Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tea Time

Yesterday morning I was able to get a picture of the moon.
But the dust storms we've had all week have gotten progressively worse.  The sun is just a ball of haze.  And by late afternoon, the sky had taken on a golden-reddish hue.
There's no sense in doing any cleaning when we have this type of weather.  In fact, the best thing to do is just kick back, surround myself with color and enjoy the moment.
I'm joining Kimmie at Art in Red Wagons for Tea on Tuesday.  Rooibos Vanilla, a handful of m&m's and colorful yarn makes everything look better and brighter.

Hope you are having a terrific Tuesday!


Elna said...

Nice pictures you have taken but the dust storms can't be nice. m&m's are so tasty.


Pearlin J said...

the weather is driving everyone nuts in our home. :))Love the colours in the last picture

Candylei said...

Red and orange look beautiful together! We are having spring early this week at 72 degrees. Daffodils, blue vinca, crocus, and ornamental quince are blooming now!

Yvonne said...

I remember the dust storms in the high desert of southern California. Pretty wild. Just relax and take it easy. Happy tea day.

Kate said...

Have a wonderful and colorful Tuesday Tammy!!! Love the m & m's and the yarn!!!


Linda said...

I saw the moon this morning at 5:30 a.m. when it was still dark out and thought of you. :) Glad you got a nice picture.

I could go for some of those M&Ms right now - I don't eat during the day and those look gooood.

Sorry about the dust. :( You are a stronger person than I living in those conditions. I would get so grouchy. It's sunny and 70s again here today, come on over! :)

Lastly - cleaning, what's cleaning? Something I rarely do anymore, at least not deeply.

Have a nice evening,

crafty cat corner said...

I can't think of anything worse than dust invading everywhere, but I suppose every land has it's disadvantages, u.k. is usually rain and low cloud although at the time of writing we are experiencing a drought (well, I'm sure some people in the world wouldn't call it that) lol, but we could do with some serious rain here in the south.

Your photo of the moon is beautiful, you see all the craters.

Keep happy

Privet and Holly said...

Just a different
type of weather to
contend with, right?

Tried to comment
on your last post,
but Blogger wasn't
cooperating yesterday....

Enjoy your cozy time!

xx Suzanne

Tracey Fletcher KIng said...

Dust storms are just the worst aren't they... thankfully we haven't had any for two years as we have been constantly in flood it seems but I would take that over the dust any day... as to that moon shot... how cool is that and rooibos tea is on my bench for me to drink today!!! Great minds think alike...xx

Createology said...

Your dust storms must be just awful. I don't think I could be as positive and pleasant as you are. Love your colors.

Sheila R - Blessed and Distressed said...

Love your crocheted cake card. Hope your dust storm settles soon. Wishing you a wonderful week.

Susan said...

Your moon shot, Tammy, as well as the one the other day, are both prizewinners.

Ohhhhh, I wouldn't want to endure the dust. I think even mega snow is better. ha ha ha Susan

kimmie said...

I don't think I would ever get used to dust storms - they seem so eerie!

Your colorful yarn and m&m's though look like the perfect diversion!!!

Happy Tuesday T! I'm so glad you could join us :)

Mereknits said...

Sorry the dust is still spreading everywhere. At least you can catch a few moments for yourself before you have to clean.
Have a great day,

Kit said...

Wow, you have such a positive outlook on dust storms, you are to be commended...LOL I think I would go mad with all the dust! Great idea about the M & M's! Kit

Kit said...

Wow, you have such a positive outlook on dust storms, you are to be commended...LOL I think I would go mad with all the dust! Great idea about the M & M's! Kit

Pradeepa said...

Oh, that's terrible. We get it here too.

Heather - The Good Life said...

Sounds like you are making the best of the storms with your color; m&m's and all. Hope your week is going well. Hugs from Ohio. Heather

Zuzu said...

Your moon shot is gorgeous, Tammy!

I'm in kind of a dust storm here. The mud tracks in and dries out faster than I can sweep it up. I like how you handle it! :)

Have a happy one,
~ Zuzu

Gwen said...

These pictures are amazing...your moon looks much bigger than ours in the UK.
Have fun!

Libbie said...

I am thinking you are right about those M&Ms...works wonders on kids too :)

Sherry said...

I have spent most of today complaining about the constant rain here, we don't experience dust storms. I am now drinking a cup of tea and eating some chocolate your last picture in this post being my inspiration. Have a great week.

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

Good advice and love that tea!

Sam I Am...... said...

Dust storms would be a nice excuse not to clean though...everyone would be "dusty" so it would be acceptable...right? My house LOOKS like we have dust storms here but not so much.
Love the bright colors as usual! Do you use acrylic yarns or natural fibers? The colors are so vibrant and gorgeous! Have a great day and stay in!

Serena Lewis said...

I would hate regular dust storms like you seem to get there. Yes..good idea to just relax as there's not much sense in cleaning for it to get all dusty again within the hours.

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