. How sad to loose so many's never easy is it.
    Warm hugs, my friend. I hope Jingles and comfort food helped you through.

  19. I sprinkle baked this week too

    So sorry for your losses, peace to you and the cats

  20. Tammy ~ I so know how you feel losing dear friends so close together. Loss is a part of life I will never get used too.

    Amazing how food does comfort us. You soup and bread look so good. I'm going to try your olive bread this week.

  21. Hi Tammy...It's always hard to lose those we love but especially so during holiday time. I'm glad you did some things you love. Susan

  22. Oh.. life can throw curves at you and even if you're a normally upbeat person, it can get you down. I'm kind of bummed right now too.. I didn't sleep well last night.. but hopefully both of us will bounce back tomorrow. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  23. ((hugs))

    Hope your work slows down and you get more hooky time, too.

  24. Saying goodbye to loved ones is difficult. In such moments you do realize how fragile life is. Death of loved ones makes a great void in your soul. I fill mine with beautiful comforting memories of them. You just need a little time...

  25. your cookies look delicious and very happy. Hope you feel happier soon! x

  26. Hi Tammy,
    Thanks for your visit yesterday. Your comments about my creations are always so positive.
    I'm sad to hear that things at work are making you unhappy. Sounds like you have some difficult decisions to make.
    Your charity work seems to fill your soul and I love seeing your beautiful crochet.
    I'm always at the end of an email if you need a chat.
    Hugs across the miles, Angela.x

  27. It is times like these that make us appreciate and enjoy the moments we feel joy... sending big {hugs} and hopes for a joyful day! blessings ~ tanna

  28. Tammy so sorry to hear of the losses in your life recently. I think holidays are the most difficult part of grieving. This is the first time in five years (since our sons death) that I can honestly say I am looking forward to the holidays. Time does heal but doesn't take those empty spaces.

    Wishing you joy in the coming weeks.

  29. It's natural to feel sorrow when you experience loss. Sending you hugs!

    Love the little jar covers and the snowflakes.

  30. December is here my friend, so I hope that melancholy turns into joy soon. Sending you a warm hug.


  31. Overcoming a loss is not easy, but I am sure you will deal with it and you found the right way by simply keep on doing what you do usually. Your family is also with you. Sending blessing your side!
    Like all the crochet things you made, the snowflakes too:) they look great as embellishment! cozies are just super! Hugs from India.

  32. Hope you are feeling better. Sometimes we don't know and can't put a finger on what makes us feel that way. But I think it's just part of being 'normal' and if we don't stay in that sad feeling too long, then, it's okay. When you shake it your good feelings will feel that much better. Just savor all of your feelings and it will be okay.

  33. Sorry to hear that you had a melancholy week. I hope you somehow found comfort in your delicious food, precious kitty, and your beautiful crochet work.

  34. Dearest Tammy,
    I am sending warm hugs across the miles. I have lived overseas and I know that sadness that you are experiencing. At Christmastime I would always yearn for home.
    I'm so glad you have your sweet kitty there with you. I can't imagine life without or little whiskered friends.
    Blessings to you, dear.
    Carolynn >^^<

  35. Gentle hugs being sent to you today, Tammy. I am sorry that you are experiencing feelings of melancholy. I'm hoping that a cuddle with your kitty and a cookie or two will help to make you feel better.

  36. So unlike you Tammy to be a little down but as you know I get like it myself.
    I have a phrase 'Everthing passes' and I try to thing it when I'm down because it does.
    Hope this helps

  37. Hello Tammy I'm sorry you have been feeling melancholy....and that you have lost some dear ones this year. It does make you stop and reflect. Your sky photos are beautiful and atmospheric.
    Keep enjoying your crochet and your kitty and your delicious baking and I hope the sad feelings pass soon.
    Helen x

  38. I am so sorry! Hunker down and soak in the cat and the comfort food and all our love. Pretty soon, you will be feeling better. :) Kit

  39. I'm so sorry about the loss of loved ones and friends. Take care of yourself and it seems like that is exactly what you are doing. Bake, crochet, eat comfort food, get rest and meditate.


  40. Tammy I am so sorry to hear about your losses I hope that with all of the things you have been doing that you are feeling a little better. I do love that quote about cats, they certainly know the best spots to rest don't they. Wishing you much happiness for the week ahead.x

  41. Enjoy your cuppa and cookie Tammy, while you reflect and remember the ones that have past in your life, don't be sad.
    I love your crochet.
    best wishes Julie.C

  42. So sorry for the losses you have had recently, Tammy. It's bound to make one feel sad. Comfort food is good and creativity is a great way to make us relax and ease our minds. Keep smilin'. xx

  43. Two fantastic photos of Jingles. :)
    And the cookies look yummie!


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